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Microsoft's Beautiful Surface Studio Is Coming To Kill The Desktop PC As We Know It

Desktop computers have come in two flavours for the last few years: boxes you plug into your monitor or TV, and all-in-one devices like Apple’s popular iMac series. Microsoft’s newly announced Surface Studio is the latter kind of desktop, but with a giant touchscreen and pen input too. It’s also the first desktop computer Microsoft has ever made.

Dell's Computex 2014 Laptops, Tablets: Australian Pricing

Dell has introduced new monitors, new all-in-one PCs and new 2-in-1 laptops at Computex 2014, and most of them are coming to Australia. If you’re looking for a new piece of computing hardware, it’ll be reaching local store shelves surprisingly soon.

Sony Tap 20 Review: Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None

The Sony Tap 20 is an interesting product. How does a 20-inch tablet (yes, really) stack up to the competition?

Asus Transformer All-In-One: Giant Android/Windows 8 Tablet PC

We’ve known about the Asus Transformer AIO since back at Computex, but the mutant hybrid wasn’t in working order until now. The verdict? It’s actually kind of cool.

ASUS 27-Inch ET2701 All-In-One Hands-On: Live Large

Hug your monolithic tower one last time, because Asus is coming for it with its new range of Windows 8, all-in-one desktops. There are three fancy new models ranging from 21.5-inches right up to 27-inches of touch-based, Windows 8 laden goodness. Can the ET2701 slay your existing desktop?

Hands On Toshiba's New All-In-One: Feels Great, Looks Average

Windows 8 is polarising among long-time Windows users. But there’s one, inescapable thing about it: it’s coming, and hardware manufacturers are preparing with machines that you’re going to want to touch.

Putting My Hands On Vizio's New Machines Gave Me Computer Envy

Vizio says it’s trying to disrupt the computer market, and I think it just did. These are simply gorgeous machines, and are fast and powerful to boot.

Lenovo's A720 Might Be The Multitouch All-In-One PC Of Our Dreams

It has a 27-inch screen, 10-finger capacitive multitouch, an aluminium body and a fully articulating screen that folds to your liking. If there was ever a touchscreen all-in-one that had all the elements to succeed, Lenovo’s A720 might be it.

Stylish Vizio PCs And Notebooks Shake Things Up

Over in the US, Vizio became a big player over the last few years with pretty-good-for-the-price big-screen TVs — and now they’re looking to shake up the PC market the same way. I don’t know how these will perform, but holy crap the new Vizio PCs and notebooks look amazingly good. Indeed, they may beat sleepy PC giants at their own game. Their designer must be a genetic mix of Jon Ive and Tony Stark.

Lenovo's Y-Series Laptops Can Handle All Your Multimedia Demands

Lenovo’s Y-series laptops aren’t flashy by any means, but the Intel Core i7 Processor, NVIDIA GeForce discrete graphics, JBL premium sound and Blu-ray drive make up for the workman-like exterior.

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