US Air Force F-16 Thunderbirds Don't Even Look Like Planes In This Photo

I never get sick of photos of the USAF Thunderbirds doing their thing because they make real life look way cooler than any sort of movie or video game or fake effects. This picture of four Thunderbirds doing the “Diamond Bottom Up Pass manoeuvre” is taken at such an angle that they don’t even look like planes.

Morphing Wings Will Turn Planes Into Fuel-Saving Shape-Shifters

Flying’s great — you can be whisked across timezones in a matter of hours — but it’s not so great for your wallet or the atmosphere. NASA’s new wing design that adjusts its flaps mid-flight could be the fix.

Watch The Top 10 Coolest Aeroplane Dogfight Scenes In Movie History

I’m not sure that CineFix included all the most visually awesome aerial dogfight scenes in their top 10 video for best dogfights of all time, but I do know that it’s always fun as hell to see two flying killer bird machines try to take down each other in an incredible array of skill, weaponry, quick reflexes and masterful film editing.

Bold Profile Photo Of The F-35 Makes It Look Like A Future Space Fighter

The F-35 Lightning II is a comically expensive fighter jet with a host of problems but one thing you can’t deny: it can sure look badass. Like badass in the being able to see a glimpse of the future today badass. Like badass as in this flying killer machine totally looks like it’s from a sci-fi movie badass. Like badass, badass.

Peaceful Shot Of MV-22 Osprey Overlooking The Sun On Top A Mountain

The US Marines says this photo shows a MV-22B Osprey preparing to take off on top of a mountain in New Mexico. I think the picture is fantastic, the rear shot makes it look like the Osprey is being contemplative and its rotors are splitting the Sun at the perfect angle. Everything almost looks peaceful.

Toyota's Making Airline Seats That Can Adjust To Any Body Type

It’s a really good question: Why can’t airline seats be as comfortable, durable and adjustable as the ones in cars? In a partnership with All Nippon Airways, Toyota has come up with a new seat design it claims can make a “wide range of body sizes” comfortable. In economy, no less.

Boeing's New 737 MAX Is About To Make Flying A Little Less Horrible

Two incremental but important changes — wider seats and redesigned bins — have been announced for Boeing’s new 737 MAX, which will take to the skies in 2017. This isn’t just about passenger comfort either. The changes are also intended to make flying a lot more affordable.

This Photo Of Flying F-16s Looks So Perfect I Can't Believe It's Real

What a perfect picture. The timing is perfect, the angle is perfect, the sky is perfect, the F-16 Fighting Falcons are perfect. I mean, the photo is so perfect that it almost doesn’t feel real. Like they have been CGI’d to look like that. Or that they’re toy models strung in the air. But, nope, they’re real. And they’re spectacular.

Cool Photo Of 12 US Air Force Stratotanker Refuelling Planes In A Row

Briefly: Here are 12 KC-135 Stratotanker refuelling aeroplanes all lined up on the runway like a dozen ducks in a row. It was part of an aerial exercise at the Kadena Air Base in Japan where the Stratotankers pumped 50 aircraft with 360,000kg of fuel.

US Marines Helicopter Looks Like Its Powered By The Stars

Here’s a really neat photo that shows a US Marines CH-53E helicopter during a training exercise at night that makes it look like the blades of the military chopper have been replaced with star-powered flight. It’s like a helicopter of the cosmos that has the ability to create portals into another universe.