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Report: Adobe Pulling The Plug On Mobile Flash

Wow. It seems Adobe is stopping development of its Flash Player for mobile browsers. The company will reportedly continue to support existing Android and BlackBerry Playbook configurations of the player, but future development will be focused on developing HTML5 and apps.

Adobe: 'A Few Weeks' Until Honeycomb Tablets Can Run Flash

The first of the Honeycomb tablets, the Motorola Xoom, may not have Flash out of the box – but Adobe has taken to its blog to confirm that the 10.2 OTA download will only be “a few weeks” later.

Watch The BlackBerry Playbook Tablet Strut On Stage

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Anyone thinking the BlackBerry Playbook was doomed to be vaporware, this should ease your mind. At Adobe’s MAX conference today, the business-minded tablet got some time in the spotlight to show off its out-of-the-box Flash and AIR capabilities.

Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Finalised, You Can Download Now

Adobe Flash Player 10.1 just got finalised so if you want silky smooth HD video, go download it now.

NBC, Time Warner Tell Apple They're Sticking With Flash

It sounds like not everybody is ready to just throw Flash out the window because Steve Jobs told them too, as Time Warner and NBC have just told Apple they’re happy to stick with it for their online video players.

Question Of The Day: Is Mobile Flash Worth It To You?

So today we saw some tests that suggest that having Flash running on your smartphone will almost definitely hurt performance. But hey, it’s up to you whether or not it’s worth it. So… is it?

Speed Tests Show Flash 10.1 Slowing Down Android 2.2 Significantly

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Here’s the bottom line on the first speed tests of Android 2.2: without Flash 10.1, its browser handily beats all comers. But with Flash? It drops to the bottom of the heap. Ruh roh.

This Is Adobe Flash 10.1 On A Phone (It's Not Bad)

Honestly, there’s not much to say about Flash 10.1 on Android that you haven’t already seen, given how hard Adobe’s been pushing the Flash-on-phones message. There’s a few things.

Opera Finds Flash Unappetising For Web Video

Speaking to TechRadar, Opera product analyst Phillip Grønvold conceded that Flash is essential to today’s web and will be for the foreseeable future. But for internet video, he says, there are alternatives that won’t make your laptop a stove top.