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These 3D Faces Distorted Beyond Normality Are The Stuff Of Nightmares

As 3D animation become more life-like, even the most skilled artists struggle to get human movement just right. But what happens when you throw out any attempts at accuracy in the pursuit of the exceptionally bizarre? I’d say this video here does an excellent job of showing the results of such an endeavour.

Every Horrible Wrinkle Is Visible In Microsoft's 3D Modelling Software

Even if your skin resembles a dewy peach more than Daniel-Craig-as-Mikael-Blomkvist, be worried: Microsoft’s 3D modelling is the most advanced ever built; capable of showing every wrinkle in your face. Naturally, it could be added to Kinect in the future.

Snap 2D Photos Of An Object, Turn Them Into A 3D Model

This could be the most important design advancement in years. Not since the Pantone colour-capturer have you been able to preserve something from your travels and recreate it at home as a 3D model. Hook up a 3D printer, and…

3D Face Modelling Software Generates Your Visage With Single Photo

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At Waseda University, researchers are developing a 3D face generation process that requires no special equipment. It combines 3D measurement data from thousands of faces with a single photograph to extrapolate what your features will look like, cheaply and quickly.

Attention, Ice Sculptors: This 3D Modelling Robot Is Gunning For Your Job

I am sorry to report that the latest profession to be made obsolete by robots is ice sculpting. The cold-hearted explanation follows:

3D Scanning, A Webcam's Latest Trick

We’ve seen cameras do all kinds of crazy things. DIY 3D photography, augmented reality, and now this demo by Qi Pan shows how an ordinary webcam can model objects in 3D.

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