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Planet Earth Will Have Lost Two-Thirds Of Wild Vertebrates By 2020

Populations of wild vertebrates are on track to fall 67 per cent by 2020, according to a new report on the state of Earth’s ecosystems. It’s another stunning reminder of the scale of humanity’s impact on the planet, and a frightening glimpse into the realities of life in the Anthropocene.

Australia's Version Of 'Pizza Rat' Is This Enormous, Rodent-Toting Spider

In further proof that everything is stranger and more terrible in Australia, footage of an enormous banded huntsmen spider dragging a dead mouse up a fridge in Coppabella, Queensland, went viral on social media this weekend. Pizza rat has never felt so quaint.

Ten Thousand Endangered 'Scrotum Frogs' Have Mysteriously Dropped Dead In Peru

Peruvian authorities are scrambling to determine why thousands of critically endangered, Titicaca water frogs are washing up belly up, after an environmental group reported the mass die-off last week. According to local activists, untreated sewage sludge is to blame.

The Planet Earth II Trailer Is Just Incredible

Video: While humans are terrible, animals are universally good. Let the trailer for the new Planet Earth II uplift you, usher you into the restfulness of the weekend, captivate your mind and turn your thoughts far away from the darkness of the human world to the beauty of the animal kingdom.

Crazy Guy Releases 285 Snakes Into The Wild At The Same Time

Video: Yeah, he just did that. This fearless snake whisperer released 285 snakes back into the wild by dumping out a bag full of them and then rubbing the snakes on the ground to make them all slither away. It’s so gross looking because they just start shooting off in every direction, and absolutely frightening because it’s, like, the scariest nightmare happening in real life.

Why The Heck Does This Hummingbird's Face Look Like A Shiny Purple Octopus?

Man, this Costa’s hummingbird legitimately looks like it has a shiny purple baby octopus attached to its face like the facehugger in Alien. I mean, look at how wacky it looks, it almost seems as if the octopus was digitally slapped onto the face. But it’s not. It looks that way because male Costa’s hummingbirds have a beautiful purple cap of feathers that stretch over their head and onto their throat that flares out when they try to court females.

MIT Thinks Furry Wetsuits Could Keep Divers Even Warmer

Ocean-dwelling creatures like whales, seals and walruses don’t freeze in the icy waters thanks to their thick layers of insulating blubber. But how do scrawny sea otters stay warm? Their furry coats trap air which also works as an insulator, and researchers at MIT think that approach could help keep humans warmer under water, too.

Welcome To Queensland, Home Of Toad Stacking

Cane toads are poisonous, and in Queensland they’re absolutely everywhere. So what’s one to do with a surplus of toads?

This Amazonian Caterpillar Sports Donald Trump's Hair 

Did Donald Trump happen to lose one of his signature hairpieces in the Amazonian wilds of Peru? Wildlife photographer Jeff Cremer snapped this image of a caterpillar sporting the Republican candidate’s signature bright orange-yellow tufts of hair while on a scouting expedition in Peru.

How Venomous Creatures Can Kill You, Or One Day Save Your Life

If you’ve ever been stung by a jellyfish while swimming in the ocean, you know firsthand the pain that a venomous creature can inflict, even if it doesn’t outright kill you. But scientists studying the chemical properties of venom might one day be able to develop therapeutic drugs that could save lives.

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