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Gravitational Wave Scientists Win $3.9 Million For Being Awesome

Earlier this year, scientists confirmed the presence of gravitational waves, a cosmological feature first predicted by Albert Einstein. In recognition of this remarkable achievement, the scientists involved in the study have won the $US3 million ($3.9 million) Special Breakthrough Prize.

Why Brave New World Is No Longer The Terrifying Dystopia It Used To Be

Brave New World used to be one of the most terrifying stories about a false utopia. It gave us the concept of “test tube babies,” and its name became synonymous with technological progress run wild. But many of the things Aldous Huxley predicted are coming true, and it turns out they’re not so scary.

Your Shitty Brain Is Scared Of Invisible Stuff For No Reason

You’re not often aware of it, but there’s bloatware embedded in the operating system between your ears.

Occasionally, it’s useful, but for the most part, it’s vestigial dead weight. These are the pre-installed cognitive systems that make me like shiny things, because some hairy ancestors were once naturally selected for their ability to find life-giving, shimmering water. And, I have an amusingly visceral fear of snorkelling, despite my ‘don’t breathe underwater’ instinct being made redundant by snorkels.

Europe And Russia Push Back Next Mars Rover Mission To 2020

Space agencies in Europe and Russia have sadly announced that their next mission to the surface of Mars with a rover will be delayed by two years, from 2018 to 2020.

Solar Impulse Safely Made It To Arizona

After restarting its bid to fly around the world last week, the team behind the all-electric solar-powered aeroplane Solar Impulse has now made it from California to Arizona.

Ukraine's Dnieper River Is Like A Work Of Art From Space

Image Cache: Astronaut Tim Kopra is currently orbiting Earth as part of the Expedition 36 and 37 missions, and snapped this fantastic image of Ukraine’s Dnieper River as he passed overhead last night.

Australia's Budget Expected To Create Over 3,600 Hi-Tech Jobs In Defence

“Big improvements in the nation’s defence capability also support innovation and skills development in advanced technologies,” Scott Morrison said in his 2016-17 budget speech this evening. The 2016 Defence White Paper has revealed an additional $29.9 billion budgeted for Defence, and brings investment in capability to an “unprecedented” $195 billion over the decade to 2025-26.

On the shopping list? 12 new “regionally-superior” submarines, nine future frigates and 12 offshore patrol vessels are expected to “drive jobs and growth in the new economy we are building”.

$171 Million To Save The Great Barrier Reef In Today's Budget

Almost $2 billion in the next decade will be spent by Australia’s government to hopefully save the Great Barrier Reef, including $171 million in funding this year to destroy invasive species and address coral bleaching.

The Australian Government Just Announced A $1.1 Billion National Innovation and Science Agenda

“Innovation is critical to Australia’s growth and standard of living,” reads the just-released 2016-2017 Australian Federal Budget. “Supporting innovative firms to seize new opportunities will create competition, access to new markets and employment growth.”

Extreme Heat Will Make Parts Of The Middle East And Africa Uninhabitable By 2050

New research shows that temperatures are set to skyrocket in parts of the Middle East and Africa, making human habitation next to impossible. In a region that’s home to 500 million people, that could trigger a climate-exodus of epic proportions.

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