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The European Commission Opens Antitrust Investigation Into Google

After much speculation and more than three years in the planning, the European Commission has announced that it is opening a formal investigation into claims of unfair practices by Google.

Game Of Thrones Pirates Offer A Useful Lesson In TV Money Making

HBO’s Game of Thrones simultaneously holds the record for being the most expensive, most successful and yet also the most pirated TV series in history. Episodes from the first four seasons were downloaded more than 7 million times worldwide from 5 Feb to 6 April April 2015, with a 45 oer cent increase from 2014. What can this teach us about how to make money in the new world of TV?

Google Wants Your Email Addresses From Advertisers To Target Ads Better

Google does a lot of things, but perhaps chief amongst them is advertising. It’s perhaps no surprise, then, that it’s apparently now in talks to obtain email addresses from advertisers so that it can target its product pushing more accurately than ever.

Facebook Is Giving Aussies A New Mini Social Network As An Experiment

Remember how Facebook experimented on people and that sucked? This is kind of the opposite of that: Facebook is releasing a new feature just for us that gives Aussies access to a brand new sidebar and a new kind of secret status update. Suck it, America.

Online Extortionists Are Using Encryption As A Ransom Weapon

Most of the time we discuss encryption as a way to protect ourselves online, but an increasingly popular form of digital attack uses it as an extortion tool. Criminals are stealing personal files, encrypting them, and hold them hostage until their targets pay for the decryption key.

The Number Of People Who Fall For Phishing Emails Is Staggering

It’s tempting to view security breaches as the products of mastermind hackers, but a massive report released today reveals the sad reality. Most of the time, breaches are the result of people falling for plain old trick emails.

Rise Of The VPN: Aussie Pirates Turn To Hiding Their Tracks Online

The assault on illegal downloaders by the movie industry last week was put forward as a form of making a highly visible example of a few individuals in an attempt to change public behaviour. Sadly for the likes of Voltage Pictures, it doesn’t seem to have worked.

Rabid Top Gear Fans Force Female Host Off Twitter After Hosting Rumour

The big question for fans of cocking about and cars these days is who is going to take over from Jeremy Clarkson as host of Top Gear. One hosting rumour got out of control, however, and now the host of The Great British Bake-Off is taking some time off Twitter following death threats.

Jennicam: Why The First Lifecaster Disappeared From The Internet

Exactly 19 years ago today, a 19-year-old woman name Jennifer Ringley started streaming photos taken from her dorm room and inadvertently invented lifecasting. Then, she disappeared from the internet.

Massive Online Protests In India Over Net Neutrality

Just as the United States seems on the brink of accepting net neutrality regulations, protests over a similar issue are erupting in India and Europe. Though net neutrality looks a little different in these regions, the issues are still fundamentally the same.