Slow-Motion Video Shows A Chameleon Shoot Out Its Superpower Tongue

A chameleon’s tongue is nearly two times the length of its body and it can shoot out that slimy sticky thing at 41 G, roughly four times the maximum acceleration of a fighter jet, with deadly quick accuracy: its tongue can reach its prey in 0.07 seconds. Basically, it’s an insane, superpower-like weapon to have.

This Woodcut From 19th Century Japan Reveals Deep LOLcat History

This video is an animation based on a Japanese woodcut called “Popular Hotspring Spa (of Cats).” It’s from 1880, but artist Utagawa Yoshifuji’s imaginary world of spa cats looks like something that’s unfolding at the intersection of LOLcat and internetville.

I Wish All Robotic Insects Were As Cool As These 

Robot bugs will surely live around us in the near future. Unfortunately, judging by what we are seeing so far, they are not going to look anywhere as cool as these retro-futuristic designs by Andrew Serkin.

Each Letter Of This Alphabet Moves Like An Appendage Of An Animal

This alphabet — by graphic designer Ari Weinkle — is unique. First because its texture feels realistic, organic and alive. And second because its creepy moves: the letters twist and turn as if they were actual animal appendages.

Eagle Flies Above Dubai From The Burj Khalifa And Nails Target Landing

Video: Watch as an eagle takes off from the Burj Khalifa and flies high up above Dubai in this incredible video that shows you the stunning view from the eagle’s point of view. It’s fun to see it calibrate itself at 800m in the air and then recognise its landing target and take an immediate dive toward its trainer.

Water Droplets Jump Off A Gecko's Skin Like Popping Popcorn

Geckos have a neat superpower that allows it to stay dry at all times: water droplets basically get catapulted off their skin like popping popcorn. It’s pretty nuts to see the water launch in the air like that and also pretty gross to think of it as the sort of human equivalent of shooting out sweat from our bodies.

Beautiful Drone Footage Shows Dolphins Surfing For Fun In Australia

Dolphins are super smart and like other smart mammals (humans, most of the time), they sometimes do stuff for absolutely no reason other than to have fun. Take these dolphins, there’s probably like 50 of them waiting for the waves to come and when it does, they all ride it like gleeful little spring breakers.

300,000 Chickens Killed By Attacks On Farm Alarm Systems

In the past two weeks, attacks at 16 South Carolina chicken houses have left over 300,000 chickens dead. Farmed chickens rarely live good lives, but these deaths were especially horrible: Someone with inside knowledge of the houses temperature alarm systems, slowly killed the chickens with heat and cold.

Watch Hermit Crabs Form A Line From Biggest To Smallest To Trade Shells

This is a clip from an episode of BBC’s Life Story and it shows how orderly (and also completely chaotic) hermit crabs can be when it comes to trading homes. They all meet up in front of a shell, line themselves up from biggest to smallest and then trade shells with each other by jumping from one to the next.

A Lone Coyote Running Across The Frozen Waters Of The Boston Bay

Dayshot: The US Coast Guard just tweeted this photo of a coyote running across ice, taken from one of its ships in the Boston Harbour, near Quincy. I imagine this is what would happen if humans were destroyed, civilisation disappeared forever, and everything was cold and miserable — which sounds like Boston to me.

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