Monster Machines: America's First Floating Gun Battery Is Older Than The USA

Nothing jumpstarts technological development like a good war. WWII gave us UAVs, WWI introduced tanks, and the French-Indian War produced a unique gun battery — more cannon flotilla than warship — the radeau.

48 American Flags That Came Before Today's Stars And Stripes

Ah, Old Glory. A symbol of hard-won freedom that we honour by printing on $US60 short shorts. It seems eternal, but it’s actually gone through dozens of revisions over the years. Would your beer kozies and bikinis have looked better if we’d stuck with the Bedford Militia Men’s flag of 1775? You be the judge.

The Complicated Truth Behind The Empire Of The United States Of America

How big does the July 4 celebration go across America? Across the 50 states, duh. The 48 contiguous, Alaska and Hawaii. But what about Washington DC? And the Indian territories? Puerto Rico? Guam? The Virgin Islands? And let’s not get into places you’ve never heard of, like Johnston Atoll and Bajo Nuevo Bank. The truth is the United States of America is an empire with a different name.

A Map Of The 124 United States Of America That Could Have Been

The fact that the number of US states has remained relatively static is nothing short a miracle — there have been hundreds of attempts at state secession over the years. But what if they had all succeeded? This brilliant map depicts that alternative universe, where the US is broken up into 124 different states that stretch from sea-to-shining-sea.

Black Friday Really Is The Crappiest Day Of The Year For American Retailers

You’ve heard of Black Friday, the darkest day for American capitalism; Cyber Monday, where everyone gets out their latent shopping aggression online; now there’s even Grey Thursday, as retailers open on Thanksgiving Eve to get an edge on the competition. But, friends, have you heard of Brown Friday?

Map Of America Shows Every US State's Stereotype Using Google Autocomplete

When you punch into Google, why is California so… Google autocomplete will show you liberal, broke, anti-gun and expensive. For New York? Great, populated, expensive and big. Alabama? So racist, so good, so good at football and so obese. This is the United States of America, according to Google autocomplete.

Mitt Romney's New App Misspells America

Mitt Romney’s new iPhone app, With Mitt, “lets you customise photos with a variety of Mitt-inspired artistic frames.” Slogans like “Believe in America,” “Obama Isn’t Working” and “I’m a mum for Mitt” are just a few of the Mitt-tastic phrases that can be slapped on iPhone photos, proudly pronouncing an iPhone user’s support of the Republican candidate. Unfortunately, there’s a hideous spelling error in there. Hello, Mitt’s A-M-E-R-C-I-A. Support illiteracy now!

These Are The Three Countries Who Don't Use The Metric System

As a reminder, these are the three countries who don’t use the incredibly sensible metric system: Liberia, Myanmar and of course, the United States of America. U-S-A! U-S-A! Hell, we should all form some sort of alliance! Non US-people, feel free to tell us why we’re dumb for not using the metric system. [Wikimedia via ZME Science]

The Weirdest Things That Get Dropped On New Years Eve

If you thought dropping Snooki was weird, you haven’t seen the rest of America. Some cities drop really weird things on New Years Eve. How weird? How about bologna, sausage, a drag queen, a bag of chips and a possum?

53% Of Americans Don't Want The Government To Push Broadband To Poor And Rural Areas, Are Dicks

America! The land of selfish arseholes. At least that’s what a new survey seems to show, with 53 per cent of respondents against the idea of the government making high-speed broadband available to those it has yet to reach.

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