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A Photographer Toiled For Six Years To Capture This Kingfisher In Mid-Dive

It took six years and 720,000 exposures, but Scottish wildlife photographer Alan McFayden finally got his bird. He captured this stunning image of a female kingfisher in a rare mid-dive, perfectly mirrored in the water below.

This Colourful Snail Is Disappearing Because Of Over-Fishing And Shell Collectors

This is the “flamingo tongue snail,” one of the most brightly coloured snails on the reefs of the South Atlantic. It used to be a common sight, but in recent years has been disappearing, either because fate has a cruel sense of humour or people are uneducated jerks. Or both.

These Budding Pigeon Pathologists Can Read Your Next Mammogram

There’s a long, colourful history of using pigeons in research, particularly in the behavioural and psychological sciences. Now scientists have trained a flock of pigeons to be feathered pathologists, able to spot telltale signs of breast cancer in medical images nearly as well as their human counterparts.

The Lion King In VR Is The Most Thrilling And Nostalgic Thing You'll See Today

If you’ve ever seen Disney’s The Lion King on Broadway, you’re already quite aware that it’s a 360-experience in itself. But now you can get even closer to the magic from a centre stage view that will have you feeling like it’s the first time again.

The US NIH Is Retiring All Of Its Research Chimpanzees

The US National Institutes of Health has announced that it’s bringing its chimpanzee testing programme to an entire halt, sending its 50 remaining primates to sanctuaries.

This Is Why A Mouse's Sperm Is Longer Than An Elephant's Sperm

A mouse’s sperm is much, much larger than an elephant’s sperm. A fruit fly produces the longest sperm known to science. Why do tiny animals make big swimmers, but large animals make small ones?

This Microbial Animal Threw The Evolutionary Rulebook Out The Window

We typically think of evolution as a progression from simplicity to complexity. But one organism seems to have thrown the rulebook out the window: a microbial animal that offers a striking example of evolution run “backwards.”

This Spider's Mate Breaks Her Genitals So She Can't Have Sex Ever Again

Male animals can be greedy about paternity. They have evolved a ton of different strategies to help them monopolize a female’s eggs. Beating up rivals is a general favourite. Some species use long bouts of sex to keep females away from new mates. Still others stop up female genitals with gooey plugs or bits of broken male genitalia.

SeaWorld Cancels Inhumane Orca Show, Replaces It With New Orca Show About 'Conservation'

So there’s good SeaWorld news and bad SeaWorld news. The good SeaWorld news is that, after decades of criticism, the park will phase out its infamous Shamu show next year. The bad SeaWorld news is that the killer whales will just star in a new show.

Watch A Baby Black Rhino Being Born

Video: This short video from the Howletts Wild Animal Park captures the moment an endangered black rhinoceros entered the world last month. It’s the grand finale of a 15 month long gestation.

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