This Is Why Robin Williams Was Such A Fantastic Actor

Everyone has their own reasons for loving Robin Williams, he taught some people how to laugh, his movies defined many a childhood, he was a great guy and so on. Plus, he was a fantastic actor. Tony from Every Frame a Painting explains just how great by focusing on one tiny thing: his movement.

What Ashton Kutcher Did To Become Steve Jobs

We dished our fair share of smack talk towards Ashton Kutcher when he was tabbed to play Steve Jobs in the movie Jobs not because he couldn’t make himself look like Steve Jobs but because we were afraid he would put too much Dude Where’s My Car into Steve. We still don’t know if he’ll be able to pull Steve off but it seems the forever pretty boy actor at least tried.

How The Hobbit's Special Effects Made Sir Ian McKellen Cry

It’s no secret that Peter Jackson, WETA and New Line Cinema are all trying to justify the special effects and frame rate of The Hobbit before its release in a few weeks. It’s now emerging that Sir Ian McKellen, the seemingly-unflappable Gandalf The Grey, was reduced to tears by the effects on the shoot of the film.

Charlie Sheen Joins Twitter: Thousands Of Followers Added Each Minute

Love him or hate him or just plain laugh at him, Charlie Sheen has joined his celebrity Twitter brethren today. Not surprisingly, an army of curious onlookers have started following, hoping for an online meltdown or just something slightly twisted and bitter from the actor. Sheen’s Twitter account, which became live this morning (Australian time) has been verified – so it’s the real deal and not some kid pretending to be drunk and rich with lots of spare time…Hang on a min…

RoboThespian Can Give Robert Pattinson A Run For His Money

He may have plastic boobs saggier than Dame Judi Dench, but as Wired points out, this RoboThespian “shows more acting range than some Hollywood stars”. The British robot has been programmed to show off a variety of acting abilities.