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Google Project Fi Review: My Time With Google's Telco Was A Disaster

I used Google’s Project Fi. I glimpsed the future, before it collapsed into bullshit.

Google X's Zany Life Sciences Experiment Is Alphabet's First New Company

The Alphabet family just gained a member, after Sergey Brin announced that the life sciences team from Google X would become its own company. This is the same group of nerds that’s been building smart contact lenses. And it sounds like more crazy new inventions are on the way.

The Android Wear Smartwatch Is About To Become A Personal Translator

Slowly but surely, smartwatches are becoming more useful. And this might be one of the most useful feature for a smartwatch yet: Google just announced it’s bringing Google Translate to Android Wear watches, letting you carry on a bilingual conversation with a literal flick of the wrist.

Why Isn't Google Launching Its Modular Ara Smartphone In Puerto Rico?

In January Google announced that Ara, its highly anticipated modular smartphone, would debut first in Puerto Rico as part of a pilot project. Today, Google says it’s not launching Ara there after all, and that it’s “re-routing” its plans. What gives?

To Test Its Drone Fleet, Google Uses A Sneaky Legal Loophole

Google has been working with NASA to test delivery drones in private US airspace, according to documents reviewed by the Guardian. While laws mostly prohibit commercial drones from such activity, NASA offers Google a convenient loophole.

Is This Alphabet Thing All About Google's Tesla Envy?

As Silicon Valley struggles to understand the news about Google’s new parent company Alphabet, one thing has become clear. Alphabet is all about highlighting Google’s futuristic projects with things like connected devices, drones and longevity. It’s as if Larry Page and Sergey Brin wish they were running Tesla.

The ABC Of Alphabet: Everything Google's New Owners Could Buy

Alphabet is where it’s at for Google right now, but what can the world’s new biggest company buy to fill out its stable?

Alphabet's Online Brand Ain't Much Right Now

Briefly B is for Brand, and Alphabet (Google’s confusing new parent company) hasn’t been paying attention to it in the lead up to launch.

Google Creates Alphabet, A New Parent Company To Rule Them All

So you thought Google was a sprawling Silicon Valley entity with a frightening amount of power? Get a load of Alphabet: the web giant’s new parent.

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