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View Every App You've Ever Installed On Your Smartphone

Whether you want to get back into that game you loved in 2012 or you want to curiously tally how much you’ve spent on apps from Google or Apple the last few years, there are a couple of ways of listing all the apps you’ve installed through your account — even if they’re no one your phone or tablet.

Google's Now Launcher Now Forces Every Icon To Be The Same Size

Android app developers don’t always play by the rules when it comes to icon size, which can leave the home screen looking a bit of mess. But now Google is forcing icons to assume a unified size, pleasing design pedants everywhere.

Google Maps's Next Trick: Working Out Your Destination Without Asking

Google Maps might know the local traffic better than me, but for short trips around town, I can’t be bothered to turn it on. But thanks to the latest update to Maps on Android, I don’t have to.

Use These Six Apps To Track Friends And Family On A Map

Any kind of individual geotracking may sound unnerving at first, but if you can control who is able to see your location and when, it can be a convenient way of keeping an eye on the kids, making sure everyone meets at the same bar, or working out how long it will be before your better half gets home from work. Here are six apps specifically for the job.

Apple Reportedly Building A Tool To Ease The Move From iOS To Android 

Apple already has a tool that makes it easier to move to iOS, but it may someday have one to help you leave it too. At least that’s according to a report from The Telegraph, which suggests that pressure from European carriers may force Apple to develop a “simple tool” to ease the switch.

Free Games Friday: Uniwar, Super Hexagon, Siege

The weekend’s almost here, so you have time to relax and check out a free game (or three) on your smartphone. Here are the highlights from the last week.

Google Pixel C Android Tablet: Australian Review

Android tablets don’t get much love these days. Team them with a good keyboard and they’re useful for basic productivity tasks, as proven by our time with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet. And beyond that they’re still great for playing games, reading books, watching TV shows and listening to music like any other Android device. But hey’re just a little less cool than iPads. And a little less useful than laptops.

The Google Pixel C turns all that on its head. Or tries to, at least, and has a very good try indeed.

5 Apps To Give Your Phone Extra Superpowers

If you’re wanting to go beyond the basic stuff everyone does with their phone — either by extending its capabilities or by taking more control over what it already does — we’ve got just the collection of tools for you. These automators, taskers and shortcut makers can quickly hack Android or iOS to do your mobile bidding.

How To Sync iTunes Music To Your Android Phone Or Tablet

Taking your iTunes library out with you on an Android smartphone or tablet is no longer the impossible mission it used to be — there are a number of apps and services that can help, including Apple’s first major Android app. We’ll go through the various options so you can choose the one that works best for you.

Use Flynx To Load Mobile Links In The Background

Opening up links on your phone typically means switching back and forth between apps and screens — Flynx makes the process less painful by queueing up articles in the background until you’re ready to read them. It works like Instapaper for Android, and lets you continue perusing Facebook, Twitter, or whatever else without interruption.

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