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Each Letter Of This Alphabet Moves Like An Appendage Of An Animal

This alphabet — by graphic designer Ari Weinkle — is unique. First because its texture feels realistic, organic and alive. And second because its creepy moves: the letters twist and turn as if they were actual animal appendages.

The Gorgeous Alphabet Of Alex Persani

I’m a sucker for good typography and lettering and when I saw this gorgeous and playful alphabet by French designer Alex Persani, my jaw dropped.

The Dark Alphabet Of Things That Can Kill You From A To Z

Video: It’s hard to keep track of what could kill you these days, but if you really want to know, it’s basically everything. College Humor created this dark comedy animation bit where the Grim Reaper waxes poetic on all the things that can kill a person from A to Z. It’s a reminder to not avoid life when living.

Learn The A-To-Z Of Space Travel With NASA's Orion Spacecraft

Space is endlessly fascinating, but it can be difficult to know how to begin explaining its infinite vastness, especially to little ones. Enter the Orion A to Z — a colourful guide to space exploration put together by NASA.

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