Watch Out For This Text That Kills Chrome On A Mac

Do not click on the link in the next paragraph if you are using Chrome on a Mac. Or you can, but it will immediately cause the tab that the link opens in to crash. The page contains a special string of 13 characters, which make Chrome for Mac go haywire.

These Portraits Are Drawn Only With Eye-Tracking Software

Graham Fink is an artist with an incredible ability to concentrate. He must be: he manages to draw images like these by subtly shifting his gaze around a screen, recording those movements using eye-tracking software.

Our Favourite Android, iOS And Windows Phone Apps Of The Week

It’s been a big week for apps, as is usually the case during SXSW — though arguably the biggest news came from Nintendo announcing its long-awaited entry into smartphone gaming. But there were lots of new great apps there worth talking about it. Here are some of our favourites.

Chrome And Firefox Users Make Better Employees

Have you ever griped at your company’s IT department for forcing you to use Internet Explorer? Chances are, you weren’t being difficult: you were just trying to be a better employee.

Meerkat And The Problem With Parasite Apps

Austin’s South-by-Southwest used to be a music festival, but now it’s an app happening. It’s where Twitter started, as SXSW organisers love to remind us; and this year’s app headliner is Meerkat, a live streaming app built for Twitter. At least, it used to be. And that’s where things get interesting — or broken, depending on your point of view.

All Your Favourite Apps Can Soon Tap Into Google Now

In January, Google announced a limited Google Now pilot program, integrating 40 third-party apps with its popular digital secretary. At SXSW this weekend, Google’s director of product management Aparna Chennapragada said they will soon be opening the doors to any app that’s interested.

Our Favourite Android, iOS And Windows Phone Apps Of The Week

Welcome to another week and another roundup of apps. Android adds apps to get the most out of your smartphone, iOS plays a little catch-up and nabs some super great apps from other operating systems, and Windows Phone chimes in with two neat additions. They’re all here and they’re all free. Check ‘em out.

Use Google Now To Let Your Family Know When You Get Home

Google Now has more than one trick up its sleeve. If you’re prepared to take a few minutes to set it up, you can have a card display whenever a family member arrives at home (or work). Here’s how to get the feature activated on your device.

Google Now Tells You If Your Flight Will Have WI-Fi

Snagging in-flight Wi-Fi can be somewhat of a lottery. Now, Google will let you find out before you fly if your aeroplane will provide you with data as you cruise through the skies.

Microsoft's Digital Assistant Cortana Is Likely Headed To Android, iOS 

Microsoft’s answer to Siri is powerful and increasingly pervasive. Now, reports Reuters, the company is working on an advanced version “using research from an artificial intelligence project called ‘Einstein'”, and it’s set to appear on Android and iOS.