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Here's Two More Samsung Phones You Probably Shouldn't (And Can't) Buy

The latest things to dance out of Samsung’s hyperactive R&D department are the A5 and A3, a pair of all-metal, super-thin phones aimed at teenagers. However, they’re also “optimised for social networking” and feature a “5MP Camera For Unmatched Selfies”, which probably mean that they will be terrible.

Reworked Apple TV May Point To Apple's Next iPad

Apple is rather quietly reworking the internal components inside the Apple TV. The Apple TV is very much the quiet cousin of the iOS family, but that makes it an ideal testing ground for Apple to work out what it’s doing with its more successful product lines.

Nearly 1 Million iPhone 4S And iPad 2s Jailbroken In Three Days

The iPhone Dev team just released numbers for the Absinthe A5 jailbreak. According to the site, 953,232 new jailbreaks were recorded. That’s a whole lotta hacking.

Apple's A5 Chips Are Made By Samsung

Apple and Samsung aren’t exactly best friends. Which is why it’s quite amusing to find out that Apple’s A5 processor is built on a $US3.6 billion Samsung production line in Texas.

Leaked Image Shows Faster A5 Brains Inside Next iPhone's Guts

This allegedly leaked image shows Apple’s A5 processor — the brains of the iPad 2 — firmly inserted into the next-generation iPhone electronic guts. While we suspected this was going to be the case, this would be the first visual confirmation.

Apple's Finally All Out Of Love For Samsung Processors

After months of suing each other into the ground, the Apple vs Samsung nerd fight has finally come to a head. Reuters is reporting that Taiwanese company TSMC is beginning its trial run of the next generation of Apple processors.

Apple Giving A5 Processor iPhones To Devs For Test Drives

According to 9to5Mac, Apple’s gearing up for the next iPhone by handing out select handsets with the iPad’s A5 processor instead of iPhone 4’s A4 guts. The devices themselves (dubbed “iPhone 4S” by the site’s source due to its external similarity to the Apples current-gen handset) may not be iPhone 5 hardware, but the guts – those super-speedy, graphics blasting A5 guts – are getting a test drive.

Wild Codemonkeys Discover A5 Processor Will Be In iPhone 5

Someone went digging through the iOS 4.3 code and discovered the same code for the A5 processor in references for both the iPad 2 and iPhone 5. I don’t think this was ever really a question, but if you need every bit of confirmation you can get, there’s some more. [Filippo Biga via Electronista]

Archos Android Tablet Price And Pictures Leak

Archos’s 4.8-inch-screened A5 series (the A stands for Android!) has already been given the FCC treatment, and now retailer B&H has listed the price and capacities of the device ahead of its September 15 launch.

Bang & Olufsen Crams 7.1 Surround Sound Theatre Into 2010 Audi A5

Bang & Olufsen’s long-standing partnership with Audi will soon produce a sound system in the upcoming 2010 A5 Sportback that arguably rivals many modest home theatres.

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