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Ancient Mars Was Wetter And Warmer Than We Ever Realised

New data collected by the Curiosity rover shows that Mars was once quite Earth-like, featuring river deltas, lakes, and a warm climate. What’s more, the Red Planet may have been able to sustain liquid water at the surface long enough for life to emerge and evolve.

New, Ultrafast Swimming Drones Are Tiny Ocean Explorers

The future of drones isn’t in the skies. It’s in the ocean. That’s what the OpenROV team proved in 2012 with their wildly successful remote-controlled ocean-going drone (complete with underwater camera). And now they’re back with the Trident, a sleeker, faster model — which I took for a test swim last week at San Francisco’s Aquarium of the Bay.

Disrupting Australia’s Power Supply: Your Home's Future On (Or Off) The Grid

The announcement of Tesla’s Powerwall recently made waves for its huge potential to change the way we use — and generate — electricity, but did you know that Australian consumers have already started changing the power dynamic?

5 Ideas That Could Change The Future Of Trains

The Subway, the El, the Tube, the Métro: Trains have been transporting humans around cities since 1863. But too many public transit systems still run like they’re stuck in the 19th century. That needs to change.

NASA Needs Your Help Testing Its New Space Suits

As Matt Damon has proved beyond doubt, wandering around on Mars takes one hell of a cool space suit. NASA’s current suits — and suit-testing protocols — aren’t up to snuff and it wants your help making something better.

What Are The Unwritten Rules Of Winning A Nobel Prize?

The Nobel Prizes are the “Oscars of Science,” making waves not only in the scientific community, but the lay community as well. Everyone knows there are unofficial rules to adhere to if you want to win an Oscar. Are there similar rules for the Nobels? We asked a Nobel predictor and one of the “pickers” for a prize, the winners of which tend to win Nobels, to give us the skinny on the nonscientific factors that go into picking the winner of a science prize.

We Asked A NASA Botanist To Help Us Design A Better Farm On Mars Than The Martian's 

In The Martian, Mark Watney claims to be “the great botanist” on Mars — but is he really? Join us as we go down the rabbit hole to try and claim the greatest fictional Martian farmer crown for ourselves.

This Incredible Fossil Of An Ancient Horse Still Contains Its Unborn Foal

Palaeontologists in Germany have identified the fossilised remains of a horse-like animal that dates back 48 million years. Remarkably, the fossil still contains its unborn foal and traces of soft tissue — leading scientists to call it the earliest and best-preserved specimen of its kind.

This Extinct Penguin Was The Best Animal To Waddle The Earth

There are many advantages to being alive today, but there is one disadvantage — we missed out on seeing the best animal ever. Thirty-seven million years ago, the oceans and land were patrolled by a two-metre tall penguin.

A Beautiful 10-Minute Film On The Current State Of Neuroscience

The brain is one of the most-studied — and most complex — things on the planet, so it can be hard to keep up with what the current state of neuroscience is. This 10-minute video does a wonderful job of explaining.

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