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Satellite Images Show The Extent Of Puerto Rico's Huge Blackout

Earlier this week, a fire at a power plant in Puerto Rico set off a series of failures across the island’s ageing electrical grid. These before-and-after pics from space show what it looks like when 1.5 million customers suddenly lose power.

FDA Wants An App To Help Solve Opiate Overdoses

Among the many ways to combat a drug epidemic, an app competition is easily the strangest.

The Apocalypse Will Probably Begin With An Onslaught Of Tumbleweeds Just Like This

Video: A single tumbleweed crossing your path is already a telltale sign that something is about to go down. So what about when hundreds of tumbleweeds getting blown every which way right in front of you? Yeah, that’s when you know the world is about to end. There’s no other acceptable explanation.

This Gigantic Working Clock Is Actually A Fleet Of Trucks Driving In Circles

Video: To maximise profit, tractor trailers need to stay on the road for as long as possible. So to show off the performance and reliability of its vehicles, truck-maker Scania had 14 of its vehicles, manned by 90 drivers working around the clock, circle an empty airport for 24 hours straight to create a gigantic real-time clock when viewed from the air.

Tilt-Shift Effect Makes Entire Galaxies Look Adorably Tiny

Image Cache: Tilt-shift lenses can make whole cities look like desktop miniatures through some amazing optical trickery. Unfortunately, we don’t have any of them up in space, but it hasn’t stopped some cosmic creatives from trying to mimic the effect on photos taken by NASA, ESO and other space research groups.

Gorgeous Video Shows Crystals Forming From Up Close

Video: Chemistry sure is a pretty science, especially in macro. Just check out the stunning crystallisation process of things like potassium chromate, sodium chloride and ammonium chloride. Each one is totally unique and packs its own flair — you don’t know how it’s going to end up until it’s finished. The colours, the structure, the wild design, they’re all basically their own precious little snowflake.

These Deep Space Images Reveal A New Type Of Galaxy

Hubble’s deep field images have provided the farthest glimpses we’ve ever had of galaxies in spaces. Combining those images with a new telescope view has revealed that there are even more galaxies there than we knew — including a mysterious, new type of galaxy.

Horses Can Use Symbols To Communicate Their Desires

By using a message board with three icons, scientists have shown that horses can use symbolic language to convey their preferences. They now join an elite group of animals that exhibit communications once thought exclusive to humans. Others in the group include primates, dolphins and pigeons.

Long Lost Proposal Shows Plan For EPCOT's Cashless City Of The Future

Before Walt Disney’s Epcot was a theme park, it was supposed to be an actual city. With actual humans inside of it around the clock. After Walt died in 1966, the plans for Florida slowly changed. But in a newly uncovered proposal for the park’s computer and communications system in 1968, we can see what might have been.

Our Atmosphere Is Leaking Oxygen And Scientists Don't Know Why

It’s nothing to lose sleep over — really, I promise — but Earth’s atmosphere is leaking oxygen. Atmospheric oxygen levels have dropped by 0.7 per cent over the past 800,000 years, and while scientists aren’t sure why, they’re rather excited about it.

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