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The Arctic Looks Drop Dead Gorgeous In This Video

Video: As you grow older, you start realising that you might never get to see certain cities or visit some places around the world. Like, I’m fairly confident that I’ll never visit the Arctic. And, whatever, that’s OK, it’s too cold up there anyway. But my oh my, is it beautiful. It looks almost unreal — the white of the ice looks completely pristine and the structures just look untouched.

Map Of America's River Basins Show The Nation's Hidden Beauty

Image Cache: As the US election nears, America can at times feel like a hideous and hateful place. Let this map of the United States’ river basins made by Imgur user Fejetlenfej remind you that, at the very least, it can be beautiful. Fejetlenfej — a geographer who sells their maps on Etsy — created the image using QGIS software, which is an open-source geographic information system. The map depicts both “the permanent and temporary streams and rivers,” the creator explained. They divided the streams into catchment areas, which show when rainfall flows into a river, lake or reservoir. Using the Strahler Stream Order Classification, which is a system used by geologists to define stream sizes, Fejetlenfej explained that on the map, “the higher the stream order, the thicker the line”.

House Of Tomorrow From 1933 Declared US National Treasure, Will Be Restored

When the House of Tomorrow was completed in 1933 it gave visitors a sneak peek at the shiny, optimistic future that was to come — all 12 sides of it. Today, this relic of the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair sits in disrepair. But preservationists are hoping to change that with the announcement of a new campaign to restore the house to its former glory.

Watching A Slug Going Up A Wall In Timelapse Is The Only Way To Watch A Slug

Video: Slugs should be so much cooler to watch. They have antennae that wriggle around and their method of forward motion is weird. But they are just so damn slow. You feel the slug’s pain and respect its patience but you don’t really want to look very long. Whether it’s moving at 20x or 40x, timelapse is truly the way to watch a slug do its thing.

Freaky Blue Leaves Allow Plants To Thrive In Shade

When it comes to converting sunlight into food, plants overwhelming prefer the colour green. However, new research shows that at least one particular shrub defies this convention, sprouting blue leaves that do a remarkably good job of capturing sunlight when there’s very little to go around.

Creepy Millipede With 414 Legs And Four Penises Will Haunt Your Nightmares

Researchers have uncovered a new species of millipede that boasts an impressive array of features guaranteed to make you squirm.

US Court Says Animals Can Be Listed As Threatened If Climate Change Poses A Risk

In a groundbreaking precedent that will likely be felt for decades to come, a federal appeals court in the US has ruled that a species can be listed as “threatened” based on climate change projections.

A Major Climate Threshold Has Been Permanently Crossed

For the first time in human history, atmospheric CO2 concentrations exceeded 400 parts per million (ppm) in 2015. They’re expected to do so again this year, and every subsequent year for many generations to come, according to a new report issued by the World Meteorological Organisation.

Harvard Researchers Print World's First Heart-On-A-Chip

Scientists may soon be able to conduct experiments on hearts without needing once-living tissue and muscle from animals. In a new study published today in Nature Materials, Harvard University researchers announced they have created the first 3D-printed heart-on-a-chip capable of collecting data about how reliably a heart is beating.

Big Muscles Make You Smarter

This might finally be what motivates me to work out.

New results from a recent trial led by the University of Sydney has revealed increased muscle strength leads to improved brain function.

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