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A Jagerbomb That Explodes When You Drop In The Shot Is A Much More Awesome Drink

Video: Jagerbombs are awful, gross, taste like medicine and don’t really deserve to exist after you grow up. Explosions are awesome, cool and need to happen more in your life as you get old (the highly controlled, non-violent and fun sort of explosions, of course).

Bloody Mary Secrets That Will Change Your Life

There’s nothing quite like sipping a spiked meal in a glass. So when Few, one of my favourite distilleries, offered to send me something called “Breakfast Gin”, I got a bright idea. Why not whip up a batch of refreshing Bloody Marys?

This Anti-Aging Gin Is A Great Excuse For A Terrible Pun

At some point in the future we’ll all be downing rejuvenation pills to stave off the swing of a certain, sharp farming implement. Until then, we’ll have to rely on overpriced moisturisers, demonic deals with Mark Sheppard and this gin, called “Anti-aGin”.

Yes, All American Alcohol Has To Be Radioactive

Video: America has a long and storied history with regulating alcohol, which has left them with a high drinking age and a very strange requirement that all alcohol be slightly radioactive.

This Is How Different 'One Drink' Is In Countries All Over The World

You can order the same drink at bars all over the world, but how much booze each order is really going to get you depends a lot on where you are.

How To Flame Citrus Like A Cocktail Pro

Video: As many bartenders know, one of the secrets to a tastier drink is playing with fire.

Someone Invented The Champagne Gun

Just let that sink in folks. Yes, with all the world’s problems solved, one or more engineers tasked themselves with the last, great obstacle facing mankind: How does one efficiently spray another person with bubbly booze? Don’t panic, we figured it out.

Why Cocktail Glasses Really Matter

Video: I will freely admit to being one of the twentysomething wasters who will throw a cocktail in anything that isn’t a Solo cup. But if you have more style and class, you may have wondered if there’s science behind the bewildering array of glassware.

A Computer Can Spot Your Drunk Tweets From A Mile Away

If you were at a bar with your phone in New York City during 2014, your whiskey-laced illegible tweets may have been used for important scientific research.

Binge Drinking Is Putting Australian Women At Risk Of Depression

Sixteen per cent of young Australian women have been classified as “extremely frequent” binge drinkers and may be increasing their risk of depression, according to new research from the University of Newcastle (UON).

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