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Google Will Properly Show Off Android 3.0—Also Known As Honeycomb—On February 2

We just received an invite to a Google event on February 2. The reason? To take an in-depth look at Android 3.0. We’ll be covering the event and sharing any news with you, but there’ll also be a livestream available on the Android YouTube channel that day.

Heads Up, Devs: Android Honeycomb Preview SDK Out

A preview build of Android 3.0 is up, for devs eager to start licking some honeycomb. There’s a list of new offerings, but chief among them are support for larger (tablet friendly!) UI design, and 3D acceleration.

Dual Core Processors Could Be Mandatory For Android Honeycomb

If Bobby Cha of Enspert is to be believed, Google’s upcoming Android 3.0 release, Honeycomb, will only work on devices with dual-core processors. Oh, and 1280×720 resolution screens will also be a must.

Samsung Confirms Honeycomb Will Follow Gingerbread In Android Name-Game

Not just confirming the Honeycomb name, Samsung’s head of product planning commented that “the next platform we’ll be using [on the Galaxy Tab]will be Gingerbread. Depending on our international partners, we’ll be working to upgrade from Froyo to Gingerbread.”

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