Facebook Is Going To Use Its Data To Sell Ads On Third-Party Sites

Facebook has been taking advertising more seriously than ever recently. Now it’s taking things to the next level — by using its data to sell targeted ads on third-party sites.

Brilliant Packaging For Invisible Clear Tape Makes The Box Look Empty

When you wrap a gift in fancy paper, the last thing you want is ugly pieces of tape stuck all over it. That’s why 3M created its Scotch-brand tape that’s nearly invisible, and a selling point that Hamburg-based ad agency Kolle Rebbe perfectly drove home with this clever packaging for the product that looks like a completely empty box.

Waiting For 'Don't Walk' Signs Is More Fun When The Stick Figure Dances

At first glance it seems like just another fun art project, but this dancing traffic light can actually vastly improve safety wherever it’s installed. Because people waiting for a ‘don’t walk’ sign to change to ‘walk’ are far more likely to stick it out when they’re distracted and entertained, rather than just try and walk through a red light when they tire of waiting.

Animated Ads Are Coming To Grocery Store Checkout Dividers, Enjoy!

Say it isn’t so. Supermarkets are already a non-stop barrage of ads and signage trying to convince you to buy things, but soon that will even include those simple plastic dividers we use to separate our groceries on the checkout conveyor belts. Is nothing sacred?

The Dark, Glamorous World Of One Of New York City's Real-Life Mad Men

New York in the years after World War II was a city more prosperous and more modern than anything the world had seen — and it spawned a whole culture unto itself, distributed in newspapers, magazines, and advertisements. This was the era of Madison Avenue Men, and Mac Conner was their illustrator.

Guy Vacuums A Subway Floor And Eats Dinner Off Of It In Gross Out Ad

Video: It’s very clearly a stunt ad, so calibrate your reactions accordingly. But still. Gross. Bissell Canada wants us to believe that they believe in their all-in-one steam cleaner and vacuum so much that they will eat off any surface that it cleans. Even if it’s a gross, mucky, grimy subway floor.

Clever Ads Piece Together Rubbish To Make Fun Of People Who Litter

Littering is lazy and selfish and just plain dumb. And it seems like the only people who don’t think that are the people who litter. That’s why LiveGreen Toronto cooked up these clever ads that combine rubbish to literally spell out what litterbugs are doing. Maybe they will realise now.

Full-Screen Ads And Pre-Roll Videos Are Coming To iOS Apps

Apple has announced two new ad formats capable of taking over the entire screen of your iPhone or iPad. The new formats will be a part of Apple’s iAd platform for iOS, which allows developers to build in ads right into their apps. Because if you’re going make bigger phones, you might as well have bigger ads, right?

Watch John Malkovich Play A Vampire In This Funny French Commercial

Video: John Malkovich is a great actor, no doubt about it. That’s why it’s not surprising to see him nail the role of a vampire in this cinematic — and quite funny — TV commercial for a French video streaming service.

Commercial Networks Want More Ads

Hands up if what you’ve been holding out for from Australia’s commercial free to air networks was more commercials.

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