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Amazon Busted Illegally Shipping Dangerous Chemicals Again

Amazon just racked up two more fines — amounting to a total of $US130,000 ($173,364) — from the FAA for improperly shipping dangerous chemicals. Turns out putting acid and flammable gas into a box and putting it on an aeroplane is not OK.

The Cheapest Kindle Just Got Better

Amazon has just announced some nice improvements to the cheapest Kindle. The price is still crazy good at $US80 ($107), and the battery still lasts for weeks. (It also still has a middling 167 ppi display.) But it’s also thinner, lighter and now comes in black and white.

Amazon Should Have Known Better Than To Ship 'Amazing Liquid Fire' By Air

The Federal Aviation Administration is fining Amazon $US350,000 ($473,568) for not realising it should take more precaution when shipping a product called “Amazing! LIQUID FIRE”.

Amazon Wants Alexa To Tell When You're In A Bad Mood

Virtual assistants are getting scarier — I mean, fancier — with rumoured features like facial recognition and integrated Google services. Then there’s Alexa, which can’t even perform a Google search. As the arms race ramps up, Amazon hopes like Alexa best if she can tell when you’re mad and apologise quickly enough for not knowing which album you want her to play.

Guy Documents New Jerk Species Of Butterfly

My university transcripts will plainly show I nearly failed Latin (twice), but if there’s one thing I’m certain of it’s that Adelotypa annulifera translates roughly to “ungrateful dickhead”. That’s the scientific name of an Amazonian butterfly whose behaviours have finally been documented by entomologist Phil Torres and biologist Aaron Pomerantz, revealing what horrendous manners these winged freeloaders exhibit towards ants.

Author Of Brokeback Mountain Is Leaving Seattle Because She Hates Techies, High-Fives

Author Annie Proulx moved to Seattle just two years ago, but she’s already pulling up stakes. Why? Two reasons: She recently discovered that she’s allergic to the trees surrounding her house. But she’s also sick of all the techies “high-fiving each other” in Seattle.

Your Move, Apple

It feels like it’s 2001. A ton of companies had released a ton of MP3 players, and they all sucked. The iPod was just months away.

But it’s 2016, and instead we’re drowning in smarthome gadgets, most recently the voice-powered Amazon Echo and whatever Google Home is.

Amazon Is Opening More Physical Bookstores

Remember when news leaked that Amazon was planning to open a lot more brick-and-mortar stores? Amazon’s PR team got pretty angry about those reports and insisted that they weren’t true. But today Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos himself has confirmed that they’re “definitely” planning to build more stores.

Amazon Finally Made The Dash Button We've Wanted All Along

When Amazon first announced the Dash button in early 2015, we couldn’t decide whether it heralded a more convenient future or whether it was a harbinger of our doom. Since then, the number of Dash buttons has ballooned, but they have yet to escape the confines of being “plastic things that order things” Cool, but not terribly exciting. This new button is different.

Amazon Is Trying To Reinvent YouTube

Starting today, Amazon Prime users in the US will have free access to Amazon Video Direct. Which is… what exactly? According to the landing page, Direct will be “helping content creators and visual storytellers reach millions of Amazon Video customers.” Uh huh.

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