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NBN Plans: Amaysim Is Expanding Into Broadband

Amaysim has entered into an agreement to buy Australian Broadband Services, gaining access to a platform to enter the broadband market. As in mobile (where it runs on Optus’ network), Amaysim will operate as a virtual network operator, leveraging the existing fixed line networks — including the NBN.

Vaya Is Offering 7GB Of Data For $34

Less than two months ago Amaysim bought out fellow Australian low-cost mobile service provider, Vaya. Last week Amaysim announced its 9GB plan for less than $50, and today sees Vaya reveal its own new and improved plans.

A bunch of price drops and data increases on existing plans are effective midday (AEST) today, and a few new plans have been added to the fold — including a new $34 plan that includes 7GB of data.

Amaysim To Offer 9GB Data For Under $50 On Its Unlimited Plans

In today’s connected world, phone plan competitiveness is largely sold on data allowances, so it comes as no surprise that Amaysim is bumping up data and international inclusions on all of its Unlimited plans. It will also be switching to a 28 day cycle rather than a 30 day one, in the interest of allowing a ‘like for like’ comparison with other prepaid plans on the market.

Ombudsman Report Shows Telco Complaints Are Down

A report that details the number of new landline, mobile and internet complaints the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) receives, as a as a proportion of telecommunications services in operation (SIO), has shown an overall decrease in complaints by almost 13 per cent.

Amaysim Buys Fellow Budget Telco Vaya: Here Are The Low-Cost Deals On Offer

Aussie telco amaysim today announced it has purchased the 100 per cent online virtual network operator Vaya. Both known for their budget-concious deals, amaysim intends to continue to operate the two brands separately.

Thanks To One Aussie Telco, David Hasselhoff Is Now Just 'David Hoff'

Hahaha. No. It’s just a marketing gag cooked up by amaysim — with the aid of the man himself. It comprises two parts: a YouTube clip / advert explaining the deal and Hasselhoff dropping the first part of his surname from his Twitter handle. That’s about it.

Amaysim 4G Plans: More Data And Faster Speeds, With A Catch

Amaysim is finally offering 4G access on its plans — but that change does alter some of its most popular offerings. Here’s what you need to know and how Amaysim compares to all its major rivals.

Amaysim Upping Data Allowances, Upping Prices

If you needed a carrier for cheap data and decent 3G speeds, Amaysim is still one of your best options. Now though, the carrier is upping the amount of data available to Unlimited plan customers while simultaneously upping the price of the service.

Reminder: 30% Off Amaysim Data Packs

Just a quick reminder that our exclusive deal on Amaysim’s data packs, giving you 30 per cent off closes off tonight.

Brunchtime Deal: 30% Off Amaysim Data Packs

Got a shiny new iPad last Friday and need some data for it? We’ve got an exclusive deal on Amaysim’s data packs, giving you 30 per cent off.

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