Apple Pay Works In Australia If You Want To Go To Absurd Lengths To Get It

Apple rolled out its payment platform yesterday for those fortunate enough to both live in the US and rock an iDevice. Sadly for those of us outside of the United States of America, we’re left out in the cold when it comes to paying for stuff with our Apple gadgets. Unless, you have yourself a US-based credit card. If that’s the case, Apple Pay will probably work for you in Australia with more than a bit of fiddling.

The Slingshot Madman Proves The Nokia 3310 Is Nearly Indestructible

Before the smartphone revolution left the company behind, Nokia was synonymous with mobile phones, particularly handsets that could seemingly survive anything. The Nokia 3310 is still considered to be one of the most indestructible of its breed. And who’s better-qualified to prove that than the mad scientist of slingshots himself?

Why The FBI Director Is Wrong About Encryption

FBI Director James Comey gave a speech reiterating the FBI’s nearly 20-year-old talking points about why it wants to reduce the security in your devices rather than help you increase it. Here’s the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s response.

Taking Apple Pay Out For A (Slightly Rocky) Spin

Now that iOS 8.1 has gone live and Apple Pay let loose in the US, we decided to take it out for a spin. And the results were… mixed.

Why iOS Updates Require So Much Space

Every iOS update is a small deception. 117MB, well that’s not so bad! Then you look at the fine print, and a few gigabytes are required make to actually install the damn thing. So what’s really going on here?

App Deals: Discounted iOS iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone Apps

Today’s best deals include Wiki For Minecraft on Android, Joining Hands 2 on iOS and Modern Combat 5 on Windows Phone. Deals end without warning, so be quick!

Reminder: Apple Pay Isn't Coming To Australia Today

If you have Amerifriends with iPhones today, you’re going to be hearing stories of how they went to their favourite stores and bought shiny new things with nothing but their phones. That’s thanks to something called Apple Pay in iOS 8.1. Before you go digging around in your settings to get it for yourself, here’s a quick reminder: it doesn’t work in Australia yet.

The Best New Android Feature Is A Smarter Lock Screen

Brand new design, better battery life, seamless device switching! The newest version of Android brings a lot to the table, but its best feature is a little further under the surface: Smart lock screens that will let you be super secure without ever entering a PIN again.

OnePlus One Pre-Orders Finally Begin October 28 (For One Hour Only)

Lowly people without an invite will finally be able to pre-order a totally fantastic OnePlus One phone starting October 27 at 11am EST (October 28, 2am AEDT) for $US300. At long last.

The Sony Z3 Compact Is Android's Best-Kept Secret

Small and powerful smartphones are an endangered species, like the California Condor of the mobile world. If you want a top-tier phone that fits in a normal hand, the iPhone 6 is practically your only stateside option. But you know what? An exotic handset designed for Japan and Europe could have everything you’ve ever craved.

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