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Study Suggests Drinking Coffee Might Reduce Liver Damage From Alcohol

There is a growing body of evidence that coffee may be good for your long-term health, reducing the risk of type II diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. According to one recent meta-study, it may also lower your risk of liver damage from boozing.

Why Drinking Is Worse For You If You Are Poor

Despite drinking the same amounts, people in lower income communities have higher levels of alcohol-related ill health than people in wealthier communities, and now UK scientists think they know why.

Their research shows that poorer people are 11 times more likely to combine drinking with other unhealthy habits such as smoking, poor diet, being overweight and failing to exercise, leading to worse outcomes than alcohol alone.

This Ice Ball Cocktail Is The Coolest Thing

Video: Even though all cocktails should be simple, I’ll excuse a little flair for this awesome ice ball cocktail because it’s just too much fun. An ice cube sphere looks like it’s frozen solid until it’s hammered open to release the liquid goodness. It all works perfectly because the former ice sphere that held the drink transforms into the perfect rocks for the drink.

North Korea Claims To Have Invented Hangover-Free Alcohol

Never mind the nuclear rumblings, arbitrary executions and incessant famines: North Korea is Best Korea, because North Korea has invented hangover-free booze!

The 10 Best Time Capsules Opened In 2015

Time capsules can be pretty boring. But time capsule nerds like me live for those rare capsules with something really cool inside. This year we saw time capsules filled with the weird, the rare, and the surprising. One thing that so many of 2015’s time capsules had in common: Lots of booze.

Enjoy A Mystery Scotch Every Day Leading Up To Christmas With This Advent Calendar

Yes, it’s November already. Where did the rest of the year go? Into the past, presumably. Let’s not look backwards, but forwards, to the impending date of Christmas and the flurry of gift-purchasing you’ll be engaged in soon. For those who must appease scotch lovers, you should check out the “Whisky Advent Calendar” from Master of Malt.

Yes, Guinness' Beer Recipe Uses Fish... And That Shouldn't Bother You

Guinness recently announced that they were making a change to their two century-old recipe, one that wouldn’t make any use of fish bladders. Wait, said many people. Guinness has fish in it?

How Champagne Is Made

Video: Champagne is really hard to make. There are rules and regulations and specific grapes and soil requirements and is completely region specific and more that goes into each bottle that it’s impressive that even one bottle gets popped. In this video from the Science Channel, we get to see how Bollinger makes its champagne. It marries the old fashioned methods formed over hundreds of years of bubbly creation with impressive modern machinery. Delicious!

Maybe Vodka Filtered Through Meteorites Will Actually Taste OK

Outer Space Vodka doesn’t actually come from outer space. It comes from Iowa, which is about as far as you can get from space without burrowing into the Earth’s core.

The Fascinating People And Stories Behind Making Scotch Whisky

We love whiskey, we drink whiskey, we’ve seen whiskey get made. But what’s cool about this latest episode of Raw Craft with Anthony Bourdain is how we meet the people behind the alcohol we all love. It’s combining generations of knowledge with unique skills and a real passion to just make good things. Thankfully, these guys make whiskey.

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