Victorian Parliament Porn Ring Exposed

How oppressive is your internet censor at work? I know for a fact that you can’t get onto sites like The Pirate Bay on the Gizmodo internet connection (it was research for a story, honest), but we’ve never thought to check sites that aren’t safe for work. From the looks of things this morning, the censor at Victorian Parliament is pretty strong. Strong enough, at least, to force staffers to reportedly concoct and participate in a porn distribution racket to get around the filter. Ew.

It Stormed In Sydney And Social Media Went Nuts

Image Cache It got a little hairy in Sydney last night, what with one of the largest storms the city has seen in recent memory lashing us up and down the coast. Because nothing happens unless social media is involved these days, the internet went nuts. Here are some of the best posts.

How To Get All Of Your Social Media Updates In One Place

You log into Facebook and check your updates, switch to Twitter to do the same, then to Snapchat, then Instagram, then Tumblr, then WhatsApp, then two or three more. Save yourself from social media fatigue and earn back some productivity points by consolidating all your incoming feeds into one place — here are some ideas about how to go about it.

Google Found A Vulnerability In The SSL Encryption That Keeps Data Safe

While it’s not causing Heartbleed-levels of panic — yet — this news is a little disconcerting: Google has discovered a vulnerability in an older version of SSL, which basically keeps everything we do on the web protected.

Hide All Your Online Activity With A $75 Tor Router

Concerned about someone snooping on your online activities? Tor is one of the best services in the world to anonymise your Web traffic, using a thousands-strong network of computers around the world to bounce your data on the way to its eventual destination, disguising its origin. If you have multiple traffic sources on a network, though, and installing Tor on each isn’t possible, you might be interested in a piece of open source hardware that can do the same job.

Google's New Hangouts Dialer Lets You Call Using Your Mobile Data

Mobile data is, for most people, cheap. It’s cheaper than most mobile plans’ included call credit, especially if you’re calling someone in another country, and especially if you’re on free Wi-Fi. If you have an Android phone, the international might of Google is making it easier for you to place telephone calls, both locally and internationally, without falling prey to your mobile carrier’s convoluted rates.

Dropbox Usernames And Passwords Leak Online: Time To Change Your Logins

Hope you can think of another completely random series of letters and numbers to carry around in your head: usernames and passwords of Dropbox users have leaked online, with the cloud storage service reportedly forcing a reset of every user’s password this afternoon.

This Is Why You Should Care About Privacy

You should care about digital privacy. You really should. If you’re still not convinced though, you should watch this video, in which Glenn Greenwald talks passionately about why it’s so important.

Facebook Now Lets You Put Stickers In Comments, Because Words Are Dead

You know Facebook stickers — the brighter, louder cousin of the common emoji that has thus far been relegated to the world of Messenger? All that’s about to change. Now, we can finally use Facebook stickers in comments to ambiguously say all the things that we’d rather not.

Google Tests Connecting Doctors With Online Patients

The web can be a precarious place to find accurate information regarding your health. With only a list of symptoms to type into a search engine, your mild headache could just be a headache…or the early stages of brain cancer. It’s always best to consult a doctor if you’re concerned and Google is trying to make it easier.

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