Amazon Is Hosting A Robot Contest To Find Its New Employees

Some companies view their employees as an asset; Amazon views them as a problem to be disrupted along the path to perfection (and cheap two-day shipping on paperbacks). The latest ambition is to replace Amazon’s legion of shelf-picking drones with actual robotic drones.

Need A Fat SSD? $240 Gets You A 500GB Samsung 850 EVO

The Australian dollar might be weaker than it was a year ago, but bargains can still be found on the likes of Amazon. If you’re in the market for an SSD, Samsung’s 500GB 850 EVO is currently on-sale for $US180. Even when you factor in the exchange rate and shipping, it’s a great deal compared to local offerings.

The FAA Will Let Amazon Drones Fly After All -- But Only For Testing

Just one short month ago, it looks like Amazon’s drone delivery dreams were dashed. But today, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) granted the company an “experimental airworthiness certificate.” Does this mean your Amazon Prime will come from the sky now? Not even close.

You Can Tell Amazon's Latest Gadget To Shut The Fuck Up

Video: Swearing is never not funny, and that’s doubly true when it comes to swearing at helpless pieces of technology. Amazon’s latest gadget, the Echo speaker, is programmed to mute when you tell it to shut the fuck up.

Amazon Wants To 3D-Print Your Purchase In The Back Of Its Delivery Van

Amazon is a keen experimenter, especially when it comes to delivery. But now a new patent suggests that it’s thinking of 3D-printing its products as they make their way to you.

NASA Satellite Visualises The Movement Of Dust From The Sahara Desert

Here’s an awesome 3D visualisation from NASA that shows how the Sahara Desert helps fertilise the Amazon rainforest even though they’re on two different continents that are separated by an entire ocean. The Saharan dust is carried over by wind and the phosphorous in the dust is essential to the Amazon.

What's Your Dumbest Internet Purchasing Fail?

Online shopping is great and all, but an unfortunate side-effect of buying stuff sight unseen on the ‘net is that sometimes you end up with stuff you didn’t really mean to buy. I’m not saying that’s the reason I have three power strips for European plugs under my bed, but… yeah. I should probably read the description more carefully next time.

The Online Store Where Preppers Buy Their Bulls**t Cure-Alls

Infowars, radio host Alex Jones’ online mecca for conspiracy theorists, preppers and otherwise non-sheeple alike, is full of bulls**t. But the most spectacular of this particular brand of insanity lies in the online store. Where you can buy a chance to save yourself from the New World Order — and in bulk, no less.

Someone Beat Amazon To The Drone Delivery Party

Drone delivery might be a pipe dream, but it’s Amazon’s pipe dream. Well, not any more: Chinese online shopping giant Alibaba has a drone delivery pilot programme, starting today.

Amazon's Gold Box Forum Is A Beautiful Pocket Of Internet Insanity

It’s an inviolable rule of the internet that if you provide people with a place to type words in public, chaos will follow close behind. Nowhere is this more true than the Amazon Gold Box forum, one of the internet’s more delightful clearing houses of crazy.