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Smart Seagull Tricks Dumb Man Into Giving It Free Food By Beating The Shell Game

Video: Sure, it may look like the seagull is playing along with the man hiding the food under three cups in an attempt to trick the bird, but know this: Seagulls are jerks who don’t care about you or silly games. It is not playing along. It is in complete control. The bird is only pretending because it knows that it’s the only way it will get food from this guy (for now). Once the guy exposes his food stash, the seagull is going to attack it and then poop all over the dude who thought it was cute to play games with seagulls.

Australian Goldfish Are Growing Into Monsters In The Wild

Common goldfish dumped from household aquariums into rivers in Western Australia are growing into 1.9kg monsters and endangering native species.

How Luna Moths Use Sound Waves For Camouflage

Some butterfly species sport striking patterns on their wings which they use to visually camouflage themselves from predators. But the luna moth is a nocturnal creature. Scientists have suggested that the unique twisty tails of these moths help throw off predators like bats that rely on sound to hunt and navigate — a kind of acoustic camouflage.

A 37,000 Litre Fish Tank Seems Like Too Much Work

Video: Any kind of home aquarium takes an inordinate amount of upkeep. Everything needs cleaning and filtering and feeding all the damn time. And fish are nasty little bastards who can’t love you and won’t hesitate to eat each other.

This Big Arse Shark Jumps Too Damn Much

Video: Chill out, man. It was cute the first time you jumped out of nowhere. And maybe still sort of amusing the second time you missile’d yourself out of the water. But when the shark comes breaching once again?

Idiots Can't Stop Painting Tortoises

In the latest edition of What Did The Good Earth Do to Deserve Humanity, some arsehats in Florida have been turning the shells of threatened gopher tortoises into their personal easels. According to Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), this needs to stop.

Can You Find The Cat Taking A Nap On This Pile Of Wood?

Let’s play a game. Can you find the orange tabby cat that’s supposedly taking a nap on this pile of wood without going crazy? I say supposedly because for a good few minutes as I was looking for the cute little guy, I swore that the cat didn’t exist or that the cat has transformed into a block of wood or that the cat had invisibility powers. All of those explanations were much more believable than an actual cat taking a nap on the pile of wood.

All Hail This Brilliant Animatronic Hypnotoad

Video: Remember that live-action Futurama fan film someone was making? In addition to binging Bender, Fry, Leela, Zoidberg and the professor into our world, the Fan-o-rama filmmakers are working on realising other characters too, including the all-knowing, benevolent, hypnotoad — ALL HAIL THE HYPNOTOAD (replica).

Squirrel Steals GoPro, Records Harrowing Escape

Video: After a squirrel mistook it for a tasty nut, YouTuber Viva Frei wasn’t sure if he’d ever see his GoPro camera again. But he did it eventually get it back — and more. The GoPro was actually recording from the squirrel’s perspective as it raced through the branches of a tree, and the footage is amazing.

Siberian Miners Definitely Didn't Just Find A Demon Baby

Diamond miners in the remote Siberian town of Udachny received quite a shock this week, when instead of pulling shiny rocks from the sand they unearthed a bizarre mummified creature that looks more than a little like the escaped spawn of that three-jawed dog monster in The Thing. Is anything ever normal in Siberia?

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