PC Gaming At 4K Is The Killer App For Ultra HD TVs

If you’re an enthusiastic PC gamer, there is a legitimately good reason to buy a new Ultra HD TV. Consoles look good at 4K, but it’s PCs that do the most to show off the potential of the new display tech. Last Friday, I played Project CARS on LG’s new curved Ultra HD OLED TV, in glorious 4K. (4K and Ultra HD are the same thing, of course — it’s all just a marketing term for the 3840x2160pixel resolution standard.) Bandai Namco was running a special preview of the racing title, now due to be released in March next year, to show off the LG TV’s gaming abilities, so I went along to give a Formula 1 car a test drive around Mount Panorama.

LG 65EC970T Curved Ultra HD OLED TV: Australian Review

TVs are getting more and more advanced as this year goes on. We’ve seen curved screens, OLED panels and 4K pixel density popping up all over the place, from a bunch of different brands. But we haven’t seen all three in one TV that you can actually go out and buy. LG’s newest top-of-the-line 65-inch EC970T panel is curved, has a ridiculously high-res Ultra HD 4K resolution, and uses unique OLED tech for infinite contrast — and it is, at the moment, the perfect TV.

All That 4K Netflix Content Now Comes At A Price

The biggest problem with 4K displays is that they lack content that actually takes advantage of all those extra pixels, but when Netflix introduced House of Cards, along with other titles, as supporting 4K, it was certainly a step in the right direction. Now, that the streaming company’s adoption is underway, it’s about time you paid for it.

Video Proof That Slow Motion In 4K Makes Everything Look Cooler

Video: Skateboarding, motorcycling, breakdancing, doing gymnastics — all of those sports already look awesome in real time. But if you record them with a Phantom at 1000FPS slow motion in beautiful 4K, they become so epic that you wish life came with a slow motion button too. Watch.

Stunningly Beautiful Chemical Reactions Captured On Video

Video: Watching these tiny chemical reactions magnified is like getting into a fantastic world of colours, textures and geometric shapes. It’s part of a series of stunning short videos that glamorise chemistry with the intention of making it more interesting to the public.

TVs Explained: An Introduction To 4K Ultra High Definition

Gizmodo Video Guide: One of the factors you need to consider when buying a new big screen TV is whether or not you want to get into Ultra HD (4K) resolutions. But what exactly does that mean? This beginner’s guide is a great place to start.

SanDisk's Ridiculous New 512GB SD Card Costs $US800

SD cards are everywhere now, and you can get them on the cheap. But SanDisk is not interesting “on the cheap” with the announcement of some crazy, insanely high-capacity flash memory that is more expensive than the camera you put it in.

Here's Some Great 4K Space Porn To Test Your Expensive Display

Like space timelapses? Spend a lot of money on monitors and TVs? Then today is your lucky day, because this time-lapse, shot by astronaut Alexander Gerst, will let you enjoy both at once. (It also looks perfectly lovely on a normal display too.)

That Wonderful Sony Short Throw 4K Projector Costs As Much As Two Cars

If you love short-throw projectors and hate money, you can officially purchase Sony’s delightful short throw 4K projector for a grand total of $US50,000 dollars. But only if you live in the New York area.

The First 4K OLED TV You Can Buy Will Cost $12,000

OLED has taken its sweet time to arrive in 4K sets, but now LG has announced that the first such set is about to go on sale. And this thing looks good enough to fall in love with.

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