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4G In Australia Explained

1800MHz? 2100MHz? 700MHz? What frequencies are Australian 4G networks on right now, and what does the future hold? Here’s what you need to know.

Lifehacker 101 Explains LTE And 4G For Beginners

Telstra’s announcement this week that it will roll out a new long term evolution (LTE) mobile network has put LTE firmly back in the headlines. But just what is an LTE network, can it really be described as a 4G network, and why should you care?

Five Reasons Why Telstra's LTE Network Is Great News

Overnight at Mobile World Congress, Telstra announced that they would be launching an LTE network using the 1800MHz spectrum. Here are five reasons why this is brilliant news:

Telstra Launching 4G LTE Network This Year

Despite having the best HSPA network in the world, Telstra has just announced that it plans on taking it up a notch and going 4G, launching an LTE network in capital cities and certain regional hubs around the country using the 1800MHz spectrum.

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