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Bulletproof Coffee: Debunking The Hot Buttered Hype

People are putting butter in their coffee. And, hey, if you’re just craving a new flavour experience, more power to you. The problem is that Bulletproof Coffee, the company behind the trend, is claiming that drinking a mug of fatty joe every morning instead of eating breakfast is a secret shortcut to weight loss and mental superpowers, and now the butter coffee has developed a cult of highly caffeinated, shiny-lipped adherents. So now we have to talk about it.

Killing The Australia Tax Versus Killing Piracy

Well this is interesting, isn’t it? Yesterday, a Government-appointed panel on Competition Law just told everyone it was OK to use their VPNs to circumvent international geoblocks in order to dodge the Australia Tax. So what does this mean for a government desperate to get people to stop using VPNs to access overseas services like Netflix?

EB Games Explains Big Data Strategies

Data mining can provide fresh insights into your business, but how do you ensure you’re identifying the right information and sharing it with the right people? The experience of games retailer EB Games offers some insights.

How Facebook Uses You As Part Of A Giant Sociological Experiment

Facebook, with its 900 million users, is a social scientist’s wet dream: a huge number of participants, all offering up rich streams of personal information. Obviously that hasn’t escaped Facebook’s attention, which is why it has its own team of social scientists analysing all of our data — and, on occasion, experimenting with us too.

Can A Supercomputer Predict Revolutions?

Shades of Minority Report, anyone? Singularity Hub reports on the use of supercomputers to mine millions of news reports in order to more accurately predict political instability. It can’t quite read the future, yet, technically speaking.

How A Silly Phone For Teens Reveals Microsoft's Plan For Us All

Despite its mobile prowess, Apple sucks at the internet. But surprisingly it’s Microsoft—not Google—that’s best positioned for Our Future in the Cloud. Here’s why.

Google Is Leapfrogging Apple

Google is done playing catch-up. Today they’re setting the agenda: With Android Froyo, Google TV, mobile ads and streaming media, Google isn’t just matching Apple—they’re taking the lead.

Sony Responds! "We Are Never Going To Be As Narrow As Apple"

After our We Miss Sony series ran, I got a call from Sony’s head of corporate communications. “You made my weekend very busy,” he said.

Why Google Should Buy Palm

With terrible sales and no sign of turnaround, Palm’s options are whittling down to one: buyout. Ex-Appler Phil Kearney sees a buyer in Google, which, in its looming megawar with Apple, might need Palm as much as Palm needs it.

The Return Of Sony

We love Sony. We really do. And we want them to get back in the game, because competition makes everyone better. Here’s how they do it.

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