What Do Smartphones Need That They Don't Already Have?

Welcome to the first week of September, also known as crazy-insane IFA 2014 and iPhone event extravaganza. During the next 10 days we’ll see new handsets, smartwatches, and other tech paraphernalia from almost every major hardware manufacturer. So now I’m wondering, where do smartphones even go from here?

I Flew Like A Bird Using Oculus Rift

It should be a truth universally acknowledged that any man or woman using Oculus Rift will look like a dumbass. As awesome as it is to experience Oculus Rift, to everyone else, you are a crazy person with a black box strapped onto your face groping at thin air. And then I, of course, had to strap myself to some wings, stick my feet in the air, and flap my arms to Birdly — an ambitious virtual reality flying simulation.

This Tiny Audio Mixer Would Let You Turn Smartphones Into Turntables

Want to mix music in a hurry or on the go? You’ll like the sound of Openmix, a teensy new audio mixing tool being developed right now. With it, you can connect your iPhone to a Walkman with a cassette of rare bongo concerts, or switch between your laptop and tablet.

This Flat-Pack Water Bottle Can Squeeze Inside A Laptop Bag

A backpack has plenty of pouches and pockets for storing a water bottle, but a sleek messenger bag? Good luck fitting a Nalgene in there without an unsightly bulge. You’ll either need to go without and keep an eye out for drinking fountains, or toss a few dollars towards these Kickstarted flat-pack water bottles.

Ivy-Covered Extension Cables Disguise Your Unsightly Tangled Power Cords

We live and die by the cord; the energy tethers are everywhere — powering our portable gadgets and stay-at-home decor — and they’re pretty much always a tangled, unsightly mess. We need them, but they’re ugly‚Ķ Unless! Unless you could disguise the longuns in an artful sprawl of faux-ivy, like you lived in some kind of fantasy world where electricity came naturally from houseplants.

A Beautiful Nordic Coffee Machine That's Pre-Approved For Snobs

If you’re what many would consider a coffee “snob”, you might prefer to brew your elixir using the manual pour-over method for ultimate control. This Norwegian machine provides the convenience of automation with the quality of a pour-over in one pretty striking package.

Report: Apple Won't Ship Its iWatch Until 2015

You know that rumoured iWatch we’ve heard is debuting at Apple’s September 9 event? We might see it, but according to Re/Code the thing won’t actually ship until next year.

A Map Of Every Device In The World That's Connected To The Internet

Where is the internet? This map might explain it better than any statistics could ever hope to: The red hot spots show where the most devices that can access the internet are located.

A Replacement Cap That Turns Your Water Bottle Into A Super Soaker

Do you carry around a plastic Nalgene or Camelbak water bottle with you? Have you ever wished there was an easier way to soak a friend or co-worker with it? If you answered yes to both of these questions,, congratulations! You have a pulse, and you’ll want to check out the Aquabot.

This Portable Hot Tub Makes Any Camping Trip A Luxurious Affair

Have you ever been in the woods and wondered, “Why isn’t this place more like a spa?” Well, wonder no more, my adventurous friend. The Nomad Collapsible Hot Tub is here to save the day.

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