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This Milk Lasts Up To Nine Weeks Without Spoiling

Refrigerated pasteurised milk typically lasts about two to three weeks before turning into a wretched hive of scum and villainy. A new process developed by researchers at Purdue University extends the shelf life of milk up to 63 days — and without the benefit of added chemicals.

Mysterious Dark Matter Remains Maddeningly Elusive

The hunt for the elusive dark matter received yet another blow yesterday at an international conference in Sheffield, England. Scientists with the Large Underground Xenon (LUX) dark matter experiment announced that they found no hints of dark matter particles in their latest analysis, despite increasing the sensitivity of the experiment fourfold for its final run.

Can Harry Potter Affect This US Presidential Election? 

What do the Harry Potter universe and Donald Trump have in common — besides Voldemort I mean? Not much, but a study out of the University of Pennsylvania suggests that one may be used as a sort of protection spell against the other.

A Group Of Astronauts Is Living Under The Sea For Two Weeks To Experience Life On Mars

A crew of NASA and ESA astronauts and researchers has arrived at underwater laboratory, Aquarius. They will be using the underwater conditions to simulate a crewed trip to Mars.

An Enormous Green Blob Just Bubbled Out Of A Storm Drain In Utah

Residents of Bluffdale, Utah received quite a shock yesterday when an enormous blob of pale green foam sprung forth, seemingly out of nowhere, from a roadside irrigation gate.

Dang, Look At This Huge Whale Shark

Video: To be fair, whale sharks don’t come in any size other than “huge”. That’s kind of their thing, being that they’re the largest fish species on Earth. How huge are they? How does approximately 12m long and 20,400kg strike you?

Librarians Find Time Capsule From 1962, Eat Food Inside For Some Reason

Regular readers of Gizmodo know I’m constantly on the hunt for interesting time capsules. But I draw the line at putting your life on the line for a good time capsule story. Especially if it involves something called a “survival biscuit”.

This Bouncy Siberian Soil Is A Troubling Sign For Our Planet

Siberia, land of frozen lion cubs and inexplicable craters, is in the news again this week thanks to yet another wacky natural phenomenon. Is the ground supposed to bounce like that? Not really, but there’s a likely explanation: Lots and lots of gas.

Imagine Coming Face-to-Face With This Horrifying 'Megaraptor'

Despite their diminutive size, raptors were among the most terrifying dinosaurs to menace the Cretaceous Period. But as the discovery of a new dinosaur called Murusraptor shows, their plus-sized versions, aptly known as “megaraptors”, were considerably worse.

African Honey-Hunters Communicate With These Wild Birds To Find Hives

A little brown bird in sub-Saharan Africa known as the greater honeyguide is known to cooperate with humans to locate honey-rich bees’ nests. The bird calls out to honey hunters and then leads them to the nests. Now there is evidence that the communication goes both ways. In a new paper published today in Science, South African researchers report that the birds seem to recognise and respond to human calls in turn.

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