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Tokyo Is Now Like Real Life Akira

If you think Akira’s glowing vehicles were just a fantasy coming from Katsuhiro Otomo’s mind you are wrong. Bōsōzokus — biker gangs — existed before Akira and, as you can see in this video, they still drive their extravagant modified vehicles through the roads of Tokyo.

Live-Action Akira Trailer Made By Fans Is Surprisingly Cool

Akira may be the greatest anime movie of all time, and thanks to the hard work of some very devoted fans, it’s been brought to life in this seriously impressive live-action trailer. The trailer has all the whiz-bang effects, drama and fast editing you’d expect from a big-budget hollywood movie.

Daft Punk + Kanye + Otomo = The Best Thing You'll Watch Today

You know what makes Daft Punk’s “Better, Stronger, Faster” even better? Mashing it up with Kanye’s “Stronger”. And you know what Akira makes even better? Everything.

Could An Alternate Akira Movie Actually Get Made?

Warner Bros holds the film rights to Akira, but the official project is on hold — and has been for some time. Could an alternate version of Akira from a French director actually get off the ground?

Heatswell: If Tetsuo Was A Coffee Cup Sleeve

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Genius: a cup sleeve that expands via endothermic reaction when the cup is filled with hot liquid, insulating your hot coffee and keeping your hand from getting roasted. Utterly horrifying: the end of this video.

Akira Bike Replica Will Bring Out The Mini-Rebel In You

The year is 2019. You’re in post-World War III Tokyo. There are some bad guys calling themselves The Clowns. You battle. You win. You leave on your highly-customised bike. You wake up in 2009 and pre-order a replica of that bike.

Bertone Mantide

Kanedaaa!! Tetsuo!!! Kaaaaneedaaaaa!! TETSUOOOOO!! KANEEEDAAAAA! TEEEETSUOOOOO!!! WHY ARE WE SHOUTING!! I DON’T KNOW!!! MY HEAD IS GIGANTIC!! [Jalopnik via Boing Boing Gadgets]

Kanye West Is Tetsuo

Nevermind that Kanye West manages to bring down the great Daft Punk sample in his latest single, “Stronger,” with some boring raps. Says the Kanye: “Does anyone make real shit anymore?” Apparently not, but fans of Katsuhiro Otomo’s classic Akira film will probably find something to like in the video‘s live-action re-imagining of some scenes from the film. You can also watch a higher-res version of it on Kanye’s site, here. [JEANSNOW.NET]

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