Could An Alternate Akira Movie Actually Get Made?

Warner Bros holds the film rights to Akira, but the official project is on hold — and has been for some time. Could an alternate version of Akira from a French director actually get off the ground?

Heatswell: If Tetsuo Was A Coffee Cup Sleeve

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Genius: a cup sleeve that expands via endothermic reaction when the cup is filled with hot liquid, insulating your hot coffee and keeping your hand from getting roasted. Utterly horrifying: the end of this video.

Akira Bike Replica Will Bring Out The Mini-Rebel In You

The year is 2019. You’re in post-World War III Tokyo. There are some bad guys calling themselves The Clowns. You battle. You win. You leave on your highly-customised bike. You wake up in 2009 and pre-order a replica of that bike.

Bertone Mantide

Kanedaaa!! Tetsuo!!! Kaaaaneedaaaaa!! TETSUOOOOO!! KANEEEDAAAAA! TEEEETSUOOOOO!!! WHY ARE WE SHOUTING!! I DON’T KNOW!!! MY HEAD IS GIGANTIC!! [Jalopnik via Boing Boing Gadgets]

Kanye West Is Tetsuo

Nevermind that Kanye West manages to bring down the great Daft Punk sample in his latest single, “Stronger,” with some boring raps. Says the Kanye: “Does anyone make real shit anymore?” Apparently not, but fans of Katsuhiro Otomo’s classic Akira film will probably find something to like in the video‘s live-action re-imagining of some scenes from the film. You can also watch a higher-res version of it on Kanye’s site, here. [JEANSNOW.NET]