Mailbox For Mac Arrives In Beta Today To Redeem Your Email

Back in April, Mailbox promised it would be bring a beta version of its popular mobile email client to Mac. Today, it delivered on that promise. Users who have signed up for the public beta as well as select Mailbox users will be given access to the beta in a rollout process. The team hasn’t announced any firm date when the final version will be released.

Oh Dear, A Startup Is Snapchatting The News

There’s a startup called NowThisNews that delivers the news du jour in short videos embedded on their site and mobile apps. But these days, apparently that’s not enough. So the Awl has noticed, now in addition, NowThisNews is sending out news bulletins via Snapchat. Abandon all hope.

Google's Awesome 360-Panorama Photo Sphere App Comes To iOS

Since making its debut on Android a little over a year ago, Photo Sphere has been one of those “Hey, look what my phone can do!” things that Android users have lorded over their non-Android friends. But today Google is opening the doors to iPhone users with the Photo Sphere Camera app of iOS. This is good news for those of us who love looking at these awesome images.

Morpholio Board Lets You Redecorate A Room Right From Your iPad

Morpholio Board 1.0 was a powerful design app geared almost entirely for professionals. Board 2.0 is a digital sketchpad anyone can use to dabble in design, clipping images from anywhere on the web to create a customised rendering that’s smarter and more interactive than any sketchbook.

A Sneaky Mum App Locks Smartphones And Is An Angsty Teen's Nightmare

What can only be described as the “end of days” for angsty teens eager to escape the yoke of overbearing parents, a new $2 Android app called Ignore No More turns any misbehaving miscreants’ smartphone into a really, really dumb phone. In fact once locked, it can only do two things — call 911 or call mum.

Microsoft Thought About Renaming Internet Explorer To Escape Its Bad Rep

What do you think of when you think of Internet Explorer? Unsupported error messages, crashing, grandparents, death’s sweet embrace — generally not-great things. And the people who brought you IE know that, which is why they actually considered changing its name to something — anything — else.

Sounds Of Street View Lets You Listen To Google Maps

When Google launched its Street View experiment in 2007, it was an ambitious plan. It promised to give us all a more familiar POV of the world rather than Google Maps’ familiar bird’s eye vantage point, and six years later we can travel to thousands of locales, scale Mount Everest or meander down Diagon Alley.

With A Brand New API, Uber Is About To Be Everywhere

You can request an Uber directly from the Google Maps app on your phone. Heck, you might even be able to order a car directly from Facebook Messenger. So why not other apps? It seems like you could start doing that as soon as next month. Sources tell TechCrunch that Uber plans to launch an API soon.

Yo Is Dead, Long Live Yo

On an unassuming Winter’s night, August 12, 2014, an irreverent, young mobile app named Yo left this world behind for the great, polysyllabic beyond. It was four months old.

Facebook Will Now Crash 50% Less Often On iOS

I don’t know why you would use the official Facebook app on the iPhone — Paper’s fabulous — but just in case you do, you’ll be happy to know that Facebook has squashed a pretty major bug that reduces crash rates by 50 per cent.