Chromecast's Best New Trick: Make Your Own Infinite Inception Vortex

Now that Chromecast screen mirroring is here, you can beam anything from your phone to your TV. It’s great for playing games and casting content from apps that don’t support Chromecast yet. But the best thing you can do with it is turn on your camera and point it at the screen.

The Secret Powers Hidden In Your Android's Accessibility Options

You can tweak so many things in Android, you probably haven’t even bothered opening up the Accessibility settings. Given the name, you’d think those are only features for people with disabilities, but they can actually be useful for anyone.

Wiping An Android Device Doesn't Remove All Your Personal Data

If you’re passing on an old Android handset to someone else, you may want to go further than using the default data wipe tools. According to a new report, they don’t effectively remove all of your personal data.

The First Apps And Custom ROMs For Android Wear Are Here

Android Wear is finally shipping to early adopters, which can mean only one thing: a slew of third-party apps and hacks. Now, the first of them are here.

Google Now Gets Voice Control For Music Playback

Some Android users are starting to see a cool new Google Now capability pop up: If you have the update, you can use “OK Google” to fast forward to the next track or pause playback. Small update, but very handy.

One Way Android Fragmentation Isn't As Bad As You Think

Making apps for Android can seem kind of messy because of the big scary F-word: Fragmentation. It’s part of why Tim Cook might call Android a “toxic hellstew” on stage. But the dirty little secret? It’s really not that bad, at least when it comes to screen size.

Inside The New HTC One Duo Camera: A Whole New Way To Shoot

There’s been loads of speculation about the HTC One M8′s strange new camera. With one large lens on the back and a slightly smaller one just above it, no one quite knew what to think. Is it just a 3D camera? Is one telephoto and one wide? Is it a light field camera like the Lytro? None of the above.

New Android, iOS, Windows Phone Apps

It’s time to check out favourite apps of the week. Vine gets an update, Android Wear gets a companion app, and an iPhone Launcher on Windows Phone lead the way.

Make Your Own Forecasts With This Tiny Smartphone Weather Station

If there’s one thing your local TV weatherperson is good at, it’s getting the forecast wrong — at least according to anyone over 50. So why rely on a TV personality to tell you tomorrow’s forecast, when this compact weather station that attaches to your smartphone’s headphone jack can provide all the data you need to make your own predictions?

Your Android Device May Be Broadcasting Your Location (And How To Stop It)

Do you own an Android device? Is it less than three years old? If so, then when your phone’s screen is off and it’s not connected to a Wi-Fi network, there’s a high risk that it is broadcasting your location history to anyone within Wi-Fi range that wants to listen.