10 Animals That Might Become Extinct In The Next 10 Years

Chances are you won’t see these rare animals at the local zoo, because their population is down to the last hundreds. In some cases, it’s much worse than that with only a couple left.

Watch A Super Genius Honey Badger Break Out Of All Kinds Of Cages

No matter what you do, you can’t keep this honey badger locked up. It’s a master jail breaker. Lock the gate? It will find out how to slide it open. Put it in a deep pit with high walls, it will build a rock ramp. Take away the rocks? It will use mud or trees to climb out. What a fascinatingly clever little badger. I hope he never stops coming up with crazy plans to free himself.

Dog Saves Owner's Life By Smelling Her Cancer

This is Max the dog and his human mum Maureen. An amazing BBC Earth report tells their story: Max became depressed when he started to smell the cancer that Maureen was developing inside her breast. It’s a really incredible tale.

This Beautiful, Newly Discovered Species Is About To Disappear Soon

“Just described ‘microjewel’ snail in extinction danger,” announces NewScientist. Every time I see a headline like that and I look a the picture, it really makes me sad. Just admire that beautiful, delicate little beast. Which secrets will this soon-to-be-gone species take away with it?

Watch More Cute Dogs Get Hilariously Confused By A Magic Trick

Video: Seeing dogs get confused by a magic trick was so darn cute the first time that magician Jose Ahonen decided to pull the same disappearing treat trick again with more adorable dogs. You can laugh as they hilariously react to the sorcery of seeing something vanish right underneath their nose and cry aww as you see their trusting eyes in the video below.

All About The Military Dolphins Of The U.S. (And Now Russia)

In what is easily one of the stranger twists in the military takeover of Crimea, the Russians have seized control of Ukraine’s navy dolphin fleet. Yes, dolphins. The annals of dolphin military history is actually teeming with improbable tales, so let this be your guide to the cetacean Cold War.

This Is What It's Like To See The World As A Fly

Ever wondered how weird-eyed animals like flies and chameleons see the world? Now you can take a look for yourself.

Watching These Dogs Confused By A Magic Trick Is Hilariously Cute

Dogs can be incredibly smart but — when it comes to trusting humans — they are as naive as a little kid who doesn’t know what a lie means yet. Watching these dogs getting completely confused when magician Jose Ahonen makes a treat disappear right in front of their eyes (and noses) makes me laugh and awwww at the same time.

Disordered Hyperuniformity: A Weird New State Of Matter In Chicken Eyes

Despite what you learned in school, there are way more than four states of matter. A possible new one, disordered hyperuniformity, was recently found in the weirdest place — the eyes of chickens.

Seeing Penguins Get Confused And Trip Over A Rope Is Hilariously Cute

I don’t know if this makes me an awful human but I can’t stop laughing and saying aww (also known as awwwfu-laughing) when I watch this video of a group of penguins tripping over a rope. Those poor guys can’t fly so to cross the beach they just have to trip.