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It's Happening. There's Finally An Ethics Committee For How We Handle AI

Though it might not be what you think. Representatives from Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and IBM have created a committee to tackle important ethical issues around the rise of AI — they just won’t be talking about Skynet anytime soon.

Google Fiber Told To Shape Up By Alphabet

Not everything Google touches turns to gold — just look at Google Glass — and Google Fiber, it seems, is in the midst of joining those not-so-illustrious ranks.

Now Y Combinator Wants To Build A City Because Every Other Tech Company Is Doing It

Cities are so trendy right now that every big tech company wants to build its own. Zappos did it in Downtown Vegas. Amazon is kind of doing it in a Seattle. Alphabet is probably doing it somewhere soon. And now Y Combinator wants in on the fun, too, with a plan to build some kind of alt-Silicon Valley… somewhere.

Here's Our Closest Look At Alphabet's Plans For The City Of The Future

The smart city is on the horizon, and if Alphabet’s Footpath Labs has anything to do with it, it will have subsidised ride-sharing, “Airbnb for cars” and AI that helps parking cops fine the most people.

Silly, Fun Video Recites The Alphabet Using Movie Scenes

Hearing the alphabet through movie scenes is totally dumb and silly but also loads of stupid fun. Burger Fiction took scenes from 85 different movies and stitched them together to spit out all 26 letters, and it’s almost captivating, in a “damn, they’re really going to be able to get every letter” sort of way.

Daydream Is Google's Plan To Conquer Virtual Reality With Android

After years of dabbling, Google is getting serious about virtual reality. Meet Daydream, Google’s three-part plan to take the VR world by storm with Android.

Duo Is Google's Overdue Crack At A FaceTime Killer 

Today, Google announced a new video calling app called Duo, and it may just be the FaceTime competitor we’ve been waiting for. Or it might just be boring and basic.

Google Home Is The Potential Nail In Amazon Echo's Coffin

Google Assistant sounds like it could be just what smart home fans have been looking for in a digital assistant, but it’s pretty near worthless if it doesn’t have some good hardware to go along with it. That’s where the Google Home (previously codenamed Chirp) comes in.

The Festival For Tech CEOs Who Are Too Rich For Burning Man

Much like the city in which it was originally founded, the annual Burning Man festival has gentrified, and its wealthier attendees have been criticised for building walled-off compounds and bringing private chefs in the name of comfort. That’s why a group of longtime Burners who also happen to be tech company millionaires decided to break off and start their own festival.

Android Apps Might Be Heading To Chromebooks

Currently, Chromebooks run apps off the Chrome Web Store, as well as select Android apps in an experimental runtime. But according to details in the latest developer build of Chrome OS, compatibility for Android’s millions of apps could be coming.

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