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There's An Air Highway That Keeps Planes From Crashing Into Each Other

Video: If you’ve ever taken a transatlantic flight, here’s a terrifying thought — for a huge portion of that trip, your plane had no RADAR. The good news is there’s essentially a 10-lane highway over the north Atlantic Ocean that keeps flights between, say, New York and London, from getting too close to each other.

According To Airbus, A Flying Car Reality Is Just Around The Corner

The flying car is just one of a group of futuristic technologies that are like science’s White Whales — along with jetpacks and a machine that can record our dreams (just me?). Plenty of startups have tested their own versions and now, one major company says that future will be here sooner than you think.

Plane Flies Under A Biker Doing A Backflip And A Guy Walking On A Tight Rope

Video: Which one of these crazy people would you rather be? The person making a low pass on a stunt plane knowing if you fly any higher you’re definitely going to end up in prison? The dude doing a backflip on a motorcycle while jumping over that stunt plane? Or the totally exposed lunatic walking on a tight rope as the plane passes underneath him and the biker flips right next to him?

Doubts About The Aeroplane In 1909: 'Emotion Has Run Away With Reason'

When prominent pilots were dying in the 1900s some people started to wonder if aviation really had a future. French daredevil Leon Delagrange died in early January of 1910, leading magazines like the Literary Digest to have doubts about whether air travel could become a serious means of transportation.

Watch The World's Most Patient Model Maker Build Aeroplane Replicas

When it comes to a steady hand and an impeccable attention to detail, David Damek’s model making skills rival brain surgeons when it comes to the precision of his work. His YouTube channel is full of lengthy videos detailing his wonderfully detailed builds, but be forewarned if you’re racing towards a deadline at work, you don’t want to get sucked down this rabbit hole.

This Blue Angels Stunt Looks So Incredibly Dangerous

Image Cache: The Blue Angels are no strangers to suicidal-looking formations and dives. But this one in particular really stands out as looking quite incredibly dangerous.

A Drone Probably Didn't Collide With A British Airways Jet 

Remember how a week ago, British Airways thought that they had collided with a drone? British authorities are speculating that they might have hit something a bit more harmless: a plastic bag.

NASA Is Launching A New X-Planes Program To Test Green Aviation Technology

Throughout its history, NASA has not only been responsible for developing spacecraft, but also cutting-edge aircraft that pushed the boundaries of technology and flight. Now, they’re getting ready to do it again.

This Is How An Aeroplane Picks Up A Banner While Flying In The Air

Video: Ever wonder how those advertising aeroplanes get their flying banners attached to the aeroplane? Me neither. I thought the planes just had those banners attached when they took off. Not the case! Apparently, the planes have to first be flying before they hook onto a specific target in order to launch the banner. They’re picking up the ad as they fly by!

A Prototype Of DARPA's Badass Vertical Take-Off Aircraft Can Already Fly

Earlier this year, DARPA unveiled its latest concept design for a new vertical take-off and landing craft. Now, a working scale prototype has already made its first successful flight.

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