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Deals: Learn Game Development Skills And Save Up To 99%

Got game? Save hundreds on the Pay What You Want: Hardcore Game Dev Bundle and take your hot new game idea from dream to reality. For a limited time only, Gizmodo Australia readers are invited to pay any amount they wish for two great game developer courses. If you choose to ‘Beat the Average Price’, however, you get the entire ten course bundle for maximum value.

Kaspersky Has A New Tool To Decrypt .Crypt Ransomware Files

If you’ve fallen victim to the CryptXXX ransomware, security vendor Kaspersky Lab has just come out with a tool that can unlocked your encrypted files so you don’t have to pay a ransom to recover them. Here are the details.

How To Turn A Supply Ship Into A $81.6 Million Luxury Yacht

Most million-dollar luxury yachts just look like giant versions of the cabin cruisers you can find at a local marina. The Kilkea, however, is based on a supply vessel platform, so it has a unique industrial look to it. But with an estimated price tag of $US62 million ($81.6 million), it promises to be far more luxurious than a freighter.

Buckminster Fuller's Biosphere Dome Might Get A Twin Made Of Plants

Montreal’s Expo 67 was the most successful World’s Fair in history, a vision of the future laced with monorails and space-age architecture. Its stunning centrepiece was the Biosphere, a 76m tall geodesic dome designed by Buckminster Fuller, which remained on the site after the fair left town. For the 50th anniversary of the Expo, one designer wants a vegetated version of the dome to rise next to the original.

It's About Time Someone Redesigned Crutches To Be Comfortable

Using a set of crutches while recovering from an injury is a minor inconvenience. But for anyone with physical challenges that require longterm crutch use, the devices can be a major barrier. This well-done redesign finally makes crutches more comfortable to use, and gives the user more freedom of movement.

It's Time For Android And Chrome OS To Merge

The future of computing is hybrid. Phones have become tablets. Tablets have become desktop computers with keyboards. Hell, Microsoft even made Windows phones powerful enough to be used as full-fledged PCs. Bottom line: A gadget in 2016 needs to be flexible. That’s why Google bringing every single Android app to Chrome would be such a big deal.

This Music Video Will Mess You Up In The Head

Video: If you prefer to ease into your morning with a little email, or some light filing, then you might not want to watch the music video for Tilt Six’s latest track. Directed by Kota Yamaji, the video an absolute mind-trip, complete with some possibly NSFW CGI nudity. Trust me — that skin will be the least upsetting part for your coworkers.

The New Tokyo 2020 Olympics Logo Hopefully Isn't a Rip-Off

Finding a logo for Tokyo’s 2020 Summer Olympics has been a difficult process, fraught with delays, plagiarism and U-turns. But after having to scrap one official logo, the event’s organiser’s have revealed this new one. Hopefully it’s original this time.

Make Your Windows 10 Wallpaper Look Instantly Better With One Small Tweak

If you’ve got your PC running on a big ol’ monitor or TV, chances are you take a little care with the wallpaper you use as your Windows background. But straight out of the box, Windows backgrounds are actually slightly compressed, and that can destroy the fine image detail you’re expecting to see. Here’s how to fix that little issue.

Why Do Wind Turbines Have Three Blades?

Video: There’s diminishing returns when it comes to adding more blades to a wind turbine, however fewer blades mean the turbine would have to spin faster, which is apparently not a very good thing when it comes to controlling a turbine. That’s basically why we settled on the three-bladed wind turbine system. I think it also looks coolest?

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