The Science Of Why You Loved Flappy Bird So Much

Long live Flappy Bird, the game we loved to hate. But why oh why was that simple little game so awfully compelling?

A New Vaccine Eats Cocaine 'Like Pac-Man' To Kick Addiction

Cocaine addictions, which carry a notoriously high relapse rate, may have finally met their match in the form of a simple, long lasting booster vaccine.

Russian Bears Are Hooked On Sniffing Jet Fuel Until They Pass Out

Russia’s bears, no longer able to resist the sweet temptation of jet fuel, have a drug problem. The bears living on the Kronotsky Nature Reserve have taken to huffing jet fuel out of old barrels until they pass out

How Pornography Addiction Works And Affects Your Life

For all the jokes, pornography addiction is a real and actual addiction. Really. Stop laughing. I’m serious. Porn works like any other addictive substance: It re-wires your brain in ways that make you need it, and probably proves harmful to the rest of your life.

The Answer Is Just A Click Away

How much tech is too much? How many of our gadgets are solving the annoyances of others? Dave Pell realised something gloomy about our fanciest tools: we’re happier without a lot of them.

TV Characters Addicted To The Internet: They're Just Like Us!

Wearing yesterday’s outfit. Refusing to look away from the screen. Irritability. Power cord-possessiveness. Fake-listening to your IRL friends. TV characters suffering from Internet addiction are just like you and me!

Researchers Might Have Found A Way To Beat Morphine And Heroin Addiction

Morphine is just about the best painkiller out there, as any doctor or any person who’s ever been in an accident will tell you. There’s just one small problem — it’s incredibly addictive. But thanks to some researchers from the University of Colorado and the University of Adelaide, we may have outsmarted that propensity for dependency.

Do You Feel Trapped By Modern Technology?

The New York Times has an interesting trend piece about how big companies — especially Silicon Valley ones — are beginning to institute policies which encourage people to step back from the streams of information coming at them from their various gadgets and focus on what really matters (as far as work goes, at least).

A Video Game Designed To Help Doctors To Recognize Drug Abuse

At Northwestern Memorial Hospital, the doctors are training themselves with technology to better recognise the signs of addiction.

This Simple Test Can Tell If You're A Facebook Addict

Cold sweats. Shortness of breath. Inability to concentrate. You’ve got withdrawal symptoms, and you’ve got them bad. There’s only one thing that can help, and that’s a long, hard hit of the blue stuff: sweet, nourishing Facebook. That’s right, researchers have determined that it’s possible to be legitimately addicted to the social network. Here’s how to find out if you’ve got the itch.