Albert Einstein, Famous Product Endorser, Hated Product Endorsements

Companies love to put Albert Einstein in their ads. We’ve seen Einstein peddle Nikon cameras, Apple computers, and even Mentos. But Einstein never approved for his image to be used in any product endorsements while he was alive. In fact, he called these deals the “corruption of our time”.

Google Wants Your Email Addresses From Advertisers To Target Ads Better

Google does a lot of things, but perhaps chief amongst them is advertising. It’s perhaps no surprise, then, that it’s apparently now in talks to obtain email addresses from advertisers so that it can target its product pushing more accurately than ever.

Google Wants To Change TV Advertising Forever

Google Fiber is about to change the way TV ads look for subscribers in Kansas City. And it has the potential to upend the entire TV industry in the very near future.

What Are These Bizarre Anti-Banking Ads Doing In New York's Subways?

Bizarre ads for TransferWise, a P2P money-transfer system, have cropped up overnight in NYC’s subways. I had many questions: who is this guy? Why his face? What is he selling me? Turns out the more you try to learn about TransferWise, the sketchier the whole thing becomes.

A Weird Neuroscientific Explanation For Why People Love Cheetos 

Getting sticky, tangy orange dust everywhere is usually considered a drawback of snacking on Cheetos. But that messy, colourful coating is actually one of the reasons people love Cheetos so much. Or at least that’s what companies analysing our brain activity think.

Brands Get A Better Version Of Instagram Than You Do Now 

Instagram is rolling out an intriguing new feature: carousel-style photo sets that let users upload several photos at once. Unfortunately, you have to be an advertiser to use it.

Lenovo CTO: We Have No Intention Of Shipping A Superfish Product Again

Last week, news broke that many Lenovo computers were shipped with a dangerous piece of Superfish adware, which made the computers vulnerable to malicious hacks. Now, with a class-action lawsuit looming and antivirus vendors pledging to root out the adware, Lenovo’s CTO has said his company is done with Superfish.

Great, Drones Are Spying On Mobile Phone Signals Now

Right now, at least one ad company is using drones to spy on unsuspecting citizens. And it’s having a “ton of fun” doing it.

Meet Superfish: Lenovo Joins The Malevolent Side Of The Online Advertising Industry

On Wednesday evening, the news began to break on Twitter. Computer security analysts had discovered something nefarious about a piece of advertising software called Superfish, which comes pre-installed on cheap Lenovo laptops like the Yoga 2. Superfish was leaving the laptops wide open to takeover by malicious adversaries. And it was all being done to deliver internet ads.

This Is Why Most Radio Ads Are So Freaking Annoying

Video: I’m a sucker for good radio ads, but most of them are sadly hideous. They all share the same cliché background music, terrible scripts, exasperating sound effects and awful voiceovers. These hilarious videos — promoting the 2015 Radio Mercury Awards — list all the things that make a radio ad suck.