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There's An Airbnb In The Rio Olympic Arena, And You're Allowed To Jump On The Bed

Airbnb has just listed a bedroom built inside the Rio Olympic Arena, where the 2016 Olympic Games and gymnastics competition will be held.

Before you go rushing to book your stay, read on. Unsurprisingly, it’s not as easy to stay in this property as a regular Airbnb location — and it comes with a very special set of house rules.

Airbnb Is Cracking Down On 'Unwelcome Commercial Operators' In San Francisco

Airbnb has always claimed it’s a benevolant part of the sharing economy, simply helping homeowners get a little extra vacation cash, rather than a parasite driving up long-term rental costs. To prove that it’s serious, the company has announced a crackdown in San Fransisco.

There Is A Mario-Themed Airbnb In Japan And I Want To Go There

Image Cache: From the ceiling to the floor, this Japanese apartment is Mario-lover’s heaven. Goombas, mushrooms, Yoshi and more are scattered throughout, and there’s even a Nintendo-themed gaming area with SNES and NES consoles to pass the time.

Group Of Friends Book An Airbnb In France, Find Dead Body In The Backyard

On the list of Airbnb horror stories, which is a growing genre of nightmare non-fiction, “finding dead body in the backyard” has to be high. A group of friends who rented an Airbnb in Palaiseau, France, discovered exactly that on their rented property near some woods, according to AFP. Police suspect foul play.

Airbnb Finally Admits To Purging Listings To Make It Look Less Commercialised

After being accused of tweaking data to make it seem like a larger percentage of its New York City hosts were innocently renting out their personal homes, Airbnb admitted yesterday that it did indeed remove “roughly 1500” listings from its site before making the information public.

The 'Airbnb Of Parking' Offers Affordable Daily Parking In Aussie CBDs

Divvy Parking is the perfect lovechild of sharing economy giants Uber and Airbnb — letting you book a space for your car in secure parking that until now has gone underutilised. With public parking rates in Australian CBDs as high as $90 for a single day, Divvy’s added ability to book parking on a daily basis is a win for everyone.

Looks Like Airbnb Manipulated Its Own Data To Appear Less Evil

Airbnb decided to voluntarily release data in December to show just how much of a boon to the local economy the service can be. The problem: Airbnb apparently tampered with the data before they released it.

You Can Now Sleep In This Trippy Airbnb Bedroom Based On A Van Gogh Painting

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to see the world through the eyes of Vincent Van Gogh, now you can. The Art Institute of Chicago built a life-size replica of his popular painting, Bedroom In Arles.

Even Airbnb's CEO Can't Be Bothered To Comply With SF Law

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky still rents his couch out for $US50 ($72) from time to time, his own personal contribution to astronomical housing prices in San Francisco. But since last February, all Airbnb hosts are supposed to register with the city, something it seems Chesky hasn’t yet done.

Dyson And Airbnb's Hidden House In Melbourne: Chock Full Of Classic Design Icons And Dyson Tech

A month ago, Dyson and Airbnb teamed up to run a competition — something between a guessing game and a treasure hunt, or a real-life version of GeoGuessr. The prize was a weekend’s stay in an unlisted, one-of-a-kind Airbnb listing — which turned out to be a pop-up apartment on the roof of Tonic House in Melbourne, stacked full of Dyson gadgets and inventor James Dyson’s design icons.

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