SanDisk's Ridiculous New 512GB SD Card Costs $US800

SD cards are everywhere now, and you can get them on the cheap. But SanDisk is not interesting “on the cheap” with the announcement of some crazy, insanely high-capacity flash memory that is more expensive than the camera you put it in.

Here's Some Great 4K Space Porn To Test Your Expensive Display

Like space timelapses? Spend a lot of money on monitors and TVs? Then today is your lucky day, because this time-lapse, shot by astronaut Alexander Gerst, will let you enjoy both at once. (It also looks perfectly lovely on a normal display too.)

That Wonderful Sony Short Throw 4K Projector Costs As Much As Two Cars

If you love short-throw projectors and hate money, you can officially purchase Sony’s delightful short throw 4K projector for a grand total of $US50,000 dollars. But only if you live in the New York area.

The First 4K OLED TV You Can Buy Will Cost $12,000

OLED has taken its sweet time to arrive in 4K sets, but now LG has announced that the first such set is about to go on sale. And this thing looks good enough to fall in love with.

This Panoramic 4K Timelapse Of Dubai Airport Is Mesmerising

A busy airport at night is a beautiful thing to see in action. This video, though, takes that to a whole new level, showing a 360-degree timelapse panorama of Dubai International Airport in 4K. It is utterly, oddly compelling.

Sony's First Curved 4K TV Takes A More Subtle Approach

First, there was only LG and Samsung. Now, Sony has joined the growing curved 4K TV fray. With the Bravia S90, Sony showcases its take on the future of the living room, and it’s definitely a future I want to be part of.

Sony BRAVIA X9500B 4K TV: Australian Review

Big TVs are great. Big, smart TVs are even better. Big, smart, ultra-detailed TVs are basically heaven. Sony has a new $20,000 4K Ultra HD telly that is, for my money, the best TV you can buy today. I spent a day with Sony’s 85-inch BRAVIA X9500B, and it was quite fun.

Samsung UD590 4K Monitor: Australian Review

The current crop of 4K monitors have a lot going on — they have to compromise on price, size, design and image quality all at the same time. You can either pay peanuts and get a monkey, or pay through the nose and get something unquestionably brilliant. Samsung’s new 28-inch UD590 4K monitor balances a number of spinning plates to get the compromise just right.

Panasonic GH4 Vs Sony A7s: The Most-Anticipated Video Slingers, Compared

The Sony A7s and the Panasonic GH4 will be compelling options for people who want to shoot video without dropping a fortune on a pro video rig. Both cameras have unique features and represent some really cool advances in video shooting. While we’re busy reviewing them, we wanted to serve up a quick comparison of the two in bare form.

Panasonic FZ1000: A Large-Sensor Super Zoom That Shoots 4K Video

Since Sony released the RX10 last year, there have been exactly zero competitors to rival that camera’s stellar lens quality, zoom reach, and sensor size. It redefined what a “bridge camera” could be. Panasonic is the next company to realise the advantage of bringing large sensor image quality to a fixed long range zoom.

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