We Should Search The Moon For Alien Traces

At least, that’s what the scientists are saying. Arizona State University’s professor Paul Davis — a theoretical physicist and cosmologist now working on astrobiology — and Robert Wagner — Research Technician at the School of Earth & Space Exploration — have published a scientific paper calling for the search of alien artifacts on the Moon..

Prometheus Trailer: Alien Prequel Or Not, Ridley Scott's New Sci-Fi Looks Stunning

Though technically no longer a direct Alien prequel, Scott says Prometheus shares “strands of Alien’s DNA”. Is that some sort of clue? This new HD trailer definitely has a similar creepy space horror vibe. And that has to be the space jockey room I see, right?

Of Course, The US Government Officially Denies Contact With Aliens

Answering to a We the People petition, the White House has officially replied to all those who wanted to know if aliens exists or if they have ever contacted us. The answer: no… but we’re looking into it. Kind of.

"No Evidence Of ET" Says White House

ET can’t phone home if he doesn’t exist. According to the White House, he doesn’t. After all, it’s not like the US Government would lie to us — would it?

Jodie Foster Helps Reactivate The Search For Extraterrestrial Life

Things got pretty hairy for alien civilisations hunters after the US government shut down SETI last April. But thanks to the donations of many people, the search is back on. One of those donors is the lovely Jodie Foster.

Alien Bike Creeps The Shrivelled Testes Out Of Me

I wonder what HR Giger would say about this horrendous bike created by Roo Roongrojna Sangwongprisarn, a Bangkok man who apparently sells them to people all over the world.

Space Invaders Have Infiltrated Our Tools

While using the Space Invaders multi-tool you may think you are the master, bending it to your will, but think again. The Space Invader is crafty and patient. Methodical. It is gathering intel. It is only a matter of time.

Harry Potter Crop Circle Maze Definitely Wasn't Created By Aliens

Neither aliens nor goblins had a hand in creating this “maize maze” near York, England – the farmer “Top Pearsy” (that’s a name, yes) owned up and said he merely wanted to mark the ending of the Harry Potter moviethon.

How Many Of You Really Think There Are Aliens On Earth?

People love aliens. It’s a fact. But it’s one thing for them to be beyond the farthest reaches of the galaxy and another for them to live next door. So GOOD and Column Five Media created this graphic to illustrate just how many people believe aliens walk among us.

Help Search For ET Intelligence By Funding Allen Telescope Array

In April, we were saddened to find out that SETI’s Allen Telescope Array (ATA) had lost its funding and would have to shut down the world’s biggest, longest-running experiment in searching for extraterrestrial intelligence.