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The ACCC Is Making Sure Uber And Airbnb Reviews Are Legit

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is assessing the review policies of “sharing economy platforms”, such as Uber and Airbnb, as part of an international initiative targeting online reviews and endorsements.

Airbnb Is Finally Trying To Fix Its Racism Problem 

Airbnb has long dealt with a problem of racist hosts who discriminate against people for reasons including race, ethnicity, and gender. After facing widespread criticism and class action lawsuits, the burgeoning startup valued at upwards of $US25 ($33) billion is rolling out new rules in an attempt to combat racism.

Ashton Kutcher And Marc Andreessen Team Up To Defend Airbnb From Regulation

Isn’t regulation a pain in the arse? Airbnb sure seems to think so.

The Worst Airbnb Deals At The Rio Olympics

For two weeks, homeowners in Rio de Janeiro will have some highly desired real estate as people from around the world flock to the city (perhaps cautiously) to watch the Olympic Games. Basic economics would suggest the locals will engage in a little bit of price gouging. But woah, some people are getting super gutsy.

Airbnb Sues San Francisco Over Law It Helped Draft

Are you worried about the San Francisco housing crisis? The city’s new law has your back. Are you worried SF’s new law might hurt your Airbnb profits? Airbnb has your back. The rental company is suing its hometown for passing a law requiring renters to register with the city, though Airbnb helped draft that very law. Ah, how money changes people.

Cities Band Together To Deal With Uber, Airbnb

Such is the power of Uber and Airbnb they have inspired international cooperation in this uncertain world. Mayors from 10 cities worldwide are working together to write a unified “rulebook” for how to deal with these companies.

Victorian Supreme Court Rules On Airbnb Case, Sub-Letting Tenants To Be Kicked Out

Much like Uber before it, the legal technicalities of sharing your place via Airbnb are starting to make themselves apparent in Australia. Recently, a landlord won the right to kick out tenants for putting their rented Melbourne property up on the crowd-lodging site.

Airbnb Bans Racist Host For Being Very Racist

Amid growing accusations of racism, Airbnb has permanently banned a North Carolina host who cancelled a black guest’s reservation and called her racist slurs. The ban is Airbnb’s attempt to do damage control at a time when social-media campaigns, personal accounts and even a Harvard research paper claim that the site is a hotbed of racism. It also provides a glimpse into the power of social media and the challenge of regulating users in the sharing economy.

There's An Airbnb In The Rio Olympic Arena, And You're Allowed To Jump On The Bed

Airbnb has just listed a bedroom built inside the Rio Olympic Arena, where the 2016 Olympic Games and gymnastics competition will be held.

Before you go rushing to book your stay, read on. Unsurprisingly, it’s not as easy to stay in this property as a regular Airbnb location — and it comes with a very special set of house rules.

Airbnb Is Cracking Down On 'Unwelcome Commercial Operators' In San Francisco

Airbnb has always claimed it’s a benevolant part of the sharing economy, simply helping homeowners get a little extra vacation cash, rather than a parasite driving up long-term rental costs. To prove that it’s serious, the company has announced a crackdown in San Fransisco.

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