The Largest Earthquake In U.S. History Happened 50 Years Ago Today

At 5:42 a.m. on March 27, 1964, a 9.2-magnitude earthquake erupted 78 miles east of Anchorage, Alaska. The earthquake remains the most powerful earthquake to strike North America, and the second-largest earthquake ever measured.

The Tallest Wind Turbine Ever Will Float Above Alaska

A thousand feet off the ground, the wind blows brisk and uninterrupted. But how do you build such a tall, thin beam to support a turbine’s blades? You don’t — you float the generator in a giant helium balloon. The world’s first floating commercial wind turbine will soon be hovering over Fairbanks, Alaska.

These Glowing Dogs Are Made From Trash Pulled From The Ocean

Alaska has a rubbish problem. As you probably noticed in the aftermath of the Japanese Earthquake, America’s northernmost state happens to be the dumping grounds for all the garbage the Pacific Ocean doesn’t want. Now, an industrious artist is drawing attention to the problem.

Watch These Bears Fish For Salmon In Alaska Live Thanks To The Internet

Screw Kitten Cam, I want to see enormous bears fishing for salmon in a stream halfway around the world. Thanks to the magic of the internet, you can watch that too.

Japanese Tsunami Survivor's Football Returned Via The Alaskan Coast

Last year, 16-year-old Misaki Murakami’s life was turned upside down when Japan’s tsunami claimed his home and its contents. Now, a beachcomber from Alaska has found one of his most treasured possessions — an autographed football — washed up on the US coast, and hes sending it back to him.

Why Are Scientists Firing Rockets Against Auroras?

NASA scientists are now firing 14m tall two-stage rockets against auroras because they hate them and they smell bad. Or maybe because they want to test how extreme space weather can affect digital communications between ground bases and spacecraft or satellites.

Gassy Alaskan Microbes Are Warming Up The Planet

When most of us wake up, we don’t turn to our loved ones or think about the day ahead. Nope, we let off some gas. Turns out microorganisms are just the same, only their gas might have a dramatic effect on global warming.

NY To London Trains? Russia's Massive 65-Mile Siberia-Alaska Tunnel

Ваше здоровье! Let us toast the Russians and their $US65 billion Siberian-Alaskan underwater train tunnel! At 65-miles, the proposed tunnel would be twice as long as the Chunnel between France and England, and could connect New York City with London.

BP Has Another Spill On Its Hands

Seriously? BP admitted today that a pipeline leak on Saturday resulted in “2100 to 4200 gallons” of oil being spilled onto the Alaskan tundra. After last year’s five million barrels spilt, can they really afford even small screw-ups? [Yahoo News]

Digging A Submarine Out Of The Frozen Sea Looks Tough

The researchers at the frosty Applied Physics Lab Ice Station (COOL JOB NAME ALERT) already have it hard enough. Freezing temperatures, peeing into wooden boxes, guarding against polar bears, and the like. Also taxing? Chainsawing submarines out of the snow.