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The FBI Built A Database That Can Catch Rapists (And Nobody Uses It)

For roughly 30 years the FBI has virtually ignored a system meant to help cops track the behavioural patterns of violent criminals.

FBI Struggling With Cybersecurity Because Of Shit Pay And Drug Tests

It’s no secret that American businesses and the government are under constant attack from hackers around the world. That’s just the nature of living in the 21st century. But a new audit says that America is even less prepared to defend against these attacks than we thought.

What If Everybody James Woods Talked Crap About On Twitter Sued Him?

James Woods has filed a $US10 million lawsuit against a semi-anonymous Twitter user who tweeted that the actor was a cocaine addict. Many people are holding up this case as the perfect example of the Streisand Effect, where more attention is drawn to the accusations by suing rather than ignoring the trolls.

New WikiLeaks Cache Reveals A Decade Of U.S. Spying On Japan

A new series of documents released by WikiLeaks reveals a list of 35 high-profile targets in Japan that the NSA has spied on since 2006.

Germany Has Ordered Facebook To Allow Fake Names

The issue of using fake names on Facebook has been long-raging. But for Germany, the case seems pretty clear: a national privacy watchdog has told Facebook that it may not prevent the use of fake names.

9 More Viral Photos That Are Actually Fake

Sometimes it feels like half of the internet is just fake photos. Whether it’s Elvis cutting Johnny Cash’s hair (FAKE), Hillary Clinton posing next to someone in an ‘I’m With Stupid’ t-shirt (FAKE) or John Lennon on a skateboard (FAKE FAKE FAKE), we’re breaking down the latest fakes swirling around the internet.

White House Responds To Petition To Pardon Snowden With A Hard Pass 

Two years after 167,000 US citizens filed a petition to pardon Edward Snowden, the White House finally answered. The answer: Strong “no.” In a belated response, Homeland Security advisor Lisa Monaco accused Snowden of “running away from the consequences of his actions.”

New Aussie ISP Yournet To Bypass Geoblocking On Media Streaming

Watching latest TV shows and movies via the internet is oh so much better than free to air or even cable TV. But here in Australia we often still get the shaft, thanks to licensing dictating what we can view downunder. There are legally grey ways around it of course, but now there is also an entire new ISP getting in on the action.

Here's What Women Search For When They Want Porn

Adult video website Pornhub has dug through their search history to find out exactly what the ladies want when it comes to naughty content. Last year Pornhub found that 23% of it’s users are women, which has increased to 24% this year. So what are the ladies searching for?

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