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Is Amazon Secretly Flying Its Own Cargo Planes?

According to a report in Motherboard, there’s a secretive air freight business running in an old DHL facility in Wilmington. It’s impossible to say who is behind it, but as Kari Paul explains, Amazon would be a safe bet.

Kindle Fire HD 6 Review: Amazon's $150 Fire Tablet Sucks, But It's All The Tablet I Need

Before you go buy a tablet, you should ask this question, “what am I going to use this tablet for.” This seems like common sense, but really, take a moment. What are you going to do with that slab of internet-connected screen?

You Can Now Use Two-Step Authentication On Amazon -- And Here's How

Two-step authentication is one the easiest ways to make your online accounts more secure. Finally, Amazon has decided to provide the option of using the system — and here’s how you can enable it.

Amazon And Walmart Are Joining The US FAA's Drone Registry Taskforce

The US FAA seems to have suddenly realised every dad in America is getting a drone for Christmas. So, it’s setting up a ‘drone taskforce‘ to try and register every drone before US airspace is shut down by a million plastic quadrotors. Amazon, Google and Walmart seem to be on board.

Here's Google's Delivery Drone Delivering Things

Amazon isn’t the only company that’s serious about delivering you stuff via the medium of drone: Google’s skunkworks X division has been working on ‘Project Wing’ for a few years now, and the research is starting to bear fruit.

Two Months Later, Amazon's Still Complaining About That Times Hit Piece

It’s been over two months since The New York Times published a lengthy and rather scathing report on what it’s like to work at Amazon. (Working at Amazon is soul-crushing, by the way.) But Amazon just can’t stop defending itself.

Amazon Is Suing 1000 Fake Five-Star Reviewers

As well as promising the entire world in a box, Amazon also trades on the quality of its reviews. So it’s actually not that surprising that the company is taking 1114 unknown reviewers to court.

Amazon Just Banned The Sale Of Google Chromecast And Apple TV

When competition heats up, you can expect somebody to get burned. Today, Amazon absolutely scorched Google and Apple by banning the two companies’ streaming TV products from its marketplace. Amazon says it’s “to avoid customer confusion.”

American Hero Hacks Amazon Dash Button To Order Pizza

Over in the US, Amazon Dash buttons are equal parts amazing technology and useless gimmick. A single button that will deliver specific products to your doorstep is like shopping in the Jetsons’ era. But it would be even better if that product was hot, cheesy pizza, as one hacker imagined.

Amazon's $50 Fire Tablet Is The Impulse Buy That Never Ends

Every product Amazon makes is designed to sell you something else. It’s an open secret. That’s why the company could lose money on the Kindle Fire — yet still reap a profit. Now, Amazon is introducing the most irresistable moneysuck yet: a $US50 tablet.

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