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Ask Gizmodo: Can I Buy A Good, Cheap, Smart TV?

Hi Gizmodo, My boyfriend and I have moved in together, and we need a smart (ish?) TV that’s good but cheap. Does such a thing exist? Thanks, Gen.

You Can Now Torrent Brand New TV Shows In 4K

We’ve been complaining about the dearth of good quality 4K video — movies and TV shows, things we’d actually like to watch — for years now, ever since Ultra HD TVs started hitting the shelves of our favourite electronics stores. In Australia, having our relatively crappy internet speeds, streaming 4K over Netflix has never really been viable. Ultra HD Blu-ray looks great, though it’s been a year away for five years now.

But good news for pirates over the weekend — a torrent release group has cracked the encryption on Netflix and Amazon’s 4K video lockers, and ultra high-def rips of brand new TV shows are flooding out across the ‘net.

Optus Is Upgrading Its Broadband Network For Better Streaming

Off the back of its massive deal as the exclusive streaming partner for the English Premier League in Australia, the CEO of Optus has pledged to boost the streaming capabilities of the company’s broadband network to enable HD and even 4K streams possible.

JB Hi-Fi Is Selling A 55-Inch 4K Sony TV For Under $1500

Mark turned around and asked me, “Is this a good deal?”

I responded by staring and pointing at the monitor. It’s $1000 off. Of course it’s a good deal. Here’s your Christmas TV upgrade.

Samsung's ATIV Book 9 Pro Is A 4K Super Laptop

At CES 2015, Samsung introduced the ATIV Book 9 laptop, carrying a Core M chip within a super thin, light chassis. Now, Samsung is upgrading with the ATIV Book 9 Pro, and as the “pro” name suggests, it’s got all the hardware goodies, including new sixth-generation Intel processors at a crazy, pixel-filled 4K display.

The Latest In TV Technology: 4K, OLED, Netflix And Beyond

Gizmodo Video Guide: LCD TVs. OLED flat screens. Big screen Netflix. Ultra High Definition! This video will help you understand the latest entertainment tech for your lounge room.

DJI Osmo Hands-On: A 4K Cam For Super Steady Video, No Skill Required

From amateur to professional, insane amounts of time and effort are spent trying to achieve smooth and steady video footage. DJI’s new Osmo handheld gimbal and 4K camera is meant to be the easiest and quickest path to gorgeous, silky-smooth shots.

LG Is Making More OLED TVs, And They're Getting Cheaper

OLEDs are often seen as the holy grail for TVs, but high prices have kept them out the hands of most consumers. But now with growing demand and better technology and yield rates, you can pick up a large screen model for the price of a second hand car, instead of a new car!

Bargain Big Screen TVs: What You Need To Know

Gizmodo Video Guide:As more and more Ultra High Definition (UHD) — aka 4K — TVs arrive in stores, big screen 1080p flat screens are also getting cheaper. Let’s explore some of the specs available to thrifty buyers.

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