A Pixelated History Of Cameras

Ever wonder what your favourite camera looks like in 8 bits? Look for it here, on this pixelated array of cameras from every era, created by Billy Brown. You might find it. (P.S. I absolutely love that the underwater disposable camera made it on here.) [The Camera Collection via Photo Weekly Online via PetaPixel]

Chipophone 8-Bit Organ A Bleeping, Blooping Labour Of Love

Chiptune fans and anyone nostalgic for a bygone, simpler era in electronic music will be delighted by Swedish tinkerer Linus Åkesson’s ingenius Chipophone. The homemade instrument crams an 8-bit synthesiser into the body of a handsome old electric organ.

8Bitone Chiptunes Synthesiser App Lets You Mix It Like Mario

Everyone’s heard the stories about those guys who play entire concerts on their Game Boys, or who recompose symphonies onto NES cartridges. 8Bitone is kinda like that, except on your iPhone, and without the social suicide aspect.

Dreaming in Pixels

Or digital electric sheep. Both possible with this 8-bit slumber mask, $US22 shipped from Thailand. [Studiobo via Unplggd]