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The Sound Of Australian Fish Talking Is Weird As Hell

Most of us, when we picture life beneath the sea, tend to focus our imaginations on the sights — shimmering schools of fish, predatory sharks, luminous reefs. We seem far less concerned with what it sounds like beneath the waves — which is why you may be surprised to learn that marine life has a lot to say.

Fish Are A Bunch Of Lame Posers 

A new study has found that “schooling” is a horrendous process in which an individual’s unique personality is unceremoniously supplanted by group-think and the notion of bravery is cast aside when a danger to the overall status quo is presented. School, in this case, is the group that fish swim in. What did you think we were talking about?

Pigeons Can Kind Of Read

Step aside lizards, looks like we have a new animal overlord. A recent study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that pigeons can be trained to understand some words, sort of.

Polar Bears Are Definitely Screwed

As Arctic sea ice flirts with its lowest levels in recorded history, polar scientists are taking the opportunity to remind us that it isn’t just humans who are screwed because of melting ice caps. Remember polar bears, global warming’s first darling poster child? They’re still around, and they’re not happy with what we’ve done to the planet.

Scientists Hope To Foil Deadly Frog Fungus With More Fungus

It’s been called “the worst infectious disease ever recorded among vertebrates”. The devastating effect of the chytrid fungus on frog populations around the world has contributed to the extinction of at least 200 species and no one knows where it came from. But now scientists are hoping to tweak the amphibian’s evolutionary development by bulking up their bods with small doses of the very thing that’s killing them.

We Just Found Out There's More Than One Species Of Giraffe

It seems we’ve been wrong about giraffes since, well, forever.

Giant Pandas Are No Longer Endangered

By the mercy of some higher power, the giant panda — an oversized mashup between a raccoon and a sloth whose offspring can’t poop on their own — is no longer endangered. At a meeting of the World Conservation Congress in Hawaii this weekend, experts took giant pandas off the IUCN’s official Red List, citing a population rebound in China.

Just Look At This Freaking Giant Black Slug

Video: Gulp. Just look at how ridiculous this thing looks. It’s a giant black sea slug known as a sea hare and it’s freaking monstrous. You don’t really hold it in your hand as much as the sea hare, which can grow up to over 0.91m long and weigh over 14kg, just swallows your entire arm. Brave Wilderness found the black sea hare in the tide pools off the coast of the Pacific Ocean in San Pedro, CA and described holding it as super slimy and unbelievably slippery.

10 Tiny Creatures You Didn't Realise Were Controlling Your World

The world’s greatest power players include some much smaller titans than you’d expect. Armies of tiny creatures labour every day to shape the world, without most of us ever noticing. Here are ten creatures you can barely see — but you can’t live without.

Smart Seagull Tricks Dumb Man Into Giving It Free Food By Beating The Shell Game

Video: Sure, it may look like the seagull is playing along with the man hiding the food under three cups in an attempt to trick the bird, but know this: Seagulls are jerks who don’t care about you or silly games. It is not playing along. It is in complete control. The bird is only pretending because it knows that it’s the only way it will get food from this guy (for now). Once the guy exposes his food stash, the seagull is going to attack it and then poop all over the dude who thought it was cute to play games with seagulls.

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