South Korea Thinks It Found Two Crashed Drones From North Korea

On Wednesday, South Korean officials unveiled photos of two rudimentary drones that crashed over the border, on South Korean land, around the same time the country exchanged live fire with North Korea. And indeed they think it was the North Koreans who sent the drones — if you want to call them drones, that is.

Jackass Who Lasered Children's Hospital Chopper Gets 14-Year Sentence

Astounding moron Sergio Rodriguez got slapped with a 14-year prison sentence earlier this month, convicted of aiming a laser pointer at an emergency medical helicopter taking a young patient to Children’s Hospital of Central California. Remember folks, trying to blind pilots midair is a very, very bad idea.

Amazing Photos Show The SR-71 Blackbird Without Its Paint Job

I’m amazed. I have never seen the World’s Most Awesome Aircraft without its characteristic black paint, but here it is. Thanks to Curt Mason and his Project Habu, now you can see the SR-71 Blackbird completely naked, in glorious titanium.

Feast Your Eyes On These Rare Aircraft Cutaway Drawings

After our first cutaway collections on weapons, here comes a new one: aircraft! You can see here a few really rare and special illustrations, some of them never published on the internet before.

New Ruling Means Commercial Drones Are Finally Legal In The US… Sort Of

An Earth-shaking piece of news hit the drone community on Thursday night. A National Transportation Safety Board judge dismissed a fine that the US Federal Aviation Administration had levied against the pilot of a commercial drone. The FAA has no legal authority over small aircraft, the judge said.

The World's Longest Aircraft Finally Gets Off The Ground

The HAV304 took the crown of “world’s longest aircraft” with its inaugural flight today. The gargantuan spans a football field and towers just over two stories in height, owing its construction to pure metal. It sacrifices little in being the world’s longest, as it still reaches 100 mph, which is triple that of the dwarfish Goodyear blimp. Further, it can stay airborne for just over three weeks (and hypothetically, if it could maintain its maximum speed for all that time, it would travel over 80,000km.)

Inside The Military Lab Where They Freeze And Cook Entire Aeroplanes

Welcome to the US Air Force 46th Test Wing’s McKinley’s Climatic Laboratory at the Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. The Climatic Lab, which began testing in 1947, is the largest climate testing facility in the world, a real torture chamber for aeroplanes.

China Is Testing A New Ultra-High Speed Missile Vehicle

According to Pentagon officials, China’s military has begun testing of a new ultra-high speed missile vehicle, which is designed to deliver warheads through US missile defenses.

These New Sensors Will Turn Passenger Jets Into Flying Weathervanes

Despite our best efforts, accurately predicting the weather remains about as easy as accurately predicting the next winning Powerball numbers. But with the installation of a new type of humidity sensor, the fleets of commercial passenger jets that inhabit our skies could soon provide meteorologists an unprecedented look at the sky — in real-time.

This Menacing War Machine Is Actually A Mobile Research Lab

It’s massive, it’s slow-moving, and it’s completely terrifying to imagine it being used in battle. But Secret Operation 610 is designed to spread knowledge, not mayhem. This mobile classroom looks like a cold war relic, but functions as an ultra-modern space for university research.