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Twitter Has Stopped Showing Ads (To Its Favourite Users)

Stopped seeing ads on Twitter? Probably not. Because while the social network has been experimenting with showing less promotional content, it’s only for its most valuable of users.

You Can Decide What Ads Facebook Shows You

Facebook uses a whole host of algorithms to work out which ads are most relevant to you, but you can take some control over the process by delving into your account settings and checking up on what the social network thinks it knows about you. It’s possible to add and remove topics to get at least a bearable advertising experience on Facebook.

This New Deep Learning Tool Shows You The Most Memorable Parts Of Your Photos

Bummed that your latest cat pic didn’t get more traction on Instagram? Wondering how to make people to remember your company’s logo first and foremost? A clever algorithm developed by MIT computer scientists may be able to help with a new online tool.

Firefox's Tile Advertising Hasn't Worked Out For Mozilla

It’s no secret Mozilla has been toying with ideas to monetise Firefox, with one “experiment” including advertisement-filled home page tiles. After trialling the feature for a while, Mozilla has decided to give it the axe.

Google's Testing Web-Style Responsive Ads On Huge London Billboards

Google has long been using technology it calls DoubleClick to target ads on millions of websites. Now, it’s taking it to the city streets, installing a series of billboard in London that use real-time data to change what they display.

GoPro Awards Is Offering Up $US5 Million A Year For Your Videos

Back in July GoPro announced a way for you to get paid for the videos you shoot via a licensing portal, but now it’s upping the ante. With GoPro Awards, an ongoing contest pays you for the photos and videos you shoot. $US500 for a photo, $US1,000 for a raw video clip, and $US5,000 for a video edit. Not bad.

Twitter's Hashflags Are An Abomination, And They Must Be Stopped

Did you tweet a photo of the supermoon last night? Perhaps you used the #supermoon hashtag, only to discover that a round red welt had affixed itself to your tweet, as ugly and unwanted as a social media zit. These are called hashflags.

Most Holidays Are Fake, And Here's Why

Do you celebrate National Onion Rings Day? What about Be Kind to Animals Week? Do you know what you’re buying your significant other for Talk Like a Pirate Day? Time is running out! ThARRRRs just 9 shopping days left!

Pepsi Made A Blimp That Helps Friends Stick Together At A Music Festival

When you’re truly enjoying yourself at a music festival, it’s all but guaranteed that at some point you’ll get separated from your friends. So to make it easier to find them again, Pepsi made an app-connected blimp that helps guide lost and lonely revellers back to their pals.

An Amazing Ferrofluid Display Brings Nike's New Sneakers To Life

So far, the most practical use man has found for ferrofluid — the mesmerising black goo that reacts to magnets in cool ways — is as gorgeous eye candy. And that’s totally OK, because how else would have Nike realised this slick animated display for its new Kevin Durant sneakers?

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