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Microsoft Is Buying Keyboard Maker Swiftkey

Swiftkey is the most innovative and interesting predictive keyboard maker in the business, and Microsoft is a software giant that’s trying to push its artificial intelligence cred a little higher. It’s a match made in heaven.

App Deals: Look Hot For Free

Today’s best deals include Hitman: Sniper, Relook and SomaFM Radio Player. Deals end without warning, so be quick!

Google Wants To Control The Design Of Nexus 'From The Ground Up'

Google’s Nexus phones are currently built in partnership with hardware manufacturers, such as Huawei and LG, who have development teams on site at Google. But taking a leaf out of Apple’s book with the iPhone, Google is reportedly looking to take a more hands-on approach to the production of the Nexus.

Oppo Is Launching Its New $299 F1 Smartphone Next Week

A relative newcomer in the world of smartphones, Oppo is making a splash in Australia’s mid-market ($250-$500) smartphone sales, creeping up on the likes of Apple, Samsung and Huawei. After the success of its $450-$550 R-series, the F1 is the first device to be introduced from Oppo’s new F-series, coming with a further reduced price tag.

Did Telstra Text You About Electromagnetic Radiation? Don't Worry, You're Safe

If you’re a Telstra mobile subscriber, you might have received a message yesterday sharing some slightly mysterious information on “electromagnetic energy”. But don’t worry, it’s nothing serious.

The First Android-Powered Blackberry Launching Is Tomorrow In Australia

From tomorrow, PRIV by BlackBerry — the first-ever BlackBerry smartphone powered by Android — will be available in Australia. “While PRIV will provide a choice in operating system to new and existing customers,” Blackberry said in a statement, “the company remains committed to the BlackBerry 10 operating system, and will continue to release platform updates focused on security and privacy enhancements”.

Lunch Time Deals: $38.88 Off A Google Nexus 6P

When you’re buying your lunch today, you might want to take a moment and spend a little more. Gizmodo’s Lunch Time Deals posts point out any particularly good bargains for Aussie bargain hunters around the ‘net. For the next three weeks, Huawei is cutting $38.88 off its Nexus 6P prices, as well as the Huawei Watch.

App Deals: Turn Your Windows Phone Into A Pedometer

Today’s best deals include Notepad on Android, Snow Daze on iOS and Steps Pedometer on Windows Phone. Deals end without warning, so be quick!

Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumours: Everything We Think We Know

Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphones have been the most popular Android phones for years. They’re fairly easy to use, have a bright Super AMOLED display and recently ship with a pretty decent camera. This year’s Galaxy S7 won’t stray far from that familiar strategy.

FCC Allows Limited Testing Of Controversial Unlicensed LTE Technology

Depending on who you talk to, LTE-U — the term given to using mobile LTE technology to transmit in unlicensed airwaves — is either the future of communications, or a terrible idea that will wreck Wi-Fi. The US FCC is studiously not taking sides in the argument, but is allowing further testing.

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