Apple Watch Accessories Are Already Out Of Control

Whenever Apple announces something new, companies will use the most basic specs revealed onstage to take a stab at making What You Need to go with it. But the Apple Watch is even crazier; despite not even existing yet, more than a few companies are already accessorizing for it.

5 Selfie-Enabling Devices That Deserve A Permanent Ban

Here at Gizmodo dot com we are dedicated to telling you about the best technology and design innovations IN THE WORLD, SON. That means relentlessly following the best new phones, showcasing souped-up vacuums or highlighting fascinating social networks. And sometimes it means showing you the absolute worst technology and design innovations so you can use the opposite of them.

Microsoft's New Universal Mobile Keyboard Has Android And iOS In Mind

Microsoft has a new mobile keyboard, but you won’t find a Windows key anywhere on it. You will find a “Command” key though, and a little switch that toggles between Windows mode, Android mode,and iOS mode. It’s a keyboard that aims to turn any tablet into a Surface.

This Dangerous-Looking Dog Tag Is Actually A Handy Multitool

Do you like to be prepared? Then you’ll love this standard issue dog tag tool from Prometheus Design Werx. The titanium accessory is the exact same size as a standard American military issue dog tag, but it can do much, much more.

New GoPro Arm Gives You Some Added Reach And Stability

You can go insane deciding on methods to mount your GoPro. Everyone has their own special devices, but GoPro wants you to buy its new one. The latest is the 3-Way, which has a few functions in one, and is definitely not meant as sexual innuendo.

Watch This Phone Screen-Protector Handle A Drill And Knives With Ease

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as a deep gouge on your new phone’s screen. Still, it can be hard to bring yourself to put on some stupid-looking screen protector. Unless it’s as tough as this one that we attacked with a hammer. And a drill.

This Smartphone-Powered Microscope Now Even Works Underwater

Sometimes, you never knew you wanted something until someone drops it in your lap. That’s exactly what Bodelin Technologies has done with their smartphone-powered ProScope Micro Mobile microscope. This genius little thing now works underwater.

Now Available: Bamboo Back Moto X

Moto X‘s customizability was a big selling feature when the phone rolled out. But arguably the most recognisable feature, the bamboo back plate, wasn’t available at launch. It finally arrived this week, to the joy of people who want their phones to resemble a Chris Craft boat.

Make Your iPhone More Useful With This Sleek Dock

If you’re like most people, you stopped using docks back when Apple stopped including them with iPods. That’s exactly why we were so pleasantly surprised when we saw the Bluelounge Saidoka lightning charger for iPhone. It actually looks useful!

A Google Glass Accessory Store Is Here, And Holy Crap It's Expensive

Google is readying itself to churn out thousands of pairs of Glass, and now it’s also preparing an accessory store to accompany it. But those extras won’t come cheap.