Solar Impulse Takes Off In The Dark From Mandalay To China

Early this morning, Solar Impulse took off form Mandalay and headed towards China after more than a week spent waiting in Myanmar for weather conditions to improve for flight. Expected to be one of the most difficult legs of the aeroplane’s round-the-world journey, this part of the trip will see cabin temperatures drop to -20C as the aircraft passes over the mountains in the Chinese provinces of Yunnan and Sichuan.

A German Airbus A320 Has Crashed In The French Alps

A passenger aeroplane operated by German airline Germanwings — Lufthansa’s low-cost division — has crashed in the Alps in southern France. The Airbus A320 crashed close to the mountain village of Barcelonette during a flight from Barcelona to Dusseldorf.

Watch A B-2 Bomber Refuel And Then Make Its Fuel Receptacle Disappear

Video: Damn, that thing really is stealth. This video shows how the B-2 stealth bomber refuels and rotates its fuel receptacle so that it can maintain its stealth. You see the receptacle in clear view when it’s ready for fuel but after it’s all filled up, it’s gone and the whole plane is back to being undetected.

Cool Video Shows MiG-29 Fighter Jet Taking Off From Aircraft Carrier

Video: Here’s awesome footage from underneath a MiG-29 showing the fighter jet taking off from an aircraft carrier. The view is insane, you see the jets fire up and watch the world turn blurry as the MiG launches itself into the air. There’s a sort of peaceful awesomeness when it starts flying.

Solar Impulse Has Successfully Started Its Round-The-World Trip

After years of planning, the solar-powered aeroplane Solar Impulse 2 has successfully started its round the world trip. If everything goes to plan, it will become the first aircraft to fly around the globe without a single drop of fuel.

Just The Blue Angels Doing Their Awesomeness

Briefly: Excuse me for putting up another aerobatic shot this week, but I couldn’t resist this image posted by the US Navy. Their position in the sky seems counterintuitive, yet it is perfectly normal for them.

This Solar-Powered Plane Is About To Fly Around The World (Very Slowly)

After endless years of planning (and a not-so-successful dry run), the Solar Impulse sun-powered plane is about to take off on its around-the-world voyage — provided it’s not too cloudy, of course.

The USAF Thunderbirds In A Perfect Formation

Briefly: If this hadn’t been published by the US Air Force, I would think it’s a fake and those F-16s from their Thunderbird exhibition team weren’t real but cloned and perfectly aligned in Photoshop to form a delta formation. It was shot at the Daytona International Speedway during a practice flight for the Daytona 500 February 21, 2015.

A Fascinating View Into The US Air Force Boneyards

Video: This documentary by the United States Air Force is long but worth watching if you are an aviation lover. I just find amazing the US stockpiles thousands of planes in deserts around the country. And even more amazing that the military depend on these decommissioned aircraft to keep the active fleet flying.

Watching This Scale Model Of An Airbus A310 Fly Is Truly Amazing

Martin Müller is a aeroplane modelling genius. He made this perfectly functional Airbus A310-200 at a 1:22 scale and flew it during an indoor airshow in Leipzing, Germany, three years ago. Yes, the video is old, but I’m sure there is people like me who haven’t seen it yet — and that’s inexcusable because it’s great.