The Miracle Stick That Makes Wine Taste Better In Seconds

The tricky thing about wine — especially the fancy stuff — is that since it gets better with age, what you buy off the shelf isn’t necessarily always at its peak. A few seconds with the Clef du Vin, though, will age it to perfection. And, if you’re not careful, all the way around to bad again.

Could You Get Drunk By Drinking A Drunk Person's Blood?

The average adult contains about five litres of blood. The average drunk contains lots of alcohol. So could you, in theory, have a cheap — if messy — night out by turning vampiric for the evening?

Happy Hour: How To Drink Gothic

Vampires and zombies, ruined castles and gloomy dungeons: the scary tropes of Gothic horror, which first terrorised the world 250 years ago with the publication of Horace Walpole’s Castle of Otranto, still colonise our imaginations today. What better way to celebrate the anniversary than by mixing yourself a Silver Bullet or Nosferatini and settling in for a Twilight marathon or to re-read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein?

Just Like Stupid Humans, Fish Get Cocky When They Drink

We humans love booze as liquid courage, but we’re not the only ones who feel extra capable after a few swigs. New research shows that a tipsy zebra fish will swim faster than the sober fish in its school — like a big show-off. And just like humans, the sober fish will speed up rather than be outdone by a drunkard. Humans: basically, we’re just big fish.

Which Countries Drink The Most If You Ignore Abstainers

Earlier this week, the World Health Organisation ranked the globe’s biggest drinking nations — but it didn’t quite tell the entire story. This is what the data looks like if you ignore abstainers.

The World's Heaviest-Drinking Nations, Ranked

The World Health Organisation has released a new report that reveals the heaviest drinkers in the world — and you might be surprised by where Australia sits in the rankings. We’re way above the world average, but we just miss out on a spot in the top 10.

FlaskScarf Protects Against Chilly Breezes And Sobriety

Who among us hasn’t wished for a fashion accessory that’s also a secret booze stash? Wish no more. FlaskScarf is here to literally hang your booze around your neck. Like a Saint Bernard, with style.

A Tale Of Three Cocktails: How Booze And Cities Helped Each Other Boom

You might order a Manhattan — or a Berlin, or a London Buck — at your corner dive without giving it a second thought. But what you might not realise is how closely related urbanity and cocktails really are. The modern cocktail owes a lot to cities — and, in fact, cities owe a lot to booze.

The Secret Tip That Will Let You Drink Alcohol Without Getting Drunk

Well, this could change things. Apparently there’s a secret method to drinking alcohol without getting drunk. All you have to do is eat some yeast before you drink. Seriously. Line your stomach with a teaspoon of yeast for every beer you plan to drink and you’ll be able to drink all night without acting like a damn fool.

Raise Your Glass For The Dragon Slayer

Around the world, the feast of St Patrick — the patron saint of Ireland — on March 17 is celebrated with a pint (or several) of Guinness. Meanwhile, St George’s Day on April 23, when we could be raising a glass to the dragon-slaying patron saint of England, tends to pass by without a mention, let alone a drink.

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