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Massive Millennium Falcon Drone Has A Tiny Han Solo And Chewie In The Cockpit

Air Hogs’ drones might not be as capable or manoeuvrable as those from companies like DJI and even GoPro now, but they’re incredibly easy for the average consumer to fly. And more importantly, they’re available in versions that look like famous sci-fi spaceships, including this giant new flying Millennium Falcon.

You Can Finally Pilot Your Own Flying Millennium Falcon And X-Wing

We’ve brought you lots of custom-built X-Wing and Millennium Falcon drones, but for those of who don’t know the difference between a servo and a Dremel, these new flying toys from Air Hogs will let you easily fly a couple of classic Star Wars spaceships.

Tilting Wings Let This New Air Hogs RC Plane Hover Like A Helicopter

Borrowing a neat trick from the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey, Spin Master has created a new RC plane that’s able to take off and land vertically at the push of a button. The Air Hogs Fury Jump Jet’s wings and rotors both rotate to point up, essentially turning the plane into a helicopter that can hover in mid-air.

Dare To Dip And Dive With This Duo Of Damn Durable Drones

There are plenty of quadcopters out there that you can buy if you want, but they tend to have one or more of the following downsides: they are expensive, fragile, difficult to fly. Just one can be a bummer, any pair is twice the drag, and all three just all out sucks. The pair of Arial tricksters Air Hogs rolled out for Toy Fair 2013 soar above those troubles.

Air Hogs' Missile-Launching Flying RC Car Leads Assaults By Land And Air

Further proof that every generation of kids has it better than the last, the new Hover Assault by Air Hogs means youngsters no longer have to choose between an RC car or an RC helicopter. Not only can it be both, but it also manages to be even more awesome with a set of remotely fired missiles.

Crash-Safe Toy Heli Always Lands Rotors Up

A few weeks ago, we brought news of an experimental robot helicopter deliberately designed to crash without breaking. But what the researchers seemingly didn’t realise is that Air Hogs had beat them to it with the company’s Heli Cage toy that shrugs off crashes and always lands ready for takeoff.

Lonely Kids Can Battle This RC Helicopter's Autonomous Robot Turret

The only thing better than one RC toy is two RC toys pitted against each other in battle. But if you’re a kid lacking in the friends department, Air Hogs’ new Battle Tracker lets you go toe-to-toe with a robot turret that tracks your chopper and fires back.

Hawk Eye RC Chopper: Your $US65 Spy Drone

Flying an RC helicopter? Sure, that’s fun for a little while. Flying an RC helicopter that can take both video and still photos? That’s good for a lifetime of creepy stalking memories.

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