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This Startup Wants To Plant One Billion Trees A Year Using Drones

Deforestation downs 10 billion trees around the globe annually. Replanting trees by hand is slow, expensive, and barely puts a dent in reversing the damage. But one startup wants to use drones that can reforest our increasingly tree-strapped Earth, on a big enough scale to replace slow and expensive hired humans.

Cheap Down Insulation, Sleeping Bags Explained, Lightest Bow Ever: What's New Outside

We’re having a bit of a warm period, but you never know when you’ll need down jackets and cold weather sleeping bags. Going on a holiday, maybe? PSE just released the lightest compound bow ever and new watches from Suunto bring effective satellite navigation to your wrist. This is What’s New Outside.

All The News You Missed Over The Long Weekend

If you’re in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia or the ACT, then you’re probably back at work after a well-deserved long weekend. If you stayed off the internet, then you might have not caught up with anything that happened in the world of tech. Here’s where we wrap up all the news you missed while you were busy watching the AFL or NRL or getting outside to enjoy the sun.

I Want To Buy Keurig's New Soda-Dispensing Machine (Unfortunately)

Keurig, the company that stole all your money with its annoyingly convenient coffee machines, has just announced a machine that might do the same thing for soda.

This Crazy Screen Squeezes An 8K Display Into A 17-Inch Panel

Well hello there, overkill. This screen from Japan Display is a triumph in taking resolution to the extreme: it squeezes an 8K LCD module into a screen that measures just 17.3 inches.

Nest's Big Solution For Smart Homes Is Being Made And It Looks Awesome

We saw this one coming. Nest, a favourite smart thermostat of many, is now ready to take over your entire home with a new protocol that lets all kinds of devices talk to each other quickly and seamlessly. It’s called Nest Weave.

The LG Watch Urbane 2 Is Android Wear's First LTE Smartwatch, And It's Big As Hell

LG has hit the ground sprinting when it come to smartwatches. One of the first out the door with the original G Watch, followed by the G Watch R, and the Watch Urbane this spring. Now, they have got yet another smartwatch to sell — and this one is an Android Wear first.

TAG Heuer's Luxury Android Smartwatch Will Be Even Pricier Than We Expected

Crazy expensive watches usually do well — we have the back links to prove it. But would you really fork over $2,550 for some ritzy wrist candy? TAG Heuer’s CEO, Jean-Claude Biver seems to think so.

Razer Announces More Support For Game Streamers At TwitchCon 2015

The fact that TwitchCon 2015 even exists is testament to the huge place that streaming services are making for themselves in the gaming world — and Razer has made it clear that it’s keen to get in on that action. At last weekends event, they announced a whole heap of new gaming products and services, which were for the most part they were targeted at streamers who want to take their game to the next level.

Samsung TVs Reportedly Use Less Power In Efficiency Tests Than In Real Life

A series of tests by EU-funded research group ComplianTV suggest that Samsung TVs use more power in real-life conditions than they do when undergoing efficiency tests.

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