The Lie Is Out There: Three Types Of Alien Encounters

Nearly everyone who’s looked up at the night sky has asked him or herself at least some form of the very same question: Are we really, truly alone in the universe? The only thing that’s certain is that we definitely don’t want to be. Maybe that explains why we keep seeing UFOs in the sky… and why they’re always one of three types.

Alien Probes Could Already Be In Our Solar System According To Maths

If you’ve been trying to recall what makes theoretical maths super fun, here’s a reminder. Researchers from the University of Edinburgh published a paper in the International Journal of Astrobiology that examines how long it would take Voyager-sized probes to bop around the Milky Way and eventually encounter our solar system. The answer is not that long! Especially if the probes are using gravitational slingshotting and especially if they’re self-replicating.

The New Sci-Fi And Tech Shows You Need To Watch This Season

Science-fiction and technology are so hot right now — which is good news for us, or we’d probably be out of a job. It’s also great news for TV viewers who finally have some polished and unpatronising geek programming to feast their eyes on. Here are the new shows that you absolutely must check out over the coming TV season…

What Would We Do If Aliens Just Showed Up Tomorrow?

It seems unlikely — impossible, even — that aliens would just happen to make contact today. Or tomorrow, or the day after. But what if they did? How do you even deal with something like that?

Today's Google Doodle Is An Awesome Alien Point-And-Click Adventure

Is there life out there in the universe? 66 years ago today, mankind may or may not have been visited by extraterrestrials in a little town called Roswell. Google is marking the day with a fantastic point-and-click game in your browser.

Aliens' Xenomorph Queen Was Way Less Scary In Her Larval Form

There’s no denying that the Xenomorph queen is terrifying in Aliens, but she doesn’t seem quite has bad when her lifeless head is just sitting on a table, still being sculpted out of its earliest form. Still no looker, though.

A GIF Is Being Transmitted Into Space For The First Time

Humans haven’t even been off-planet for a century, and we’re already leaving rubbish everywhere. The moon. Mars. Our atmosphere. It’s gross. And it was honestly only a matter of time before a similar digital barrage began.

Does Alien Life Really Exist?

Many people believe that we’re not alone in the universe. But is that just wishful thinking or is there a reasonable scientific basis for such a view?

Watch Ridley Scott's Aliens Animated In Just 60 Seconds

Who has time to watch a whole movie anymore? It’s winter! So in the spirit of phoning in everything once the temperature drops below 15°C, here’s Ridley Scott’s Aliens in 60 seconds of adorable animation.

Only 'Stupid Aliens' Would Build Flying Saucers That Spin

A mainstay of classic science fiction is the flying saucer, the universal icon for extraterrestrial alien space vehicles. The problem is, no species capable of constructing ships to traverse the stars would ever go with a saucer design that involved spinning, as astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson explains here.