Watch Ants Work Together Beautifully To Bring Food Home

Video: It’s always incredible to see ants work as a team by stringing their bodies together like a rope to pull something much heavier back home. It looks a lot like what us humans would do when we’re trying to move something big. Ants, they’re just like us!

The Alien Beauty Of The Portuguese Man-Of-War

The Portuguese man-of-war, also known as the weirdest looking creature with the coolest name, was captured in an up close video that shows how stunning this colourful alien-looking, not jellyfish, blown-up balloon can be. I can’t believe these things live on the same planet that we do.

Giant Goliath Fish Swallows A Shark Whole In Just One Bite

Sometimes the shark plays the role of David. Especially when it goes up against the giant Goliath Grouper who looks more like a swimming Godzilla than a fish. And in real life, David the shark doesn’t have a shot against the Goliath fish because the ginormous creature can swallow the 1.2m shark whole in one bite.

Adorable Dog Balances 100 Different Fruits And Vegetables On Its Head

This is so ridiculous that it’s kind of fun. Maymo, the lemon beagle in the video, is so great at balancing things on his head that he can wear 100 different kinds of fruits and vegetables as hats. The more colour, the better.

Magician Makes Dogs Freak Out With Flying Sausage Trick

Video: I love dogs. I love magic tricks. I love sausages. Obviously, I was bound to love this video of dogs reacting to magic flying sausages. I like the fact that some of them get so freaked out at the sight of a delicious treat floating in front of them — but others just don’t give a damn.

This Alien Looking Creature Lives Right Here On Earth With Us

Briefly: When I first saw this X-ray photo I thought it was some frame from a sci-fi movie but I was wrong. It’s actually the embryo of a bat, from the Society Française de Biologie.

Why Russia Was Studying Space Lizard Sex In The First Place

For a brief moment, the internet was captivated by the thought of geckos copulating madly in a lost Russian satellite. Russia has since regained control of its lizard-sex orbiter, but the whole episode has gifted us an opportunity to consider a topic of extremely legitimate scientific interest. Namely, lizard sex in space.

How A Desert Cat Uses Its Super Ears To Hunt Birds In Mid-flight

Video: This footage of a desert cat taking out a bird in mid-flight is another impressive reminder of the astonishing power of natural evolution. The small but agile caracal uses 20 muscles — in three distinct groups — to independently control each of its ears, which act as supersensitive parabolic sound antennas.

Clever Crow Knows Exactly How To Solve Different Puzzles To Get Food

Video: I love it when animals can solve puzzles and problems that I can’t even figure out. Here’s a crow going through a bunch of different exercises to show its understanding of size, weight, density, the elements and even the amount of effort it should put in to a puzzle to win its reward.

This Warehouse Holds All Illegal Wildlife Goods Confiscated In The US

Crocodile purses, polar bear rugs, ivory chalices — they’re all illegal in the US. Confiscated pieces end up in a warehouse outside Denver, Colorado, named the National Wildlife Property Repository, a haunting space filled with the frozen faces of endangered and extinct creatures.

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