Australia's Next-Gen Digital TV Could Be Dead Before It Starts

Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV, or HbbTV, is the future of Australian digital television. It’s an industry standard for Web-enabled television devices that integrates over-the-air digital TV broadcasts with online catch-up video and other media content. It’s under development by Australia’s Freeview TV consortium and is set to launch soon, but it might be dead before the public ever gets a chance to try it out.

ABC To Put Entire Season Of Chris Lilley's 'Jonah From Tonga' On iView Before It Airs On TV

Do you prefer watching stuff on a tablet, smartphone or laptop instead of on a TV? What about binge watching? Are you into that? The ABC has you covered: Auntie is set to stream every single episode of Chris Lilley’s new show, Jonah From Tonga on its online catch-up platform iView before the season premiere next week.

ABC iView Has Changed: Here's What's New

A new age dawns today. We enter the age of ABC iView: version three. Here’s what’s new in the redesigned and souped-up version of the national broadcaster’s streaming platform.

The Day Of The Doctor: So, Was It Good For You?

It’s crazy to think after months of build-up, the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who has been and gone. Well, for those who watched it earlier this morning. If you plan to check it out when the ABC repeats it at 7:30 tonight, or you’re heading to a cinema to catch it in 3D, then you might want to avoid going any further, lest you hit one of those nasty spoiler things.

ABC To Air Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Episode Live

Australia’s ABC will now officially be getting in on the global television event that is the 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who, promising to show it live on ABC 1 at the same time as the rest of the world.

You Won't Believe How Hardcore Stephen Conroy Is For Doctor Who

Remember Stephen Conroy? He’s a former Communications Minister, occasional internet censorship proponent and avid Whovian. We already know that he tracks the exploits of The Doctor closer than anyone else in government, but his nerdiness actually saw him pressuring the head of the ABC over the future of the series.

50th Anniversary Of Doctor Who To Get Worldwide Simulcast, Hopefully Includes Australia

November can’t come soon enough for Doctor Who fans (or those who have birthdays in that particular month), with the 50th Anniversary episode set for broadcast on the 23rd. And that day might be all the more sweeter, with online reports suggesting the show will be televised simultaneously all over the world.

Malcolm Turnbull, Anthony Albanese To Duke It Out On ABC's Q&A Tonight

Grab the popcorn: it’s a televised NBN grudge-match! Newly-minted Deputy Prime Minister and Communications Minister, Anthony Albanese, will sit on the ABC’s Q&A panel with Shadow Communications Minister, Malcolm Turnbull. Other guests on the panel will include comedian Corinne Grant, cartoonist Bill Leak and director of the Centre for Policy Development Miriam Lyons. Tune in online from 9:35pm (AEST) on ABC News 24, ABC 1 or online. [Q&A]

Bill Gates On ABC Q&A Next Week

Normally the ABC’s Q&A program is reserved for lofty opinions, obnoxious politicians and a rabid Twitter discussion, but next week Q&A will play host to none other than Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist, Bill Gates.

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