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Here's How Those Big Store Signs Are Made

Video: Here’s how channel signs — basically those big signs that hang above stores and restaurants across the world — are made. The Science Channel gives us a sneak of the way things are done and it’s surprising that so much of it still requires the help of a human. It’s not all robots! And it’s actually a lot more work to shape vinyl and aluminium into letters and logos than you’d think.

Office Supplies Turn This 3D-Printed Plastic Tube Into A Throwable Dart

There are blogs, books and endless YouTube videos dedicated to re-purposing office supplies into everything but productivity tools. But with this 3D-printed plastic tube you can easily turn a thumbtack, a few sticky notes and your office’s cork board into a game of darts.

You Can Now Look As Dashing As Poe Dameron In This Star Wars Replica Jacket

OK so the innate handsomeness of being Oscar Isaac isn’t included, but just as Poe’s jacket suited Finn, we’re sure anyone wearing this would get a Dameron seal of “Damn, looking good” approval. It’s that nice a jacket.

Delicate Robotic Fingers Pick Up Fragile Objects Using Electrostatic Force

Ask most robots to pick up an egg and you end up with… a broken egg. But this pair of automated fingers uses an incredibly delicate thin film and some simple physics to grasp fragile objects with relative ease.

Designers Will Knit A Neon Rope Canopy Over MoMA's Concrete Courtyard This Summer

Each winter the Museum of Modern Art’s Queens outpost, PS1, chooses an up-and-coming designer to create a temporary installation in its courtyard. These have ranged from a fortress of used skateboards to towers of bricks grown from fungus. This year, it’s a colourful crocheted net.

What's Up With Uber's New Logo? 

That’s Uber’s new logo which isn’t a stylised “u” anymore. Which is a weird choice that doesn’t seem at all connected with the name of the brand.

An Australian Fire-Resistant Bag Is A Non-Solution To The Exploding Hoverboard Problem

An Australian company believes it has come up with a way to finally make hoverboards safe — or at least safer. But instead of addressing the issue of faulty batteries and shoddy electronics, it’s instead created a bag that it claims will safely contain your hoverboard’s inevitable meltdown.

Jewellery Made From An Actual SR-71 Blackbird Is Cool As Hell

Any old jerk can wear a fancy ring, but how many people can say their bling was made from materials that once flew at mach 3.2+ on the famed Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird spy plane? Now that’s some provenance.

MIT Wins Hyperloop Prototype Design Competition

Over the weekend, a thousand American high school and university students congregated at Texas A&M University to pitch prototype design ideas for Elon Musk’s Hyperloop. The winning team from MIT will build a vehicle to be tested by Musk & Co.

To Get Customers Acclimated To Rotary Telephones, Theatres Played This PSA

Video: Telephones got their start in the late nineteenth century, connected through exchanges. In the early twentieth century, however, Bell introduced a new dial system, and needed to tell callers how to use it.

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