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What It's Like To Hunt Alaska's Most Elusive Animal

Last October, our friend Justin travelled to Alaska in search of Dall Sheep — North America’s most elusive big game animal. He brought back an excellent feature story and now, there’s video. Moments like this are what outdoorsmen live for.

An Electric Green Sky For St Patrick's Day

St Patrick’s Day is filled with drunkards decked in green. The Northern Lights are beautiful and stunning and light up the sky in a wonderful hue of green. Naturally, they’re made for each other. Or if not, they should be. Ignore the noise today and just watch this Northern Lights timelapse shot from Alaska.

The Alaskan Town Living Under One Roof

An impossibly long, single-lane tunnel is your only way into Whittier, and your only way out. Make it to the other end of the dimly lit tunnel, and you’ll find all the ingredients of a city. Except instead of a sprawling, urban centre, this town has been scaled to fit almost entirely into one lonely Alaskan tower.


Taking it between my bare hands, the hot blood stinging wind-chilled fingers, I pull the bull’s heart from its silent, massif of a body. Bigger than my head and with a heavy weight, the heart wrenches attention from the rest of the world as the tundra refocuses. Cutting a slit through the heart’s wall to open it like a book, I let the coagulate fall to the ground. Setting the heart aside, we continue to butcher the moose, a true giant of the North.

Hunting Alaska's Most Elusive Big Game

Hunting is a challenge at the best of times. But, factor in America’s most remote mountain range combined with this continent’s most elusive big game species — the dall sheep — and you have a recipe for the most difficult 10 days of your life. Or, the most rewarding.

This Turquoise Gem Is What Summer Looks Like In Southeastern Alaska

Briefly: This turquoise gem is what summer looks like in southeastern Alaska. From an altitude twice that of commercial jets, NASA’s arctic research aeroplane ER-2 — a civilian version of the Air Force’s U2-S reconnaissance plane — captured this view of a summertime melt pond atop a glacier on July 16, 2014. [NASA Earth Observatory]

Incredible Video Of Wild Alaskan Brown Bear Chilling Out With A Camper

Drew Hamilton, a tech worker at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, was chilling out with a friend, admiring the majestic landscape at the McNeil River State Game Sanctuary, when a cool Alaskan brown bear walked into the scene, sat down and just chilled out for a while contemplating the river.

First Ever Point-of-view Video Recorded By A Wild Polar Bear Is So Cute

US Geological Survey’s biologists attached cameras and radio collars to four free-ranging female Alaskan polar bears last April. One of the resulting videos shows one of the bears in action in the Beaufort Sea, checking out a potential mate, swimming below ice, and trying to eat a frozen seal (which is kind of gross.)

This Abandoned Igloo Hotel In Alaska Could Be Yours For $300,000

Even out in Alaska, this gigantic urethane igloo sticks out like a bizarre, misplaced structure on the side of Parks Highway. It’s long been a curiosity for tourists whizzing by on the way to Denali National Park. And now the famous landmark is for sale to the tune of $US300,000.

The Largest Earthquake In U.S. History Happened 50 Years Ago Today

At 5:42 a.m. on March 27, 1964, a 9.2-magnitude earthquake erupted 78 miles east of Anchorage, Alaska. The earthquake remains the most powerful earthquake to strike North America, and the second-largest earthquake ever measured.

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