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The World's Biggest Aircraft Could Launch A New Age Of Airships

Airships lost much of their popularity after the fiery Hindenburg disaster in 1937. But one company’s looking to revive the technology with the biggest aircraft on Earth.

NASA: Let's Explore Venus In Solar Zeppelins And Build Cloud City There

There’s a lot we can learn about Earth’s atmosphere from studying Venus, however, it’s Venus’ crushingly thick air — precisely what we want to study — that is preventing us from sending manned missions there. But this radical zeppelin could finally help us unlock the secrets of our celestial neighbour.

These High-Flying Drones Almost Hit Satellite Status

Low earth orbit is becoming increasingly crowded with satellite traffic and, as Gravity showed us, increasingly treacherous. So rather than try to squeeze yet another spacecraft into the mix, a French consortium has begun development on a super-high altitude, autonomous dirigible that will skim along the edge of the stratosphere.

Monster Machines: Goodyear's Newest Blimp Isn't Actually A Blimp

This ain’t no blimp. The first new dirigible in nearly a half century to bear the the iconic Goodyear logo is actually a rigid airship — a safer, more efficient, far less explodey form of air travel than conventional blimps.

The World's Longest Aircraft Finally Gets Off The Ground

The HAV304 took the crown of “world’s longest aircraft” with its inaugural flight today. The gargantuan spans a football field and towers just over two stories in height, owing its construction to pure metal. It sacrifices little in being the world’s longest, as it still reaches 100 mph, which is triple that of the dwarfish Goodyear blimp. Further, it can stay airborne for just over three weeks (and hypothetically, if it could maintain its maximum speed for all that time, it would travel over 80,000km.)

The Coolest Toys From The 1911 FAO Schwarz Catalogue

Smithsonian’s Around the Mall blog recently dug up an awesome FAO Schwarz catalogue from 1911, found over at the Internet Archive. It’s filled with some pretty fantastic toys, including airship-themed board games, Kodak cameras, and carriages led by sheep. But these gifts didn’t come cheap.

31 Photos From The Golden Age Of Airships, When Zeppelins Ruled The Sky

It’s been nearly a century since airships floated by the Empire State Building. But now that the aluminium airship of the future is here and almost ready to carry passengers, it’s high time that we took a look back to those few decades when majestic zeppelins seemed like the future of travel.

The Engineering Behind History's Greatest Airships

Zeppelins are actually quite an impressive species of aeronautical engineering — you know, when they aren’t on fire. That’s especially true considering the level of technological prowess in the 1920’s. Our friends at Oobject have assembled 12 shots of these magnificent air-borne cruisers before they ever lifted off.

The $US40 Million Delivery Blimp

The Ice Road Truckers may soon have themselves some competition if Canadian specialty aviation company, Discovery Air, has its way. They want to deliver supplies to the Great White North’s most remote locales via dirigible by 2014.

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