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F-22 Raptor Gets Owned By A Bunch Of Honey Bees

The F-22 Raptor is one of the US military’s most powerful weapons, but everything — man, woman, sentient rotted orange — has a weakness. For the fighter jet, that weakness is BEEEEEEEEEES!

The Air Force Just Cleared The F-35 Fighter Jet For Combat

After a stunning 15 years of development and countless delays, the US Air Force just declared the first squadron of F-35A fighter jets ready for combat. The 34th Fighter Squadron at Utah’s Hill Air Force Base can now go fight bad guys anywhere in the world.

I Wore A $554,000 F-35 Helmet And It Blew My Mind

Let me get this out of the way: the trillion dollar US F-35 fighter jet program is an embarrassing mess. But it’s hard not to marvel at the very expensive technology’s promises. This conflict squeezed my brain this week, when the Air Force stopped by Gizmodo’s US office with a $US400,000 ($554,212) F-35 helmet in hand. They even let me wear it.

The US Air Force Wants Suggestions For What To Name Its New Bomber

An artist’s rendering of the new B-21 (US Air Force) First it was Boaty McBoatface. Now it’s… Planey McPlanerson? I don’t know why, but for some reason, everyone wants to crowdsource the names for multi-million dollar projects. Today the US Air Force even got in on the act.

The F-35 Has Big Radar Problems, The Fix Is Hilarious

Now, more than $US1 trillion into its development, the F-35 aircraft is experiencing glitches with its radar systems. US Air Force major general Jeffrey Harrigian explained the problem in an IHS Jane report: “What would happen is they’d get a signal that says either a radar degrade or a radar fail — something that would force us to restart the radar.”

This Air Force Inspection Lab Looks Like Bath Time In Tron

Image Cache: This looks more like some kind of rave than a military engineering facility, but you’re actually looking at a rather colourful stage of aircraft inspection.

The US Air Force Can't Figure Out How To Stop Its Drones From Falling Out Of The Sky 

The US Air Force already has a drone-pilot shortage, but that’s not the only problem with its fleet of unmanned aircraft: Its drones keep falling out of the sky.

This A-10 Thunderbolt II Being Aerial Refueled Looks Like A Bad Arse Flying Shark Machine

Image Cache: Here’s a photo of a US Air Force KC-135 Stratotanker refuelling an A-10 Thunderbolt II over the clouds. The perfect angle of the picture and the lovely nose art of the aircraft makes the fighter jet look like a flying shark machine that has a machine gun as its mouth and scars on its battered nose. It’s such a cool angle of this apex predator of the sky.

Awesome Photo Of A F-15 Being Refueled From The Air Fuel Tankers Perspective

Image Cache: What a view. Here’s a KC-135 Stratotanker refuelling a F-15 in the air from the perspective of the air tanker. Actually, it’s almost like seeing the whole process from the perspective of the boom, as we see the probe arm reach into the receptacle. It’s such an awesome angle.

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