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Oh Great, New Android Flaw Lets Hackers Into Your Phone With Just A Text

The best defence against any of your gadgets becoming flooded with malware has always been personal vigilance. “Hmm, this app looks sketchy and is from a third-party app store I’ve never heard of. NOPE!” But a new vulnerability, discovered by security experts at Zimperium, can attack your phone with just a text.

Here's The OnePlus 2: Scary-Good Specs, But No Price (Yet)

The OnePlus One dominated the cheap smartphone scene with a simple formula: flagship performance with a low price. For the second iteration, OnePlus isn’t fixing what ain’t broken.

Don't Ask Google Maps 'Are We There Yet?'

The Google Maps lady might sound all friendly and helpful, but like any mum, she gets real sassy if you keep asking her if you’re there yet.

Australia Gets To Enjoy Part Of Google Play's Game Sale

Google Play’s “summer” sale, much like the Steam equivalent, is still applicable even if you live in the Southern Hemisphere. While you might not be able to cash in on all the deals going, there are a few you can pick up if you’re willing to hunt them down.

This Is Our First Glimpse Of The OnePlus Two

When Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus launched the One back in 2013, it redefined what a budget smartphone could be. Now, we have a glimpse of the follow-up device.

YouTube Is Making Vertical Video Less Awful Because Humans Never Learn

Because we can’t be trusted to do anything right, YouTube is alleviating our long-standing pain and anguish over watching vertical videos in landscape by finally giving us the option to watch those horizontally-challenged bits of cinema in full screen on Android phones. And there was much rejoicing.

How To Protect Your Android Phone Before You Lend It Out

Your nephew wants to play Boom Beach, or your best friend needs to use Facebook, or a stranger in the street needs to make a phone call. How do you make sure your Android handset is going to come back in one piece?

Our Favourite Android, iOS, And Windows Phone Apps Of The Week

Welcome to another week of new apps! This week we get back to what apps do best — making your life just a little bit easier, whether that’s watching YouTube videos or just scrolling through Instagram. Take a look through these wares and see if anything strikes your fancy.

The Galaxy Tab S2 Is Samsung's Next Flagship Tablet

Last year, Samsung redefined how many pixels you can cram into 10 inches with the Galaxy Tab S; this year, it’s back with a thinner and lighter second round.

We Just Tried Cortana On Android, And You Can Too

Right now you can download and install a leaked version of Microsoft’s Cortana voice assistant for Android. Suffice it to say, I am whelmed.

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