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JB Hi-Fi Will Now Sell Oppo Phones

After its deal with Dick Smith disappeared amid the retailer’s continuing downward spiral, Oppo has found a new home at JB Hi-Fi. Australia’s largest home entertainment store chain will sell Oppo’s mid-range and high-end smartphones from May, including the new R9 and F1.

You Should Take Better Care Of Your Phone

Opinion: The 24-month phone contract is dead, writes News.com.au. Phone plans go out of date quickly, leaving their buyers stuck with small data quotas. But there’s also the fact that new smartphones, bundled with these plans, are apparently a Bad Idea — because they can be lost, or damaged, or stolen.

It’s that last point that is particularly galling.

App Deals: Every Wondered What The Time Is On Mars?

Today’s best deals include Martian Time for Android, Star Knight for iOS and Stopwatch Elite for Windows Phone. Deals end without warning, so be quick!

ANZ Bank Switches On Apple Pay

Five months after Apple Pay launched in Australia with American Express as its exclusive partner, a second bank is finally on board. Australia’s own ANZ is Apple’s second recruit for Apple Pay, and will offer the iPhone and Apple Watch contactless payment system to its five million customers.

The FBI Was Kind Enough To Disclose An Already-Patched Vulnerability To Apple

When you think of the FBI, Apple and security, chances are you aren’t picturing an amicable working relationship designed to ensure the security of citizens. But there’s actually a White House initiative that’s supposed to force exactly that! Shame it’s not really working.

iPhone Sales Slump Leads To Apple's Worst Quarter In 13 Years

Apple’s record-setting growth has finally come to an end. During the company’s first quarter earnings call on Tuesday, Apple reported its first year-over-year decline since 2003. Apple reported revenues of $US50.6 billion, down from about $US58 billion during the same period last year.

App Deals: Get Heaps Of Star Wars Titles On Sale

Today’s best deals include Hype Machine for Android, Star Wars: KOTOR for iOS and Sunny Hillride for Windows Phone. Deals end without warning, so be quick!

Every Phone Sold In India Will Soon Have A Panic Button For Women's Safety

In an attempt to promote women’s safety, every single mobile phone sold in India from 2017 onward must include a panic button, the country’s Ministry of Communications and Technology announced on Monday.

HTC 10: Australian Price And Release Date

After a couple of weeks of teasing and early hands-on testing, we finally know when you’ll be able to get your hands on the new HTC 10. HTC’s newest and best smartphone will cost just as much as its competitors from LG and Samsung, and it’ll be out at the same time as the LG G5.

Gmail On Android Can Finally Read Your Work Emails

If, like me, you’re stuck in the limbo between personal email on Gmail and a work account on Microsoft’s Exchange or Office 365, you’ve probably dealt with the problem by installing and using two email apps simultaneously on your Android phone — I hot-swap between Gmail and Outlook. Now, though, you can juggle your email apps no longer; Google has officially switched on Exchange support within the stock standard Gmail app on Android.

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