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The Amazon Oasis Is The Best E-Reader Ever Made

The Amazon Oasis is practically perfect in every way. It doesn’t forge relationships between bratty kids and their errant fathers or wax bannisters with its arse, but as e-readers go, it leaves you satisfied. It’s light, easy to read, has wonderful ergonomics and incredible battery life.

And it’s $449.

Which Kindle Should You Buy?

Kindle’s latest Oasis e-reader is out and it’s a damn fine product — the best e-reader ever made . It’s also the most expensive e-reader currently available. So if the idea of spending $449 on a portable library makes you shudder, then it’s time to consider the other guys.

US Federal Judge Rules Amazon Must Refund Parents Duped By In-App Purchases

A US federal judge has ruled that Amazon is liable for billing unwitting parents after their children made unauthorised charges in apps. The court will decide exactly how much money Amazon owes customers in the coming months.

What You Need To Know About Amazon's New Kindle Oasis

I didn’t think I could be surprised by a new Kindle, but, well, Amazon got me with the Kindle Oasis. In more than one way. It’s weird-looking, and the $449 price tag is shocking.

Amazon Is Taking More Fake Reviewers To Court

Amazon takes its reviews seriously. That much is clear from the multiple lawsuits the company has already filed against websites offering fake Amazon reviews. The latest round of legal action just reinforces that you probably shouldn’t mess with Amazon’s reviews system.

Report: Amazon Is Adding Monthly Subscriptions For Prime And Prime Video

Amazon Prime is one of the best deals on the internet — if you live in the US, at least — but the $US99/year subscription price can be a little daunting. According to CNN Money, Amazon will be rolling out new monthly subscription offers, and breaking out Prime Video into its own subscription for the first time.

Leak Of New Amazon E-Reader Suggests It's Flipping Cool

E-readers get a bad rap — probably because there are a lot of illiterate arseholes out there who hate reading. For the rest of us totally wicked people e-readers are amazing and Amazon’s rumoured announcement of a new e-reader is a cause to celebrate.

The Death Of Alan Rickman May Have Halted The Galaxy Quest TV Show

We were already mourning the death of beloved actor Alan Rickman before we heard this news, which just makes us miss him even more: the Galaxy Quest sequel that was in the works at Amazon may have been scrapped, now that one of the most important cast members is gone.

Amazon Is Banning Cheap, Unsafe USB-C Cables

A cheap USB-C cable can fry your phone or computer. So it’s nice to see that Amazon is taking action, clamping down on the sale of poor-quality USB-C cables that don’t make the grade.

Please Let The 'Darker And More Grounded' Tick Show Be A Joke

Hello friends, did you like The Tick? With its surreal parodies of superheroes? Well then do we have a quote from creator Ben Edlund for you!

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