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How Ancient People Saved The Pumpkin From Extinction

If it weren’t for our distant ancestors, that gourd that Americans go wild about every October wouldn’t even exist.

Now We Can Track Our Food Supply From Space

Satellites: Is there anything they can’t do? From studying our climate to investigating archaeological mysteries, it feels like we’re learning as much about our planet from orbit as we are from the ground. The latest thing we’re better off doing in space? Tracking our global food supply.

This Is What Five Years Of Drought Has Done To California's Farmland

Promises of rain to come withstanding, California is still smack in the middle of a long, punishing drought. So what does it look like when a top agricultural state undergoes years of drought? Not good, friends.

By 2100, Spring Could Come to America Almost A Month Earlier

Something odd is happening to the seasons in America. Spring has been showing up progressively earlier, and a new model shows that by the end of the century, it will likely be showing up a full 23 days earlier — but it may not look quite like the Spring right now.

The First Ever Samples From The Global Seed Vault Have Been Retrieved

Deep in the arctic, inside over 122 metres of rock, a huge cache of seeds is stored in the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, in case of some global emergency. Today, the first of the seeds from that supply have arrived to replenish a collection sent away for safe keeping during Syria’s Civil War.

How Growing More Weed Can Help California Fix Its Water Problems

Last Tuesday, the Humboldt County Courthouse in Eureka, California was swarming with potheads. A pro-cannabis rally had been organised by State Assemblyman Jim Wood, who knows how to grab headlines: In July, Wood walked onto the State Capitol floor carrying a live marijuana plant and asked his colleagues to regulate the heck out of it.

In Nigeria, Solar-Powered Fridges At Outdoor Markets Save Food From Spoiling

In developing countries, an unbelievable 45% of food goes bad because of a lack of cold storage. It’s an especially big problem during transportation from farms to outdoor markets, where food sits in the scorching sun for hours on end. But one startup has a solution: solar-powered refrigeration stations that could save the livelihoods of half a billion farmers worldwide.

This Is How Plants Become Zombies

It sounds like a bizarre video game mashup, but farmers have reported “zombie” plants since the early 1600s: plants that took on a sickly yellow look and grew strange leaf-like structures or bushy growths instead of flowering and reproducing.

This Is How The World Is Growing More Food With Less Land 

There’s something mysterious afoot on the world’s farms: For 50 years, the amount of food we’re growing has steadily risen, and with it so has the amount of farmland used — until two decades ago, when food production started rising independently of new land. But how?

A Chart That Shows Where Every Country In The World Gets Its Food

Our plates are quite well-travelled these days, with foods from our backyards mingling with foods grown easily halfway around the world. Just how connected the food world has become is much clearer in these charts showing where every place in the world is getting (and sending) their food.

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