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Amazon's Gadget Lab Is Secretly Building These Three Things

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Amazon’s Lab126 — makers of the Kindle, iFire Phone, and Amazon Echo — is laying off dozens of engineers. That’s a shame. Some consolation: now we can hear about the gadgets they were secretly building!

Does This Comment Describe The Place Where You Work?

I asked you, the fine readers of Gizmodo, whether the cutthroat work environment attributed to Amazon was an outlier or old hat. One commenter’s description of their company seemed to widely resonate.

When Is Flash Finally Going To Die?

Apparently the answer is pretty much never, despite the efforts of Apple, Google… and now Amazon.

Have You Ever Worked At A Cutthroat Company Like Amazon?

Following a damning report on Amazon’s workplace culture, many people are questioning whether it’s ethical to keep buying from the mega-retailer. But in comments on our article about Amazon, some Gizmodians don’t sound surprised about the conditions — they’d experienced the same. Tell us about your workplace horrors.

Working For Amazon Sounds Like A Soul Crushing Experience

Amazon factories, with their insane, round-the-clock delivery schedules, are notoriously hellish places to work. But life at corporate Amazon isn’t exactly a picnic, either. Here, CEO Jeff Bezos’ terrifying workplace manifesto permeates every aspect of life.

Amazon's New Car Show Has A Rumoured Budget Of $US250 Million

Rumours surrounding the Top Gear rival being assembled by Amazon suggest it may end up being one of the most expensive TV shows in history, with an apparent budget of $US250 million being handed to the production team to make 36 episodes.

You Can Now Buy Those Stupid/Great Amazon Dash Buttons (In The US, At Least)

Amazon Dash buttons are either the peak of convenience or a step toward a commercial-rampant apocalypse, but whatever camp you happen to be in, you can now buy those amazingly awful and awfully amazing brand-specific buttons for $US5 as long you’re a Prime member.

Amazon Is Building A New Wind Farm In North Carolina

Amazon Web Services has announced that it was contracting the construction of a 208 megawatt wind farm in North Carolina.

Amazon Kindle Voyage: Australian Review

You’ve got to really love your books to spend $300 on this new, top-of-the-line e-reader from Amazon.

Drone Delivery Services Might Hit The Swiss Alps First

Long before Amazon drones begin zipping around US suburbs delivering everyone’s same-day air packages, we might get to watch unmanned aerial vehicles climbing the Swiss Alps to drop emergency medical supplies.

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