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Watch The Trump Brats (And Other Scenes From The US Campaign Trail) In Virtual Reality

The US Presidential Horse Race is a uniquely American spectacle, one that most Australians haven’t gotten to experience it first hand. Well, if you’ve missing your chance to “Feel the Bern” in real life, at least know you can experience it virtually.

Obama On Foreign Visitors To The US: Public Social Media Posts Are Constantly Being Monitored

During a press conference today US President Barack Obama finally set the record straight about whether the government monitors the social media posts of foreign nationals entering the United States. The short answer: Most definitely.

Guess Which Company Helped Draft A US Bill That Classified Uber Drivers Exactly How Uber Wants Them Classified

Uber has long insisted that it’s simply a tech company, not a driving service — and new US legislation supports that narrow definition of its growing corporate empire. Guess which company helped draft the legislation. Guess. Guess. Guess. Guess. Guess.

East Literally Meets West In This Hybrid Building

Image Cache: Have you ever tried to imagine what a building built from one half US Capitol, and one half Beijing’s Temple of Heaven would look like? Somebody in China has, and you can see the result in the image above.

Looks Like Jeb Bush's Campaign Forgot To Register JebBush.Com 

When I thought Jeb’s deflating balloon full of farts of a presidential run couldn’t get any sadder, it did: If you click on, it redirects to Trump’s website.

China Is Starting To Spank The US With Supercomputing Resources

When it comes to supercomputers, the US used to rule the roost. But these days its status is slipping — while China is surging ahead.

Travelling On A Train Across The Entire United States Is So Picturesque

Video: Train travel is the best travel. Sure, it’s slower than riding an aeroplane and more restrictive than driving a car but it’s so much less stressful than either of those. Plus, once you hop in and sit down, you can just look out and enjoy the view as you snake your way to your destination. And if you’re travelling from New York to San Francisco like Tom Harman did on Amtrak, you get to see the entire country in one swoop. It’s a damn beautiful country filled with so many different scenes.

WSJ: Iran Hacked The Obama Administration After Arresting American Citizen

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard soldiers arrested dual Iranian-US citizen Siamak Namazi in Tehran last month, confiscating his computer. Shortly thereafter, the Revolutionary Guard began a spree of cyberattacks on US targets.

IT Contractors That Let Russians Write US Military Code Will Pay $US12.75 Million 

Not that you need another reminder that government cybersecurity is screwed, but here we are: After a four-year federal probe, contractors will pay a combined $US12.75 million in civil penalties to settle a suit alleging that they let Russian programmers write military code.

The Best Worst US Presidential Campaign Merchandise

The world imploded when it was discovered that Republican presidential hopeful Jeb! was selling a cheap plastic bowl for $US75 (especially seeing as one could buy 24 of the same cheap plastic bowls for $US36). But it’s not the most egregious product being sold by a candidate. Just in time for tonight’s debates, here are worse things you can buy than a Guaca Bowle.

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