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The NSA Spies On People Even When They Play Angry Birds

Newly published slides from the NSA and its UK counterpart GCHQ show that the spy agencies delight in scooping up data from “leaky” smartphone apps. That means that you’re being watched when you do everything from playing Angry Birds to uploading Facebook photos.

The Best Thing Angry Birds Ever Did Has Very Little To Do With Angry Birds

When you were a kid, you probably played with action figures or something like them. They were awesome. You also played video games, which were similarly awesome. Now they’re being brought together in a way that against all odds, isn’t horrible and schticky. It actually makes a load of sense.

Beat Every Level Of Angry Birds With These Simple Gestures

Does anyone actually play Angry Birds anymore? Whatever. Artist Evan Roth actually had a novel idea with Angry Birds that doesn’t include plush pillows and crappy TV shows. He painted all the gestures required to beat 300 levels of Angry Birds. It’s beautiful smudging.

Angry Birds Star Wars Arrives Today

Yep. Angry Birds + Star Wars. Just announced this morning by the Angry Birds folks at Rovio.

Students Build Super Desktop Slingshot For Playing Angry Birds

Hideaki Matsui and Andrew Spitz, students at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, built the Super Angry Birds desktop slingshot controller as project for their Haptic (tactile feedback) technology class.

Apple Didn't Make An 'iPad 3', But Shanghai's Bootleggers Did

It’s no great secret or news that you can get a knockoff version of just about anything in China with just a little bit of haggling involved. But I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit one of Shanghai’s technology markets when I was there last week — and in doing so, come face to face with the “iPad 3”.

If Facebook Were Invented In The '90s, It Would Have Worked Like This

Someone called Squirrel Monkey — I like him/her already — is posting these awesome videos showing how the most popular technology would have looked in the ’80s and ’90s — from this Facebook instructional video to an amazing recreation of Google and Twitter in BBS mode. And Angry Birds and Draw Something too.

Nokia's AR Experiment Is Good Old-Fashioned Bird Kicking Fun

If you go down to Sydney’s Martin Place today, you’re sure for a big surprise. But not in the sense of having random bears attack you demanding picnic baskets. You’re more likely to get swarmed by Angry Birds as part of Nokia’s promotional campaign for the Lumia 800.

You Can Play Angry Birds With A Real Slingshot

Unless it was created by master builder Joerg Sprave, it’s rare for a slingshot to be of any real interest. But even though we’re pretty sick of hearing about Angry Birds, this slingshot controller for the game is kind of neat.

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