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The Walking Dead Has Reportedly Filmed Death Scenes For All 11 Of Negan's Potential Victims

The situation revolving around The Walking Dead‘s latest cliffhanger — a recreation of an infamous murder scene from the comics that AMC has managed to stretch out so far for two months and counting — is pretty ridiculous. Turns out, however, that its absurdity cannot match the lengths AMC is going to keep the outcome secret.

Preacher Goes Behind The Scenes, Where There's A Table Just For Severed Limbs 

Everything we’ve seen so far from Preacher looks amazing, and now AMC’s released a trio of videos that do nothing but whet our appetite.

Every Preacher Scene Better Be As Ridiculous As This Crazy Car Fight

So, AMC released a sneak peek from Preacher. It’s a fight scene that is both a deeply impressive and slightly hilarious.

The Preacher Pilot Has An Absurd (and Absurdly Hilarious) Celebrity Cameo

Early buzz from AMC’s Preacher adaptation, which premiered at SXSW, has been overwhelmingly positive. But one little tidbit of information that got out amidst the hype was news of one of the most ludicrous cameo appearances we’ve heard about in a while.

Halt And Catch Fire Not Halted, Not On Fire, Will Be Back Next Year

Saddle up and set the DVR, because AMC’s drama on the genesis of the personal computer, Halt and Catch Fire, will be back next year for a second season.

Watch The Walking Dead Season Five Trailer Shown At Comic-Con

The Walking Dead may be airing in Australia within half an hour of the US thanks to Foxtel’s wheeling and dealing, but for some reason the new trailer for the fifth season released at Comic-Con isn’t officially available in Australia just yet. Here’s where you can watch it.

Halt And Catch Fire Is A Huge Missed Opportunity

Tomorrow in the US, AMC will air the fourth episode of its new series, Halt and Catch Fire. It’s the most comprehensive (fictional) look at the development of the personal computer. Too bad it’s also a huge missed opportunity. (Obvious spoilers ahead).

The Walking Dead Hits NYC As Zombies Swipe At You From Under The Street

The Walking Dead returns to TV next week, with FX in Australia airing the new episodes within hours of AMC in the US. To “celebrate”, AMC decided to hide a pit of walkers underneath a grate in New York to swipe at people as they walked by.

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