Everything Is Better In The World Now That This Tortoise Can Move Again

The 90-year-old tortoise Mrs T has been unable to walk since rats viciously chewed off her front legs while she was hibernating. Now, her devoted owners have given her a second chance at mobility by attaching wheels from a model aircraft set onto her shell.

Moving An Elephant Looks Absolutely Crazy

A small group of elephants who had been displaced have been butting heads with local villagers in a village in Daloa in the Ivorty Coast. The elephants have damaged crops, ruined homes, injured people and so forth. The villagers wanted to kill the elephants. Luckily for everyone though, the International Fund for Animal Welfare figured out a way to move them instead.

This Tiny Shark Has Only Been Seen Once Before

This very small (and adorable) shark is only the second of its kind ever discovered, and he’s showing scientists how much we still have to learn about life under the sea.

Watching Realistic CGI Giraffes Dive Into A Pool Is Pure Ridiculous Fun

Video: This is completely absurd but Nicolas Deveaux’s 5 Mètres 80 is so fun that it doesn’t really matter. A group of giraffes raid a pool and start jumping off the high dive while doing tricks. It’s all CGI, but the giraffes look so realistic that I can’t help but imagine the alternate reality that this is happening somewhere in some pool.

Ghost Monkeys Bring Ill Tidings To Colombian Rainforest

For the first time, two albino spider monkeys have appeared in the wild. This NatGeo video is the first time the “Ghost Monkeys” were captured on camera and it explains why their appearance potentially spells doom for their environment at large.

Cute Penguins Get Angry Too

If you though penguins were cute and adorable, this amazing photo — featured in National Geographic’s Your Shot — of an Adélie penguin angrily confronting the camera may make you think otherwise. It was captured by Gordon Tait near Casey Station, Antarctica, while shooting a series of timelapses.

How Wild Animals And Cities Are Adapting To Each Other 

From coyotes camping out in Queens bars to giant snails eating houses in Florida to llamas roaming the streets of Phoenix, there’s no shortage of sensational news featuring wild animals infiltrating our cities. But these brilliant ever-adapting creatures are also finding new ways to live among us humans, and some cities are redesigning to accommodate them.

Welcome To The Future Zoo, Home To A Menagerie Of Creepy Mutants

We love to imagine how biotechnology might one day enhance our fleshy bodies, but too often, Earth’s wildlife are left out of the future entirely. Enter Kathryn Fleming’s future zoo, filled with a menagerie of fantastical, slightly disturbing, genetically modified mutants.

Monkeys Can't Stop Eating India's Delicious Fibre Optic Cables

Right now, India’s in the middle of launching a massive, $US18 billion plan to finally bring the country’s shoddy internet up to speed. There’s just one little problem: Adorable monkeys just can’t stop eating its delicious, delicious data cables.

Spectacular Video Shows Birds Suddenly Flying Away From A Power Line

What a fascinating view. I don’t pretend to know what triggers a bird’s decision to take flight or what makes an entire flock want to take off all at once, but man is it cool to see. This video shows three recordings of starlings taking off from a power line: in real time, at half speed and at 300 frames per second.