Chinese Satellite Spots Floating Object In Flight 370 Search

Chinese authorities said today that a satellite spotted a large object in the area of the Indian Ocean where the search continues for Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370. Malaysia’s defence minister Hishammuddin Hussein says China will send ships to investigate the object.

How The Corvette Museum Rescued Its Cars From A Giant Sinkhole

In a story that united geologists with rare car enthusiasts last month, a massive sinkhole opened up beneath the National Corvette Museums’s Skydome, swallowing eight rare cars into its cavernous depths. Since then, the museum has worked tirelessly to recover the cars and fill in the sinkhole so that the Skydome can open anew. But how do you undo a giant sinkhole?

You Must Read This Test Pilot's Story Of An SR-71 Disintegrating Midair

This story has been kicking around the internet for a while, but man oh man oh man is it worth a read. Test pilot Bill Weaver was flying an SR-71 Blackbird on an experimental evaluation flight when a malfunction at Mach 3.18 caused the plane to literally tear apart. Yet somehow, Weaver survived.

Watch A Pilot Crash His Fighter Jet And Eject At The Very Last Second

I came across this crazy video today. It shows the crash landing of a Royal Air Force Harrier plane landing at Kandahar back in 2009. Watch as fire engulfs the plane as the pilot tries to control it, jumping at the very last second, when the flames reach the cockpit.

A Guy Got Knocked Unconscious Skydiving But Somehow Survived

Terrifying. Skydiving is already brown your pants scary when you’re conscious. Imagine being unconscious while you’re falling from 3810m in the air. Think about all the horrible things that could happen. That’s what happened to skydiver James Lee. Luckily, miraculously, thankfully, impossibly, he survived the fall.

Snowblower Turns Fifth Ave Apple Store Glass Into Beautiful Painting

The Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan? You know the one — it cost $US6.7 million to build. Yesterday, a snowblower smashed one of its 15 seamless glass panels, which created this beautiful cracked vignette of New York City. It looks like a painting.

Pilot Ejects From Out Of Control Plane, It Goes On To Gently Land Without Him

If my younger years spent playing flight simulators are anything to go by, ejecting from one’s plane always results in it crashing into the ground and exploding. Shock? Horror? No, not really. In real life, however, all sorts of crazy things can happen, including an out-of-control plane, sans pilot, making a gentle landing all by itself.

Exploding Toilet Sends Brooklyn Man To The Hospital

Bad things often happen in mysterious, inexplicable ways. Michel Pierre of Brooklyn experienced this first hand this week when he pulled the handle of his toilet, and the whole thing exploded in his face. The blast knocked him out and sent him to the hospital where he got 30 stitches.

Quadropter Crashes Into Sydney Harbour Bridge, Camera IDs Owner

Quadropters are delicate pieces of equipment, not to mention expensive, so the thought of stacking one into, well, anything, is uncomfortable at best. That didn’t stop one unknown person from crashing their camera-equipped drone into the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Man Forced To Grow New Nose on Forehead After Traffic Accident

So you’ve been in a nasty traffic accident and smashed all your face in. The good news is, doctors can sort you out a new one. The bad news? You’ve got to grow it on your forehead first.