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Lego Adaptor Turns Your iPhone Into A Touchscreen Brick

There are already a few case options that will turn your iPhone into a platform for your Lego creations. But we much prefer this simpler and more elegant solution: a tiny adaptor that plugs into your iPhone’s Lightning port, making it compatible with your mountains of plastic bricks.

The MacBook's Most Underrated Feature

Next week, it’s very likely we’ll see a fresh round of MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs. They’ll be a little faster, and maybe a little prettier. But it’s unlikely that any new addition to Apple’s laptops will be as awesome as MagSafe. Seven years after Apple made the best laptop charger on the planet, no one else has made anything even half as good. Because they can’t.

The Complete Guide To Better Travel

Travelling to a new destination is exciting, but it can also be exhausting. Here are Gizmodo’s favourite gadgets to make travel more enjoyable and productive, and Lifehacker’s best tips for maximising the experience while minimising the bill.

This Lens Adaptor Will Make Your Sony NEX Cam Even Sweeter

Sony NEX owners don’t exactly have a ton of lenses to choose from. There are many adaptors out there for Leica, Nikon, Canon and other lens brands. But the latest from Metabones includes features that truly change the lens-adaptor game.

Apple Crushes Universal Charging Project

Apple has crushed a really great, universal charging idea, which was gaining steam on Kickstarter because it won’t allow the Lightning adaptor to be used in a device with multiple charging options.

You Can Finally Charge Your iPhone 5 With Normal USB Cables

The new iPhone (and new iPad) cable connector has been about as controversial as a gadget cable connector can get. It’s smaller, which is nice, but it’s also expensive and incompatible with everything. That’s why I love this little adaptor.

Latest 12W iPad Charger Will Charge Older iPads More Quickly

Alongside the iPad Mini launch the other day, Apple quietly rolled out a meatier, 12W power adaptor. Turns out it will charge all the old iPads iterations quicker.

First Look Inside Apple's New Dock Adaptor: Impossible To Tinker With

I just got my dock adaptor in the mail. So naturally I want to destroy this one. The dock adaptor has a plastic shell on it that is glued. You can’t cleanly get it off without the dremel, as the glue is not hot glue, that I can tell.

The Best Use For An Old iPod Dock

Have an old iPod dock lying around? It’s not entirely useless with your iPhone 5 and its new Lightning connector. All you need is a cheap Bluetooth adaptor and you’re back in business.

Cheap Third-Party Lightning Cables Are On The Way For Your iPhone 5

If you’ve been wanting an extra iPhone 5 cable, but haven’t wanted to pay the full $45 for Apple’s official one, this is your lucky day: a Chinese company called iPhone5mod says it has cracked the authentication chip found in the lightning connector and is now selling the cables for $US20 apiece.

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