Clever Ads Piece Together Rubbish To Make Fun Of People Who Litter

Littering is lazy and selfish and just plain dumb. And it seems like the only people who don’t think that are the people who litter. That’s why LiveGreen Toronto cooked up these clever ads that combine rubbish to literally spell out what litterbugs are doing. Maybe they will realise now.

Full-Screen Ads And Pre-Roll Videos Are Coming To iOS Apps

Apple has announced two new ad formats capable of taking over the entire screen of your iPhone or iPad. The new formats will be a part of Apple’s iAd platform for iOS, which allows developers to build in ads right into their apps. Because if you’re going make bigger phones, you might as well have bigger ads, right?

Watch John Malkovich Play A Vampire In This Funny French Commercial

Video: John Malkovich is a great actor, no doubt about it. That’s why it’s not surprising to see him nail the role of a vampire in this cinematic — and quite funny — TV commercial for a French video streaming service.

Commercial Networks Want More Ads

Hands up if what you’ve been holding out for from Australia’s commercial free to air networks was more commercials.

SoundCloud Is Getting Ads

SoundCloud has been getting a little more business-savvy recently. Now, the pivotal music service has announced some sad news: it’s getting ads.

The Man Who Invented Pop-Up Ads Is Very, Very Sorry

Pop-up ads have got be in the top-five list of the digital world’s most hated things, not including Internet Explorer. Now, the man who invented them back in the mid-1990s, wants to apologise.

This Ad Is The Definition Of Cool

The last Southern Comfort campaign should be included in the dictionary entry for cool. There are other commercials out there that are also very cool but they don’t depict coolness in the same way these ads do. Here is the last commercial from the series:

How Times Square Works

When we stepped out onto the roof, the wind whipped me sideways, and it took me a second to get my bearings. I was nine storeys above Times Square, staring at the back of its biggest LED sign, and it was thrilling.

Here's One Way To Make People Watch Your Pre-Roll Ad

When YouTube randomly serves you up a pre-roll ad, the five second wait before you can skip to your video feels like an eternity. But a Providence-based ad agency called Nail might have come up with a pre-roll ad that no one in their right mind would dare skip — lest they electrocute an innocent puppy. (OK, not really. We… think).

Gum-Packing Coffee Cup Sleeves Prevent Burns And Bad Breath

If you think a fancy new lid is the only way you can upgrade a disposable coffee cup, you clearly haven’t seen what ad agency DDB came up with for a South African chain called the Seattle Coffee Co. For a limited time its paper sleeves that prevent burns (and lawsuits) were upgraded with a free sample of Orbit mint gum to help eliminate coffee breath the rest of the day.

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