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Forensics Official: Flight MS804 Evidence 'Points Towards An Explosion' 

Since last Friday, search teams have been gathering debris from the crash site of Flight MS804. Now, an Egyptian forensics official has admitted that from what’s been recovered so far it seems likely there was an explosion aboard the aeroplane.

Search Teams Identify Debris, Bodies And Passenger Belongings From Flight MS804

Following a full day of searches, military teams have announced that they have found debris, bodies and passenger belongings from the missing flight MS804 that crashed into the sea yesterday.

Watch An Airbus A380 Abort A Landing While It's Incredibly Close To The Ground

Video: Here’s a British Airways Airbus A380 attempting to land at the Vancouver airport. You can see the world’s largest passenger aeroplane make its final approach and come so, so close to the ground — but then decide to abort and make a go-around instead. It’s incredibly impressive to see such a big plane make a manoeuvre like this.

Bad Arse Photo Of A Fighter Jet Against Fire

Image Cache: Just a great photo. Here’s the wall of fire display at the 2016 Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, North Carolina. The silhouette of the plane against the giant dark orange and black flames makes it look more like art from some comic book than a real life shot.

A Prototype Of DARPA's Badass Vertical Take-Off Aircraft Can Already Fly

Earlier this year, DARPA unveiled its latest concept design for a new vertical take-off and landing craft. Now, a working scale prototype has already made its first successful flight.

Check Out All The Largest Flying Boats In History

Video: There really should be more flying boats around these days. They’re comically large and equipped with so many engines, and their ability to take off and land on water is just so cool. From floating around to flying in no time! Here’s a collection of the biggest flying boats ever made. Some of these were the largest aircraft flown during the first half of the 20th century.

The US Government Blew $US86 Million On A Would-Be Drug-Spy Plane That Never Flew

When the DEA bought a spy plane in 2008, it was supposed to be a way to catch and transport dealers in Afghanistan. Instead, it turned into a corroding rust bucket in the desert, and a reminder of how dumb the government can be.

Our First Look At Airlander 10, The Largest Aircraft In The World

Here it is, folks, our first glimpse of the fully constructed Airlander 10. This floating behemoth measures 92m-long, which is 18m longer than a jumbo jet. If all goes well, the British-designed hybrid vehicle could see its inaugural test flight later this winter.

DARPA's New Vertical Take-Off Aircraft Concept Looks Totally Badarse

Video: This week, DARPA unveiled the latest concept design for its new vertical take-off and landing craft. And hell this electric aeroplane look impressive.

Here Is Your First Look At Virgin Galactic's New SpaceShipTwo, A Space Tourism Plane

Two years ago, Virgin Galactic’s SpaceshipTwo, the space plane it hoped to use to send tourists into space, failed on a test flight and crashed in the desert. Now, Virgin Galactic has unveiled a brand new version of SpaceShipTwo.

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