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Asus Transformer AiO: Giant Win 8 / Android Tablet PC Arrives In Australia

Damn, that’s a huge… multi-touch Windows 8 all-in-one that doubles as what may just be the largest Android tablet around — 18.4-inches! And overheard at today’s launch in Sydney: Asus is considering the potential for a 23-inch version. Here are the specs…

Asus: More Tablets, AIO And Touchscreen Ultrabooks At Computex

Asus’ eye-catcher at Computex is no doubt the Taichi, but it’s far from the only new product Asus is showing off, from touchscreen ultrabooks to a truly massive hybrid tablet/aio transformer.

Retromodo: HP's 1983 Touchscreen All-In-One

With tablets, smartphones and touch-capable operating systems, you could be forgiven for thinking that touch-based computing is only a new phenomenon. In product terms, though, it’s been around for quite some time, as this 1983 touchscreen all-in-one demonstrates.

Sony L Series AIO Puts Multitouch Shortcuts On The Bezel

Smudges! They’re the scourge of any multitouch all-in-one PC, especially for the clammy palmed among us. A problem Sony might just have solved by putting gesture-based shortcuts on the bezel.

This Is The World's Thinnest All-In-One PC

At 18.5 inches deep, the Lenovo IdeaCentre A320 is the thinnest all-in-one PC in the world. Lenovo’s held that distinction three years running—but this year’s model packs in performance to match.

MSI AE2420 3D: First 3D Multitouch AIO First Impressions

MSI’s historically been known more for their motherboards and the occasional hyperefficient netbook. But by bringing North America its first 3D Multitouch AIO PC in the AE2420 3D, the company’s clearly making a statement. And it’s a welcome one.

Fujitsu's All-In-One 3D PC Has Dual Cameras For 3D MSN Video Chat

It’s destined to become Fujitsu’s flagship PC this year (at least in Japan), and while full specs weren’t available what we do know about this all-in-one is that it requires passive glasses and has dual cameras for capturing 3D video.

Lenovo C315 AIO Has Touchscreen Powers For $US650

Today Lenovo unveiled their C315 touchscreen all-in-one desktop. It may not be the peppiest system on the market, but $US650 for a 20-inch touchscreen AIO PC sounds pretty good to me.

HP TouchSmart 600 Goes All Core i7 On Us

You think you’re better than me, TouschSmart 600? You think because you’re now configurable with Core i7 720QM (1.6GHz) or i7 820QM (1.73GHz) processors – starting at $US1700 – that you’ve defeated the long-standing caste system separating man and machine?

Asus EeeTop Multitouch All-In-One Leaked In Promo

The Asus EeeTop ET2010PNT has officially been espied in a promo shot, and it’s apparently packing a multitouch 20-inch (1600×1000) screen and Nvidia Ion 2 graphics. Not too shabby!

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