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This Watercolour Bot Will Make A Painter Out Of Anyone 

Not all of us are, alas, artistically inclined. Luckily, we now have robots to help. WaterColorBot 2.0 connects right with your computer, turning images on the screen into a bot-painted watercolour on paper.

This Sweet Connected Toy Is Designed To Teach Kids How To Program

Last week we were given a stark reminder of just how far the toy industry has to go in making great toys for girls that promote engineering, in the form of this Barbie travesty. Here’s a nice antidote from a UX design firm called Slice of Lime: Nübi, a connected toy prototype that aims to teach basic programming skills to kids of any gender.

3D-Printed Toy Parts Will Finally Make Kids Love Fruits And Vegetables

Did you know that originally Mr Potato Head was just a box full of random body parts that kids were supposed to jab into actual potatoes? It sounds like a crazy idea, but Mr Potato Head went on to become an incredibly popular and iconic toy — and we can only assume the creators of these Open Toys parts that let kids turn fruits and vegetables into planes and race cars are hoping for the same level of success.

An Expanding Suitcase That Goes From Carry-On To Check-In Sizes

Expanding luggage designed to accommodate your dirty clothes, souvenirs and stolen towels at the end of a holiday are nothing new. But the FUGU luggage doesn’t just add a couple of extra inches of capacity. It expands from nine inches (23cm) tall to 27 inches (69cm) tall, meaning you could actually pack for a whole extra person should you find yourself suddenly married after a Vegas weekend.

5 More Crowdfunded Projects That Defy All Logic And Reason

Online panhandling is out of control. With Kickstarter and Indiegogo’s tendencies to wash their hands of the garbage on their sites, scams and impossible projects are in a golden age. While fantastically impossible bullshit abounds, these are but a few of the most egregious.

Report: You Will Need A Pilot Licence To Fly A Drone In The US

There’s good news, and there’s bad news. The good news is that the US Aviation Administration (FAA) is getting really close to finalising its rules for commercial drones. The bad news is that those rules could be terribly restrictive.

What Great Gadgets Died Way Before Their Time?

We’ve talked about tech’s biggest blunders and some of the gadgets we miss the most, but these are the wonderful pieces of hardware that have the most tragic stories — the technology that was simply ahead of its time.

Parrot Bebop Hands-On: A Versatile Drone That's Just Shy Of Pro

Earlier this year, we got a peek at Parrot’s svelte new Bebop drone. And earlier today, I got to fly it. I crashed it immediately — you probably will too — but that’s totally fine. It will survive, and flying it is still a blast.

How To Get Five Days Out Of Your Smartwatch's Battery

We usually have the luxury of regular charging for our electronic devices, which means that atrocious battery life isn’t necessarily a terrible thing for super-thin phones, tablets and smartwatches. But there are some times when you need to eke the utmost from your device, making a series of small changes that may not add up to much individually, but together make for a pretty massive difference. Here are a few tips for getting the absolute most from your smartwatch.

The Next Big Piracy Battle Could Be Over Your Smartwatch

Smartwatches enter a wearable realm that have long been dominated by luxury brands like Omega, Mondaine, Swatch, and Armani. It’s these same brands that are also none to pleased about their own designs slowly spreading throughout the internet and onto our smartwatches.

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