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A Motion-Detecting Camp Lantern Promises To Keep Blair Witches At Bay

If you’ve got years of camping experience under your belt, you’re probably able to just tune out those things that go bump in the night. But if you only head out into the great outdoors once a year for a weekend camping trip, you’ll appreciate the CampGuard lantern which will stand guard and automatically sound an alarm to scare off forest intruders.

7 Of The Most Horrible Technology Sounds

Not long ago, I asked you for your picks of the worst sounds that technology has cursed us with. You answered with the shrill, shreiking screams of text across the internet. And here are a few of the standouts from our collective list of the most unappealing blips and bloops.

Trigga Is A Social Alarm App That Lets You Wake Up Your Friends

I hate my alarm noise. Hate. It. I really wish I could set custom alarms based on what I have on that day so that I can wake up differently. Thats the promise of Trigga: an app that lets you push alarm and wake-up messages to your friends.

Shaming Soap Alarm Won't Turn Off Until You Wash Your Hands

If you’re someone who regularly washes your hands after going to the bathroom, statistics say that at least one of the people sitting on either side of you does not. And since personal hygiene clearly isn’t motivation enough for these bathroom bandits, Safeguard is resorting to good, old-fashioned public shaming to get the job done.

Motion-Activated Alarm Keeps Wrapped Gifts A Secret

Once you officially make the switch from child to parent, the holidays suddenly become a remarkably stressful time of year. There’s decorating, shopping, baking, socialising, and of course keeping a watchful eye on presents so your kids don’t figure out what’s under that wrapping paper — a task made considerably easier now that someone’s re-branded a simple siren-equipped motion sensor as a gift alarm.

Britain's Colourful Burglar Alarms Are Oddly Mesmerising

When you think of iconic graphic design, you might think of magazine ads or highway signs. You almost certainly don’t think of burglar alarms. But maybe you should.

This Personal Alarm Weaponises Your House Key

A course will teach you how to use your keys as a weapon, but when you’re under attack and panicking, protecting yourself with a keyring isn’t as easy as it sounds. So the Hit, from Unikia, combines a loud audible panic alarm with a pop-up holder that turns a key into a switchblade that’s easier to wield as a weapon.

Warmly: Wake Up To The Sound Of Bacon With This Friendly Alarm App

Waking up to an alarm clock is a much-loathed and just generally unpleasant experience. But Warmly for Android wants to help you start the day off right — and hungry.

The California-Made Earthquake Alarm That Works But California Won't Build

For all of the devastation caused by the 2011 earthquake/tsunami in Japan, the former, a 9.0 magnitude beast called “Tohoku,” could have claimed far more lives. The reason it didn’t? Since 2007, Japan has had an early warning system — conceived 10 years ago at Caltech — which California still hasn’t managed to set up. And while it only gives about a minute notice, it’s a minute Californians currently don’t have.

Tangible Alarm Smartphone Dock: Shove To Snooze

It’s early morning. Your phone is screaming at you. Unless you open you eyes and seek out some the right little virtual button, it will never stop. But the Tangible Alarm could bring back the eyes-closes snooze-button flailing of days gone by.

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