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The Electronic Talking View-Master Was The Original Oculus Rift

Almost 30 years before the original Oculus Rift DK1 hit Kickstarter, View-Master was already dabbling in virtual reality — albeit a tamer version — with an electronic viewer that mixed 3D images and audio into what was probably a revolutionary experience back then.

Apple Might Start Showing People Ads Based On Their Bank Balances

Just when you thought Apple wasn’t integrated into your life enough, the company just won a patent for a system that targets ads based on how much money people have. This is the same Apple that’s promised not to monetise your data. As Tim Cook said last year: “You’re not our product.” Until you are, apparently.

Advertisers Won't Study Facebook Likes And Shares As Closely Anymore

Facebook is going to stop including Likes and Shares in the data it provides to advertisers about how effectively it pushes ads onto it users — but it’s nothing to do with altruism.

McDonald's Has Created Brilliant Bike-Friendly Takeout Packaging

You can say what you want about McDonald’s food, but the one thing you can’t argue is the fast food giant’s mastery at marketing itself to an incredibly diverse demographic. The company is now even specifically targeting cyclists with some very clever bike-friendly takeout containers.

These Airport Pods Simulate The Weather At Your Destination

If you’re headed off on vacation, you’re probably flying somewhere warm. If it’s business travel, you might not be so lucky. So the Arland airport in Stockholm, Sweden, has installed three climate-controlled rooms that let travellers experience the weather of the city they’re heading to.

These Dolls Get Sunburns To Teach Kids About Using Sunscreen

There isn’t a child out there who likes being slathered in sunscreen before a day at the beach, but it’s the easiest way to ensure they don’t end up with a terrible sunburn. And to help make that a little easier for them to understand, this pair of dolls also gets a sunburn if not properly protected.

A Sketchbook Full Of Synthetic Skin Lets Tattoo Artists Safely Doodle

Not every artistic creation is an instant masterpiece, that’s why there are Moleskine sketchbooks. But where perfection really counts is with tattoos, so a magazine dedicated to the craft created a sketchbook made of artificial skin that lets amateur tattoo artists hone their skills. It’s like an unholy grimoire for artists.

Visual Shazam Exists Now -- To Sell You Junk

Shazam is expanding to the visual world. Now you can use your phone’s camera to scan the Shazam logo on printed media. Shazam will then load up some other “content.” Who asked for this?

This Ad For Banned Food In Russia Can Hide Itself From The Cops

Websites are already able to serve up ads customised for whoever happens to be viewing a page. Now an ad agency in Russia is taking that idea one step further with an outdoor billboard that’s able to automatically hide when it spots the police coming.

Albert Einstein, Famous Product Endorser, Hated Product Endorsements

Companies love to put Albert Einstein in their ads. We’ve seen Einstein peddle Nikon cameras, Apple computers, and even Mentos. But Einstein never approved for his image to be used in any product endorsements while he was alive. In fact, he called these deals the “corruption of our time”.

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