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Pepsi Made A Blimp That Helps Friends Stick Together At A Music Festival

When you’re truly enjoying yourself at a music festival, it’s all but guaranteed that at some point you’ll get separated from your friends. So to make it easier to find them again, Pepsi made an app-connected blimp that helps guide lost and lonely revellers back to their pals.

An Amazing Ferrofluid Display Brings Nike's New Sneakers To Life

So far, the most practical use man has found for ferrofluid — the mesmerising black goo that reacts to magnets in cool ways — is as gorgeous eye candy. And that’s totally OK, because how else would have Nike realised this slick animated display for its new Kevin Durant sneakers?

Watch SKY's Hilarious 'Full Metal Jacket' Ads For The NZ Rugby World Cup

As you might imagine, New Zealand got rather excited when it was given the hosting rights to the Rugby World Cup back in 2011. Unsurprisingly, it also won said international competition. Turns out SKY went to the trouble of putting together some rather funny ads for the event, featuring a would-be R Lee Ermey doppelganger whipping the channel’s cameramen into shape.

Facebook Ads Are About To Get Even More Annoying

It was sort of fun when Facebook started allowing users to upload animated GIFs a few months ago, but now select advertisers get to experiment with the format. This could get ugly.

This GPS Speaks In A Child's Voice Near Schools To Make Drivers More Careful

Humans are hard-wired to respond to the voice of a child. So to make drivers more cautious and careful around children, an ad agency in Sweden created a GPS app that switches to the voice of a child whenever the car is near a school.

The Only Thing I'll Miss About Cable Is My DVR

As far as watching TV goes, the experience provided by a traditional cable provider is crap. Slow hardware, clunky interfaces, unwanted bundled channels. Streaming services are slowly replacing all of this and thanks goodness for them. But there’s an aspect of the old way that I will sorely miss — the DVR and its magical commercial skipping powers.

An Auto-Following Stroller Using VW's Adaptive Cruise Control Is Genius

It might just be a one-off prototype, but new parents who can’t go anywhere without a toddler in tow will love the idea of a stroller with built-in sensors that allow it to autonomously follow someone, while intelligently avoiding collisions.

The Electronic Talking View-Master Was The Original Oculus Rift

Almost 30 years before the original Oculus Rift DK1 hit Kickstarter, View-Master was already dabbling in virtual reality — albeit a tamer version — with an electronic viewer that mixed 3D images and audio into what was probably a revolutionary experience back then.

Apple Might Start Showing People Ads Based On Their Bank Balances

Just when you thought Apple wasn’t integrated into your life enough, the company just won a patent for a system that targets ads based on how much money people have. This is the same Apple that’s promised not to monetise your data. As Tim Cook said last year: “You’re not our product.” Until you are, apparently.

Advertisers Won't Study Facebook Likes And Shares As Closely Anymore

Facebook is going to stop including Likes and Shares in the data it provides to advertisers about how effectively it pushes ads onto it users — but it’s nothing to do with altruism.

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