Inflight Internet Is The Most Useful Thing In The Entire World

As I write this right now, I’m over the coast of southern India, about 41,000ft in the air on an Emirates Airbus A380. But I’m not disconnected from the world; the ‘net up here is actually quite fast.

Rare Video Of An Airbus A380 Cutting Through Clouds

Video: Sometimes, you get a unique combination of circumstances that produces a rare look into a common event, like this Emirates’ Airbus A380 arriving to Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport at the perfect time and the perfect angle to produce a few seconds of beautiful cinematography, cutting a cloud in two.

The World's Largest Passenger Aircraft Just Took Off For The World's Longest Flight

Qantas flight QF7 has just left the ground in Sydney, on its way to Dallas-Fort Worth Airport in Texas. This is the outbound leg of the world’s longest flight route, but from today onwards, it has another point of difference: the equipment flying that route is one of Qantas’ Airbus A380s, the world’s largest passenger aircraft.

Qantas Isn't Buying Any New Planes For A While

As a result of the $252 million half-year loss that Qantas has reported today, Australia’s national carrier is making some big cutbacks. 5000 staff across the entire company are being made redundant, a bunch of flight schedules are being reconfigured, and over 50 new plane orders are being deferred indefinitely.

The Wicked And Beautiful Turbulence Problems Of The Giant Airbus A380

This beautiful shot was made for the first episode of Richard Hammond’s: Engineering Connections, which was dedicated to the Airbus A380. Apparently, wind tunnels can look like the lair of the wicked witch in an old Disney animation movie.

These A380 Crew Quarters Look Like A Star Trek Set

Allplane got some shots from the unveiling of Thai Airways’ first Airbus A380, including the crew quarters (the A380 is so big that it’s staffed by 23 people). They look like they come from the future. [Allplane]

How Huge Is The Airbus 380 Exactly? This Damn Huge

I know that the Airbus A380 is a titan, a winged colossus, the biggest passenger airliner in the world and all that. But this pictured taken at LAX — showing an Air France A380 taxiing by a Boeing 737-900 — really shows its flabbergasting dimensions.

Wing Repairs Could Ground All Airbus A380s For Weeks

Airbus’ fleet of A380s has been beleaguered by problems with cracks in their wings since January. Now, the company has announced that all A380s could all be grounded for up to eight weeks in order to repair the problems.

Qantas A380 Grounding Reflects "Teething Problems"

Qantas’ grounding of one A380 aircraft and Airbus’ subsequent plans to check all flying A380s might have made some flyers nervous, but one Australian expert says the move reflects “teething problems” and shouldn’t stress travellers.

Qantas Grounds An A380 Due To Wing Cracks

Last month, engineers found small cracks in the wings of Singapore Airlines’ A380s. Now, Qantas has been forced to ground one its A380s because of the same problem.