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Chair Of US Propaganda Arm Booted From Russia

Jeff Shell, an executive with NBCUniversal, was detained in Moscow last night when he tried to enter Russia. After hours of confusion, he was ultimately told that he couldn’t enter the country. Was the Kremlin still angry about Evan Almighty? Probably not. The New York Times mentions that Mr Shell is also the chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors. The part they kind of gloss over? The BBG is the propaganda arm of the United States.

Obama Enlists Canadian Prime Minister To Help Fight Climate Change

As tiny-handed man-children command the lion’s share of America’s attention, the still-acting leader of the United States — President Obama — is quietly doubling down on climate change. The latest part of Captain Planet’s scheme? Getting Canada on board.

Somehow Jeb Bush's URL Situation Got Even Sadder

Jeb Bush is no longer running for US president, and even his trolls are abandoning him. Since last year, the owner of has redirected the site to Donald Trump’s campaign page. Now it seems Jeb is too irrelevant to be domain pranked.

Why Wind Power Is Finally Taking Off In America

Last year saw a lot of wind turbines and farms being built. So many, that in 2015, the wind industry installed more electricity-generating capacity than any other energy source in America. That’s enough to power 19 million American homes.

Things That Are America, And Some Things That Are Australia Too

Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush tweeted a photo of a gun engraved with his name. The text of the tweet simply read, “America.” There are a number of ways to interpret this tweet, just as there are so many ways to interpret the concept of America. Helpfully, the good people of Twitter dot com gave their own interpretation of what America meant to them.

Watch The Trump Brats (And Other Scenes From The US Campaign Trail) In Virtual Reality

The US Presidential Horse Race is a uniquely American spectacle, one that most Australians haven’t gotten to experience it first hand. Well, if you’ve missing your chance to “Feel the Bern” in real life, at least know you can experience it virtually.

Obama On Foreign Visitors To The US: Public Social Media Posts Are Constantly Being Monitored

During a press conference today US President Barack Obama finally set the record straight about whether the government monitors the social media posts of foreign nationals entering the United States. The short answer: Most definitely.

Guess Which Company Helped Draft A US Bill That Classified Uber Drivers Exactly How Uber Wants Them Classified

Uber has long insisted that it’s simply a tech company, not a driving service — and new US legislation supports that narrow definition of its growing corporate empire. Guess which company helped draft the legislation. Guess. Guess. Guess. Guess. Guess.

East Literally Meets West In This Hybrid Building

Image Cache: Have you ever tried to imagine what a building built from one half US Capitol, and one half Beijing’s Temple of Heaven would look like? Somebody in China has, and you can see the result in the image above.

Looks Like Jeb Bush's Campaign Forgot To Register JebBush.Com 

When I thought Jeb’s deflating balloon full of farts of a presidential run couldn’t get any sadder, it did: If you click on, it redirects to Trump’s website.

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