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The World's Dumbest Travel Pillow Looks Like A Torture Device

We’re all more or less dead on the inside while we travel, and now the latest offering from Kickstarter is here to make sure we look dead on the outside, too.

Seeing How Records Get Made From Beginning To End Is Still Charming

Video: The making of a record isn’t exactly a big mystery but there’s still a bit of old magic in seeing music get put to wax in a factory where the metal gets etched and the vinyl gets stamped out. Super Deluxe took its stoned mode camera into one of these vinyl stamping factories and recorded all the good stuff. Sometimes it looks like they’re making Captain America’s shield and other times it looks like they’re mixing paint dye, but they’re all steps into giving the world better sounding music.

Space-Saving Sofa Bed Features Extra Furniture Hidden Inside

Micro apartments and tiny but well designed living spaces are all the rage right now. Most people living in tiny apartments do so because they’re cheap, and don’t have the money to turn their homes into an urban transformer. So they need to find other clever ways to maximise their limited space, like with a two-in-one sofa bed with extra furniture hidden inside.

Deals: This Linux Training Bundle Will Boost Your Tech Chops

Used in smartphones, servers, and even gaming platforms, Linux is an open-source operating system favored across the tech industry. And that means Linux experts are in high demand. The Linux Essentials Bundle can turn even the greenest coder into a tech pro, and it’s now just $50.70 AUD [$39 USD].

9 Inspiring Tech Entrepreneurs (That Also Happen To Be Women)

Recent research out of Harvard Business found women in the technology sector have 50 per cent less access to funding, and only 7 per cent of venture capitalist money supporting their products — but the women who are financed typically perform 63 per cent better than their male counterparts.

There are a growing number of initiatives actively impacting the gender disparity in the tech sector — from Girls Who Code to Female Founders Fund — but we don’t hear about the success stories from these initiatives often enough. Let’s take a moment to highlight the careers of nine female entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Deals: Complete 2016 Learn to Code Bonus Bundle, Now Over 90% Off

The tech industry is still booming, and employers are willing to pay big for coding experts. Experienced or not, you can make your way into one of these high-paying positions with training from the Complete 2016 Learn to Code Bonus Bundle, now on sale for only $84.50 AUD [$65 USD].

Living In An Aeroplane Hangar Isn't Such A Bad Idea

Video: Adam Kalkin is an architect in New Jersey who found the smartest way to expand his home: Cover it in a bigger house.

New Software Can Perfectly Forge Handwriting

You’re probably already overly-anxious about protecting your identity online, but researchers at the University College London don’t feel that’s enough to worry about. So they have developed new software that can perfectly replicate anyone’s handwriting — dead or alive — making it easy to forge signatures and notes.

Google Announces Desktop Chrome Apps Are Getting The Boot

Google isn’t one to flog a dead horse. In fact, the company is happy to sink its projects if they’re failing to perform, despite how popular they appear to be. Packaged Chrome apps are next on Google’s hitlist, with the announcement yesterday that they’ll be phased out over the next 12-24 months.

Windows Update Breaks Millions Of Cameras And People Are Pissed

Microsoft’s first big Anniversary Update for Windows 10 went live earlier this month. With it came improved pen performance, new Cortana features and an all around better Windows. Two weeks later, it’s become clear that the Anniversary update has some big problems. First, some users were plagued with a system-wide freeze after logging into Windows, and now Paul Thurrott reports that the OS is killing certain webcams.

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