alaska airlines

Maintenance Crew Scrawl Message On Aeroplane's Broken Wing

It might look like a prank, but it’s not. Maintenance crew from Alaska Airlines cut out part of a Boeing 737’s wing and wrote “We know about this” next to it. The aeroplane was then cleared for flying.

More Airlines Adopting Biofuels

Biofuels are making inroads into the aviation industry. Both Alaska and United Airlines have announced today that some flights will be cut with non-petroleum alternatives.

Alaska Airlines Moving To iPads For Flight Manuals

Alaska Airlines has become the first US airline to move away from paper to the iPad for their flight manuals. The measure will save money on paper and fuel while allowing pilots to play with Leafsnap during long trips. [Engadget]

Southwest And Alaska Airlines Testing Ad-Supported Wi-Fi

Paying for Wi-Fi stings, even at 10,000 metres in the air. Luckily, we may not be paying for much longer.