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How Aaron Swartz Caught The FBI's Attention

In May 2006, Aaron Swartz wrote a blog post titled “The Book That Changed My Life”. The book in question, Understanding Power, is a series of transcribed discussions with the MIT linguist Noam Chomsky in which Chomsky analyses and explains the ways in which political power is wielded, acquired and guarded. “Reading the book, I felt as if my mind was rocked by explosions. At times the ideas were too much that I literally had to lie down,” Swartz wrote. “Ever since then,” he continued, “I’ve realised that I need to spend my life working to fix the shocking brokenness I’d discovered.”

New Anonymous Hack Lets You Shoot Up Sites With Nyan Cat Spaceship

In the wake of Aaron Swartz’s suicide, your friendly neighbourhood cyber-vigilantes Anonymous have been lashing out. It’s mostly been DDOSes and cyber-vandalism, but its most recent project is a bit more fun and lets you play Asteroids with a Nyan Cat spaceship that blasts up sites.

Anonymous Attacks Department Of Justice Website Over Aaron Swartz's Suicide

Since Aaron Swartz’s suicide two weeks ago — an incident largely blamed on the charges being levied against him — the ‘net has been grieving. And Anonymous has been doing that in its own special way: tearing stuff up.

Hackers Deface MIT Website In Aaron Swartz Suicide Revenge Attack

Last time Anonymous plunged into MIT’s servers, it was to set up a small memorial for Aaron Swartz. Today the whole homepage is defaced, and it’s really just incoherent. UPDATE: Hackers speak.

US Attorney Defends Prosecution Of Aaron Swartz

While activists rally in an attempt to rewrite the law, the US Attorney’s office in Massachusetts has issued a public statement which defends the prosecution of Aaron Swartz.

Hacking Law Amendment Proposed In Honour Of Aaron Swartz

In the wake of Aaron Swartz’s suicide last week, US Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren of California has posted a newly proposed bill on Reddit that seeks to amend the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

In The Wake Of Aaron Swartz's Death, Let's Fix US Computer Crime Law

Outpourings of grief and calls for change continue to flood the Internet after the suicide of Aaron Swartz, only 26 years old.

Academics Tweeting PDFs Of Journal Articles In Memory Of Aaron Swartz

There’s been a pretty big outpouring of grief following Aaron Swartz’s suicide, even from those who didn’t actually know him. And the trend is continuing. Many researchers and academics are now tweeting links to PDF files of their papers as a tribute.

Anonymous Hacks MIT In Aaron Swartz's Name

The Internet is dealing with the suicide of gifted programmer and activist Aaron Swartz in a variety of ways — but Anonymous is responding with what it does best. Two of MIT’s sites have been hacked into memorials.

MIT Launching Internal Investigation To Determine Possible Role In Aaron Swartz Suicide

It’s no secret that a factor in Aaron Swartz’s recent suicide was likely the charges being pressed against him by in part by MIT over the whole JSTOR incident. While JSTOR backed off, MIT tacitly backed the U.S. attorneys who continued to push, hard. Now, after being criticized in a statement by Swartz’s friends and family, MIT has announced its intention to go back and investigate the legal action internally.

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