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Inside Al Qaeda's Half-Baked Plans To Take Down US Drones

As much as we like to gripe about it stateside, our complaints about the drone program are nothing compared to those of Al Qaeda. The terrorists don’t like drones, because drones are designed to kill terrorists. According to documents leaked by Edward Snowden, however, Al Qaeda’s about to fight back.

Al-Qaeda Can Turn Clothes Into Explosives By Dipping Them In Liquid

ABC News in the US is reporting that al Qaeda has come up with a “new generation of liquid explosives” for a potential attack. The scary thing is that the bomb “would not be detected by current security measures”. Even scarier is that a US official called the new method “ingenious”. Well, then.

How To Avoid American Drones, By Al-Qaeda

When AP reporters walked through turf where Islamic terrorists had been driven out by the French military, they found a curious photocopied document: a list of 22 tips for avoiding UAV death. But you can use them too!

US Government Unleashes Wrath Of Internet Trolls On Al-Qaeda

It’s invaded their countries, used deadly, invisible drones to blow them up and killed their leader, but now the US is really gonna hit Al-Qaeda where it hurts — the internet forums. I can hear them quaking in their bomb-filled boots from here.

Seized Memory Card Contained Al Qaeda Documents Encoded In Porn

Last year, Maqsood Lodin was being interviewed by police after he’d travelled to Pakistan. When his questioners found a memory card in his underwear, they were suspicious — but it seemed only to contain porn. Later investigation, however, reveals that one film was actually encoded with more than 100 secret al Qaeda documents.

A DVD Store That Has Nothing But Terrorist Videos

The only group that surpasses terrorists in amateur video uploads is probably Bieber lip-syncers. But getting to these videos of vague threats, IED training and attack footage can be tough. So why not collect them all and sell ’em?

Al-Qaeda's Only Trusted Communication Channel Was Hacked

Al-Shamuhk is the online forum where officially sanctioned Al-Qaeda propaganda disseminates. It’s the only internet communication channel they say you can trust. And this week, someone hacked the forum and took it offline.

MI6 Hacked Al Qaeda Website, Swapped Bomb Recipes With Cupcake Recipes

Just imagine the look of surprise on an al Qaeda member’s face when they thought they were loading a tutorial on how to “make a bomb in the kitchen of your mum” but actually got… a recipe for mojito cupcakes.

Even Bin Laden Rejected Blade-Wielding Monster Truck Idea

According to Pro Publica, bin Laden once rejected the idea of creating a modified killing truck, apparently feeling like it was out of line, even by his standards.

'Home Videos' Show Bin Laden Watching Himself On TV

Intelligence officials released five “home videos” of Osama Bin Laden recovered from the Al Qaeda leader’s compound after he was killed by U.S. forces on Sunday. We know what you’re wondering: None of them, so far, are sex tapes.

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