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This Is How Hummingbirds Regulate Their Body Temperatures In Flight

Hummingbirds flap their wings a blistering 12 to 80 times per second (depending on the species) when in flight. This can generate quite a bit of extra body heat, which must be dissipated somehow to prevent the birds from overheating. Now scientists think they understand a bit more about how these tiny creatures regulate body temperature.

Big Shark Eats Little Shark In Aquarium

Video: It doesn’t get any badder than the savagery that is a big sand tiger shark eating a little banded hound shark even though they’re both being properly fed because they were both inside an aquarium in South Korea. There’s food and yet cannibalism.

Watch A Wasp Turn A Cockroach Into A Zombie

Be honest, when you’re watching a tv show like The Walking Dead or going through some zombie movies, you imagine how you’d act and what you’d do in a world full of zombies. But alas, you’re only in the real world and safe from the zombie apocalypse. Turns out zombie world isn’t that far away though! A jewel wasp actually has the power to turn their prey into the living dead.

RIP Sarah The Cheetah, The Fastest Land Animal On Earth

When you think “fastest land animal”, what do you think of? Usain Bolt? Nope, until today that title belonged to Sarah, a cheetah who lived at the Cincinnati Zoo. Sarah died today at age 15.

The Migration Of Thousands Of Reindeers In The Winter Is Majestic

Video: Here’s absolutely gorgeous footage of a huge herd of reindeer making their way across Norway during winter from photographer Jan Helmer Olsen. Seeing all those reindeer walk through the snow in search for warmth is especially beautiful because of the aerial drone view. Their movement is almost like a ballet from up there.

Watch A Mesmerising Map Of 118 Bird Species Migrating Throughout The Western Hemisphere

Cornell University’s Lab of Ornithology has brewed up a hypnotising representation of birds flocking up and down the length of two continents over the course of a year. No more complaining about your commute.

What It Looks Like When Millions Of Bats Fly Away From Their Bat Cave At Once

Video: Frightening and scary and the stuff of nightmares is what it looks like when millions of bats flee their bat caves at the same damn time. This footage is from the Bracken Cave in San Antonio, Texas and it’s totally startling because it starts off so very peaceful and ends in frantic chaos. There are bats everywhere!

Injecting An Egg Yolk With Ink Reveals The Embryo Hidden Inside

Video: Here’s a neat video showing ink being injected into the “yolk sac artery of 72 hour-old chick embryo to visualise the beating heart and the vasculature”. It’s from Nikon’s Small World in Motion competition which is always a great source for videos that reveal the previously unseen. Watching the ink spread throughout the yolk in this video shows how it’s all connected.

Not All Frogs Are Doomed By That Deadly Amphibian Fungus

For twenty years, the deadly fungal disease Bd has been wiping out amphibians across the world. But a new study offers hope that some frogs will be spared, thanks in part to an unexpected saviour: climate change.

This Celebrity-Studded Instagram Petting Zoo Is A Disaster Waiting To Happen 

Instagram’s most famous animal rescue foundation is beloved by celebrities and millions of fans, and completely and utterly terrifying. Scrolling through the Black Jaguar-White Tiger™ feed is like seeing the beginning of Grizzly Man play out on social media.

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