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Apple Music Is Now Available On Android

Just when the Android-iOS divide was getting a little bit confusing, Apple has released its first user-centric app for Google’s mobile operating system. It’s a beta version of Apple Music, and it’s now available for download. The Cupertino executives really hope Android users like it.

Our Favourite Android, iOS, And Windows Phone Apps Of The Week

These are the apps you’re looking for. And a side note: This might be the most varied roundup I’ve written so far. This week’s apps take on a range of tasks and issues, like backing up photos during the moment you really need more space on your phone, making plans with your friends (efficiently) and even getting your music to turn up while you’re at the height of your activity.

Google Nexus 5X: Australian Review

After a long time in the wilderness, Google’s Nexus program is back. It’s back with two new smartphones — a 5.7-inch metal monster that we called “the Android phone for everyone”, and this little ol’ underdog.

Little is probably the wrong word for a phone with a 5.2-inch display, and underdog is probably the wrong word for a smartphone with the explicit backing and branding of a $350 billion tech giant, but it’s hard to find a way in which the Nexus 5X looks better on paper than its flagship big brother. Then you pick it up.

Newly Discovered Breed Of Android Malware Is Almost Impossible To Remove

Security researchers have come across a new kind of Android malware, which purports to be a well-known app but then exposes your phone to root attacks — and is virtually impossible to remove.

Google May Start Making Its Own Smartphone Chips

Google wants to make a better Android for the future. That means building a smartphone that can handle the technical challenges of augmented reality, virtual reality, and whatever else smartphones will become. And that means tying Android more tightly together with hardware.

Google Security Research Found 11 High-Impact Flaws on The Galaxy S6 Edge

Google’s Project Zero security team recently turned its attention to Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge, and the results make for awkward reading: it found it found a total of “11 high-impact security issues” with the smartphone, with OEM software introducing new vulnerabilities.

Chromecast (2015) Review: Smaller, Faster, And Totally Worth It

Two years ago the Google god in the sky gave unto us a $50 dollar media-streaming dongle, and lo, it was good. Pretty good anyway, and it got better with software updates, but it still has lagging tendencies. Well, it’s 2015 baby, so what’s the new Chromecast got? Less lag! And… that’s pretty much it. But honestly, that might be enough.

HTC One A9 Review: An iPhone Only In Looks

Let me be blunt. If I lost my iPhone a week ago and needed a new one, I would buy the HTC One A9. It looks great, and upon first glance, works pretty great, too. But I didn’t lose my iPhone, and the A9 is now more expensive than I thought it was.

Apple's Beats Pill+ App Is Its Second-Ever Piece Of Android Software

Apple just launched its second-ever Android app, and it’s to help you control the new Beats Pill+ speaker.

Guy In Charge Of Chrome Says Google Isn't Killing Chrome OS After All

Google’s top talent says its Chrome OS isn’t going anywhere.

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