Watch An F-16 Shoot Down A Drone In The Air

Video: Here’s a video showing an F-16 shooting down a drone in the air and popping off flares in a live fire exercise. One day, the drones will probably start fighting back as revenge for all these training exercises but until that day comes, let us enjoy the amazing powerful flying machines controlled by humans that allows this to happen.

MiG-29 Flies Impossibly Close To An Aeroplane's Open Rear Door

Video: This is just plain cool. Imagine opening the rear door of a paratrooper plane and seeing a MiG-29 right in front of you, dancing in the air mere feet away from the aircraft’s opening. This stunt was obviously planned for the photographs, but it’s not unlike opening your house’s front door and seeing a giant grizzly bear waiting to come in.

Landing A Lockheed U-2 Isn't For The Faint-Hearted

Briefly: It’s easy to forget just how shallow some aeroplanes are. In this image, you’re looking at a US Air Force Lockheed U-2 reconnaissance aircraft as it flies above Royal Air Force Fairford in England earlier this month. As the Air Force points out, the long wings and shallow body mean U-2 pilots have a very small margin for error when it comes to landing without causing damage to the aircraft.

Watch An F-35 Fighter Jet Take Off From A Ski Jump

Here’s the first time an F-35B has taken off from a ski jump. The little boost not only looks cool, like a stunt ramp, but helps the fighter jet take off with a more upward flight path. These type of ski ramps are actually installed on aircraft carriers so it’s important for the, um, troubled (cursed?) aircraft to nail it lest it take a dive into the ocean.

Is Aircraft Cabin Air Toxic?

Following the death of commercial airline pilot Richard Westgate, an inquest was launched into the cause of his death. Westgate had previously claimed that his health problems were caused by exposure to on board toxic chemicals and a subsequent coroner’s report raised concerns with the pilot’s employers, British Airways, and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), regarding the health effect of aircraft cabin air on aircraft occupants. Both organisations have responded to the report and stress that they take the matter of cabin air quality very seriously but that scientific evidence had not established a risk to ill-health. The investigation is ongoing and the inquest has not yet been heard.

How Helicopters Are Designed To Land Safely When Their Engine Fails

Myth: Helicopters will drop like a rock when the engine shuts down. In fact, you have a better chance at surviving in a helicopter when the engine fails than you do in an aeroplane.

The World's Biggest Aircraft Could Launch A New Age Of Airships

Airships lost much of their popularity after the fiery Hindenburg disaster in 1937. But one company’s looking to revive the technology with the biggest aircraft on Earth.

NASA Has A Fix For The Billion-Dollar Problem Of Splattered Bug Guts

NASA’s been studying the way bugs splatter for years. Those gooey speckles of black and red might be gross to you, but to aerospace engineers, they’re a riddle that’s plagued the industry for decades. Yes, bug guts.

This Is A Photo Of An Osprey Aircraft, Not A Moody Painting

Here’s another military photo which totally looks like a painting. This picture of an Osprey tiltrotor aircraft landing on a dusty airfield in Romania may have been retouched in Photoshop, but it still looks beautiful.

US Air Force F-16 Thunderbirds Don't Even Look Like Planes In This Photo

I never get sick of photos of the USAF Thunderbirds doing their thing because they make real life look way cooler than any sort of movie or video game or fake effects. This picture of four Thunderbirds doing the “Diamond Bottom Up Pass manoeuvre” is taken at such an angle that they don’t even look like planes.

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