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The New Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Type Cover Is So Very Pretty

This is one seriously high-end accessory. You can now upgrade your Surface Pro 4 with a two-tone grey type cover made from exclusively Italian mélange Alcantara fabric — more commonly seen in fashion, vehicles and interior.

The Most Important New Smartphone Feature Is A Little Magic Slot

When LG announced its new flagship smartphone, the G5, at Mobile World Congress, it did something radically different. At the base of the phone, LG built a small slot that might just change everything.

Apple's Latest Magic Keyboard And Mouse Make Typing Fun Again

I’ve been using Apple’s Bluetooth keyboard and mouse on a daily basis for around seven years. The design is delightful, and the gadgets are pretty dependable. Then I spent a day with Apple’s new Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse. Typing is suddenly fun again.

Illumibowl Is The Toilet Nightlight We All Hoped It Would Be

What’s to be said for a guy whose first Kickstarter investment is a colour-changing toilet nightlight? That he has an aim problem? An interest in a mid-stream dance party? Yes, I helped fund the Illumibowl, and I’m not sorry.

The Sad Reality Of The Magic Mouse 2

I love Apple’s new peripherals. The Magic Keyboard is a beautiful work of industrial design and surprisingly fun for typing. The Magic Mouse 2 looks the same as its predecessor, but it’s rechargeable. And that, I’m afraid, is a blessing and a curse.

Pebble Time Round Hands On: A Smartwatch For People Who Don't Like Smartwatches

“It looks like a watch!” my wife proclaimed, when I showed her the Pebble Time Round. She wasn’t stating the obvious. She meant that out of all the smartwatches she’d ever seen, it’s the first one that looks like something she would wear.

I Need LG's Foldable Keyboard In My Life

“Hello, LG? Yes, this is Luke. Go ahead and take as much of my money as it takes to get this keyboard-based sorcery into my travel bag.”

Border Force: Stop Bringing Gun-Shaped Phone Cases Into Australia You Idiots

Oh my God why does anyone need to say this out loud? Why do the Federal Police need to say this out loud? To anyone?! Jesus Christ, fine. Don’t buy those stupid gun-shaped phone cases and bring them back into Australia you idiots. The cops said so.

I Wish I Had This Do-It-All Portable Power Station When I Flew Abroad

I just came back from a two-week vacation in Europe. I took loads of gadgets. How did I keep them charged? Why, an unwieldy gadget cornucopia consisting of two AC splitters, a USB wall wart, and an external battery for topping up on the go. If only I’d had the Belkin TravelRockstar, I could have lightened my load.

Asus Audio Cover Hands-On: Holy Crap, This Thing Is Awesome

When Asus announced its new ZenPad at Computex yesterday, it slipped a little gadget into the accessories section that we think needs a lot more attention. It’s called the Audio Cover, and it’s an awesome idea.

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