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What Are The Odds Of An Alien Megastructure Blocking Light From A Distant Star?

A strange star located 1500 light-years from Earth is exhibiting strange flickering behaviour that’s leading some scientists to speculate that an alien megastructure is blocking the light. But what would such a structure be exactly and how likely is it that the Kepler space telescope has actually spotted one?

Aliens Or Not, There's Still A Lot To Discover In NASA's Kepler Data

This week, the internet worked itself into a frenzy over the possibility that we’ve found an alien megastructure. But whether or not there’s a Dyson sphere buried in the Kepler data, the discovery of a strange, flickering star is very interesting.

The Many, Many Times Astronomers Mistook Mundane Phenomena For Aliens

The science world is all in a tizzy this week about the supposed discovery of an alien megastructure. It’s an intriguing theory, no doubt, but one deserving hefty amounts of scepticism. As we’ve learned before, inexplicable observations are all too often confused for aliens. Here are some classic examples.

SETI: Snowden Should Stick To Human Affairs And Let Us Figure Out How To Find Aliens

Edward Snowden may know a thing or two about encryption, but his remarks on encrypted alien signals aren’t sitting quite right with SETI. According to those in the business of searching for extraterrestrials, Snowden should probably keep his security advice limited to human affairs.

Edward Snowden: Advanced Encryption May Stop Us Communicating With Aliens

On Friday, Neil deGrasse Tyson welcomed Edward Snowden to his StarTalk podcast. Along with the usual conversations about privacy and government, Snowden had another important warning to provide: encryption may hurt our abilities to see, or be seen by, extraterrestrials.

Meanwhile In The Future: We Just Made Alien Contact

Humans spend a lot of time and energy wondering if there’s anybody else out there. But what if we got unequivocal evidence that there was?

Where In Our Galaxy Are All The Aliens?

There may be billions of habitable worlds throughout the Milky Way, but where are the radio-blasting, starship-sailing aliens? Where are our cosmic Snapchat buddies? If they exist, they’re probably thousands of light years away from us, nestled somewhere toward the center of our Galaxy.

Message To Aliens Needs To Reflect Gender Equality And Diversity, Experts Say

If intelligent aliens are out there, we don’t want them to think we’re a bunch of backward fleshy bigots. A competition organised by the Breakthrough Initiative is offering a million dollar prize to whoever can come up with the best new message to broadcast across the cosmos.

Why We Can't Stop Seeing Aliens On Mars

A crab! A spoon! A crashed UFO! Clearly, the Curiosity Rover is busy excavating the remains of an alien party and NASA totally didn’t tell us. The proof is right there!

Apollo Astronaut Says UFOs Came To Prevent Nuclear War

The sixth man to walk on the Moon says that pacifist alien visitors tried to create world peace by disabling missiles during Cold War weapons tests. Edgar Mitchell, who walked on the Moon during the Apollo 14 mission in 1971, told Mirror Online in a recent interview that he believes the UFOs reported around military bases during the Cold War were on a mission to prevent a nuclear war between the U.S. and the Soviet Union.

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