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A Deadly Bee Virus Is Spreading And Only Humans Can Stop It

Across the world, bees are succumbing to a deadly virus, and a new study places the blame squarely on humans. The good news is, there are some common-sense measures we can take right now to start protecting the honeybees we rely on to pollinate our crops.

Way To Go Everyone, We Ruined Almonds

Great job, internet. Remember all that shit-talking you did about almonds sucking up too much of California’s drought-plagued water? Now the price of almonds is way down, and people just aren’t grabbing America’s nuts like they used to, causing serious damage to the industry.

We're Growing Twice As Much Food (with Far Fewer Farms) Than We Used To

How do you grow more food? One answer that makes sense is with bigger farms and more farmers. But if you look at the last half century-or-so worth of data, that’s not at all what’s been happening.

35,000 Dairy Cows Were Buried Alive By A Freak Blizzard In Texas

The day after Texas experienced weirdly warm temperatures and tornadoes on Christmas Day, a blizzard slammed across the western part of the state. A dozen people were killed by the storms, and now, another tragic death toll has been reported: More than 35,000 dairy cows lost their lives.

This Neolithic Graveyard May Solve Mystery Of How Ancient Europe Started Farming

A new archaeological find in Turkey may have just answered a question about our ancestors that has persisted for thousands of years. Ancient farming may look a little less like what we imagined it as, and a little more like what we see today.

GMO Food Isn't Coming To Get You, It's Been Here All Along

Worried that genetically-modified foods could be quietly, secretly, making their furtive way towards your plate even as we speak? Don’t be — people have already been eating them for a long time now.

12 Machines That Show Modern Farming Isn't The Bucolic Life You Imagine

We imagine a farm to be a place where people celebrate simplicity and get back to the land, and why not? Most of our food is sold to us that way. But farms are big business, and they’re more high-tech, with more specialised machines, than most people ever imagine.

The Disaster Most Likely To Cause Global Famine Is Not An Earthquake, Or Flood

The world has faced down some incredibly large-scale natural disasters lately — and the wreckage they left in their wake has been considerable. But the one that is most threatening to our food supply is a natural disaster that has been unfolding very slowly.

No, El Niño Will Not Fix California's Drought

The newest forecast on El Niño and California’s drought suggests the state could be in for a very wet winter. Does this mean the drought will finally be fixed and Californians can go back to filling up their swimming pools with kilos and kilos of almonds? Nope, not even close. Here’s why.

A Simple Explanation For The Paradox Of How California's Almonds Boomed In The Drought

Something strange is happening in California: A punishing drought has been hanging over the state these last five years. And yet, in the middle of it, water-guzzling almond production is skyrocketing — and has been every year of the drought. What’s going on? The answer lies in an agricultural quirk.

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