Telstra 700Mhz Trials To Start In Sydney And Adelaide

“Selected Pockets” of Sydney and Adelaide will join Telstra’s 700Mhz network trials in mid-September.

Optus Switches On 700MHz 4G Spectrum For Darwin And Perth

If you live in Darwin or Perth, you have a reason to look down on everyone from the East: as of now, those capitals’ CBDs have newly improved Optus 4G coverage as a pilot of Australia’s second largest telco’s rollout of its recently acquired 700MHz mobile network spectrum.

Telstra Launching 700MHz Trial Networks In Six Sites Around Australia

After a massive spectrum purchase in the Digital Dividend options, Telstra is giving customers in six areas around the country early-access to its 700MHz network thanks to a new trial.

4G In Australia Explained

1800MHz? 2100MHz? 700MHz? What frequencies are Australian 4G networks on right now, and what does the future hold? Here’s what you need to know.

Optus Says 700MHz 4G Trial Has Gone Well

Optus has concluded a trial of 700MHz 4G services in Bendigo, claiming speeds of up to 70Mbps and transmission distances of 13 kilometres. That’s good news in the long term, particularly for rural areas, but it won’t make any difference right now.

ACMA Preparing To Auction Off 700MHz And 2.5GHz Wireless Spectrum

Those fancy wireless signals that give you sweet, sweet Facebook access on your mobile dont grow on trees, you know. They travel along wireless frequencies that are collected by the government and sold off to the highest bidder. And the next big wireless spectrum auction is getting ready to happen next year.

Analysts Say Ring the Bell, Verizon Set to Win 700MHz Auction

It’s been our hunch all along that Verizon would take all in the 700MHz spectrum auction, but analysts are now confirming our suspicions from the other day: Verizon is set to win the most hotly desired slice of airwaves in the country, which can be used for anything from an entirely new mobile broadband service to boosting their current data setup. Whatever they do with it, they’ve gotta keep it open. [Forbes]

Juicy 700MHz Auction Developments: Google Punked Out?

While the hot and heavy 700MHz a(u)ction is anonymously taking place behind closed doors, we do know a couple of big things have happened. That potential winning bid from Thursday was punked down by a surprise total bid of $4.74 billion. This is juicy because it indicates Google has probably been outbid—assuming it was the party that pushed the bid past the $4.6 billion open access reserve, as it had promised—most likely by Verizon, using some slightly complicated rule shuffling with the regional licenses comprising the block.

Potential Winning Bid in 700MHz Spectrum Auction

The fight for the 700MHz spectrum has reached a milestone: an anonymous bidder has made a $4.7 billion offer, surpassing the minimum reserve price of $4.6 billion.

Rev Your Engines, FCC 700MHz Spectrum Auction Starts Today

Going once, going twice, sold to Verizon! Or something like that. The FCC’s 700MHz spectrum auction starts today, and you can watch all of the hot bidding action right here. It’s auction 73, and the page is so exciting I nearly peed my pants.

Don’t know what the hell we’re talking about? No worries, scan our ultimate guide to the 700MHz auction and why you should care about it. [FCC]

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