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LG G Pad Updated With Modest Spec Bump

LG’s G Pad II is an upgrade for the G Pad series, famously copied for the much-loved Nexus 7. But aside from a decently-sized battery, this new tab is pretty run-of-the-mill.

You Can Now Officially Install Cortana For Android

Microsoft just released the public beta for Cortana on Android. Though we already got a sneak peek thanks to a leaked private beta, anybody can now download the personal assistant software in the Google Play store. Just don’t expect to be blown away.

Humans Suck At Coming Up With Good Android Lock Patterns

We’re pretty terrible at coming up with good passwords, but if you thought we were better when it comes to Android lock patterns, you’d be wrong. New research shows that the Tic-Tac-Toe style patterns people devise to unlock their phones often follow dismally predictable rules.

This Phone's Claim To Fame Is An Indestructible Selfie Periscope

We’re only a few weeks out from IFA, but if you were hoping for a preview of this year’s most eccentric devices, Chinese company Huawei has you covered. This is our very first peek at the new Honour 7i, where a flippable, selfie-ready camera takes centre stage. Or the world’s fanciest high tech phone projectile. You decide.

Your Next Android Phone Won't Be Clogged With As Much Google Bloatware 

Google is finally doing its part to minimise its contribution to the scourge of bloatware. It’s getting rid of Google Play Games, Google Play Books, Google+ and Google Newsstand in its mandatory app bundle.

Samsung Might Be Making An Absurdly Huge 18.4-Inch Android Tablet

Big tablets. So hot right now. Much like the “big smartphone” revolution from 2011, tablets seem to be undergoing something similar. Apple’s got its own in the works — which we’ll most likely see in a few weeks. But not to be outdone, Samsung’s planing to go bigger.

Swap Your Smartphone's Default Apps For These Excellent Alternatives

You could just stick with the native apps that came pre-installed on your smartphone — there’s nothing wrong with them — but you’d be missing out on a wealth of excellent alternatives on both Android and iOS. We’ve collected the best second choices in all the key categories.

The Android Wear Smartwatch Is About To Become A Personal Translator

Slowly but surely, smartwatches are becoming more useful. And this might be one of the most useful feature for a smartwatch yet: Google just announced it’s bringing Google Translate to Android Wear watches, letting you carry on a bilingual conversation with a literal flick of the wrist.

The Complete Guide To Clearing Space On Your Smartphone

It’s one of the most unwelcome alerts you can expect on your mobile device: storage space is running low. That means no more room for your photos, your offline playlists, and myriad problems updating your apps and OS. If you find yourself in such a predicament, don’t panic — here’s how to navigate your way out.

Our First Good Look At The Blackberry Android Franken-Phone

Blackberry is betting on you missing those glorious tactile keys that were the company’s signature — which is why it’s getting together with Android to hack together a smartphone called the Blackberry Venice. And today, we got our first good look.

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