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Great Deal Alert: For $30,000 You Can 3D-Print A Life-Size Clone Of Yourself

Couldn’t make it back home for Mother’s Day? That’s OK. Your mum will happily pretend that a phone call and a flower delivery is enough. But imagine her excitement if instead of flowers, someone delivered a life-size 3D-printed replica of you to her door?

KFC Has Its Own Edible Nail Polish And Yes, It Tastes Like Chicken

KFC has been known to experiment with it’s food offerings from time to time. But now its decided to drop the “food” part altogether, in a bid to make your keratin as delicious as possible.

This Is How An Aeroplane Picks Up A Banner While Flying In The Air

Video: Ever wonder how those advertising aeroplanes get their flying banners attached to the aeroplane? Me neither. I thought the planes just had those banners attached when they took off. Not the case! Apparently, the planes have to first be flying before they hook onto a specific target in order to launch the banner. They’re picking up the ad as they fly by!

How The Hell Are These Fan-Made Warcraft Promos So Much Better Than The Official Ones?

Actually, I’ll tell you how: The promotional material for the Warcraft movie has been atrocious. But that shouldn’t take away the fact that these gifs made by a Polish Warcraft fan are pretty great.

Seiko's Latest Marketing Video Is An Enchanting Rube Goldberg Spectacle

Seiko’s best known for its watch business, but the folks there can also put out a mean marketing video when they want to. And by “mean” I should really say “amazing”, if this Rube Goldberg-inspired number is anything to go by.

Flying Drone Billboards Are The Future We Deserve

When listing all the ways humanity is going to ruin the future, one that doesn’t often come up is the sun being blocked out by a horde of drone advertising blimps. But that hasn’t stopped one Swiss firm from working hard to make it a reality.

Opera Shows Off 'Faster' Native Ad-Blocking, But The Comparison Could Be Better

Advertising. It’s one of the first irritants you grab an extension for on fresh install of Chrome or Firefox. But what if your browser supported ad-blocking out of the gates? Opera has just debuted such a feature in the development version of its browser and should be rolled out soon to all users.

Study Shows That Flattering Targeted Ads Would Be A Great Method Of Social Control

Everyone reading this has stared at a targeted ad wondering why anyone thought it applied to them. A new study shows that making people guess why a targeted ad applies to them, and feel flattered by it, gets them to open their wallets — and just maybe become a better person.

Brace Yourself For Ads In Facebook Messenger This Autumn

Chatting to businesses on Facebook Messenger may leave you wide open to targeted ads. That’s according to a leaked document that suggests voluntarily speaking to businesses via Facebook’s chat app will allow them to send ads your way.

Twitter Has Stopped Showing Ads (To Its Favourite Users)

Stopped seeing ads on Twitter? Probably not. Because while the social network has been experimenting with showing less promotional content, it’s only for its most valuable of users.

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