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Disney Is Thinking About Buying Twitter: Report

The Walt Disney Co. is working with a financial adviser to evaluate a bid on Twitter Inc., according to a new Bloomberg report.

Pinterest Bought Instapaper And That Makes Me Nervous

Pinterest, the site beloved by wedding planners and doomsday preppers alike, has acquired the original read later service, Instapaper.

Sad Yahoo Sale Confirms That Marissa Mayer Failed

At long last, Marissa Mayer’s rocky reign at Yahoo appears to be coming to an end. The news comes not with a bang — or an exclamation point — but with something closer to a resigned sigh.

Marissa Mayer Says She's 'Planning To Stay' At Yahoo

After a few days full of rampant speculation, Verizon finally confirmed yesterday night that it had reached an agreement to purchase Yahoo’s core business for $US4.8 billion ($6.4 billion).

Apple Might Be Buying Tidal For Some Reason

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is in talks to acquire Tidal, also known as Jay-Z’s music streaming service that lets you listen to Kanye’s music a little bit earlier.

Sorry, Hot Topic, GameStop Owns ThinkGeek Now

Well, this is awkward. Mere days after Hot Topic announced its plans to buy ThinkGeek for $US122 million, the nerdy online retailer called the deal off. What’s the deal? Well, it turns out GameStop wanted to pay $US18 million more.

Under Armour Just Bought 100 Million Users Worth Of Fitness Data

If you track your fitness on your smartphone — and are serious about results — chances are pretty decent you’ve tried MyFitnessPal, MapMyFitness or Endomondo. Guess what? All three of them belong to sportwear company Under Armour as of right now.

Hey Twitter, Please Don't Ruin SoundCloud

Remember Twitter Music? Probably not. The ill-fated recommendation service started as We Are Hunted, which was a great independent service until Twitter bought it, tanked its music ambitions, and killed it. Now there’s a rumour Twitter has its roving eye on SoundCloud. We really hope history isn’t about to repeat itself.

Google Reportedly Wants To Buy Twitch For $1 Billion

YouTube is the place to go for video, and is the place to go for live game streaming, so why wouldn’t the two join forces? That’s the report this morning according to Variety: the former looks set to acquire the latter for a lazy $US1 billion.

Apple Is Reportedly Getting Ready To Buy Beats For $3.2 Billion

According to the Financial Times, Apple is closing in on an acquisition of Beats, the headphone manufacturer turned streaming music service. The $US3.2 billion deal would give Apple control over a powerful brand, but it would at the same time be puzzling.

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