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Does Windows 10 Make Sense On A Big Touchscreen PC?

I own a Dell XPS One 27 — a giant touchscreen PC. It’s basically a huge 27-inch monitor with an entire computer crammed inside. The Windows equivalent of an iMac. I like the compact, integrated design so much I’ve bought two of them over the years, but I’ve never really had a need for the touchscreen — it’s just kind of there.

The Crazy New Computers At Computex 2015

Every June, the PC industry descends on Taipei to show off its latest wares. The Computex trade show is a great place to see some awesome new gadgets and spot computing trends. So, what kind of promising new computers did they build on the eve of Windows 10?

Back To School And Uni: Hottest All-In-Ones PCs

Ultrabooks are great, but it can also be super convenient to have a slimline All-In-One PC waiting on your bedroom or dorm desk to get stuff done. They’re a great family room shared PC option, too. We’ve already run you through our favourite ultrabooks, the hottest convertibles and the slickest gadgets, now it’s time to get your desk sorted with the perfect All-In-One.

21-inch iMac 2012 (Thin) Review: Looks Only Get You So Far

Gadgets get thinner. Apple’s gadgets more than most. That’s just the natural order of things. But while thin and light are two of the chief virtues of mobile, and prettier is always better, the new deskbound iMac has to prove it’s more than just a diet plan.

HP Spectre One: Could This Be The Ideal All-In-One PC?

When HP rolled its first TouchSmart All-In-One back in 2008, the potential of such a machine was evident even if the idea itself wasn’t fully realised. Enter the 23.6-inch HP Spectre One.

HP's Ivy Bridge-Equipped Envy 23 Offers Premium Style With At A Smaller Price

Following the release of HP’s Omni 27 all-in-one PC last year, a solid, if not exactly jaw-dropping offering, the company is back with the Envy 23, which carries the same design DNA and much of the same functionality, only with Ivy Bridge processors and a smaller screen.

HP Omni 27: An Affordable Big Screen All-In-One

Not merely satisfied with their finger-friendly Touchsmart All-In-One line, HP is moving back into the non-touch AIO space with the Omni 27, a snappy, dual-core Windows machine.

HP's Newest All-in-One Is Why All-In-Ones Are Great

HP’s computer business is in a state of bizarre limbo, but that’s not stopping them from plodding along with a new batch of desktops — tragically or not. Luckily for us, they look great, and perform better than ever.

All New HP Death Rattle Can Be Yours For One Stack

Once-great computer company HP wants to get out of the computer business but has no concrete plan how or when and, oh by the way, also wants to sell you this computer. Sadly, it’s not called the Death Rattle. It has Ethernet.

Lenovo's ThinkCentre Edge 91z Is An All-In-One Gone Corporate

All-in-one computers are machines generally designed for home offices and living rooms. Those addicted to Microsoft Exchange are typically not the target audience. Lenovo’s ThinkCentre Edge 91z reconsiders that assumption.

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