Moto 360: Australian Pricing And Release Date Confirmed

If you’ve been pining for some sweet, circular smartwatch action in your life, you’re finally in luck: the Moto 360 has just been given an Australian price and release date.

This New IKEA Desk Goes From Sit To Stand With The Push Of A Button

Sitting is comfy, but hours (and hours and hours) on your rear end isn’t great for your bod (even though it probably won’t kill you). Standing is good but tiresome after a while. Hybrid desks can be pricey but IKEA is betting on Bekant, a workspace that raises and lowers on two telescopic legs with a button push.

These Knobs And Sliders Turn An iPad Into A Custom Tactile Interface

There’s a good reason why so many of us still prefer mechanical keyboards and real control boards despite the availability of touchscreen interfaces: In many cases, they give us more control over our digital worlds. Fans of tactile interfaces will love this project by Florian Born — who created a system that meshes your iPad with arrangeable physical controls.

Fake LED Flames Indicate How Hot Samsung's New Induction Stove Gets

Induction stove tops might be more energy-efficient than electric or gas burners, but many chefs miss the obvious visual cues about what temperature they’re cooking at — a red-hot burner is hard to misinterpret. So for its new Chef Collection Induction Slide-in Range, Samsung is introducing a clever new feature that uses LEDs to project fake flickering flames onto the side of a pot.

The Hoverboard Is Real, And I Rode It

I’m tired of being lied to. Tired of companies exploiting my childhood dreams of riding a hoverboard just like Back to the Future Part II. When Doc Brown let me down, I was ready to write off the whole idea. But this week, my dream finally came true.

A 'Smartwatch' For Kindergarteners Is The Only Smartwatch You Need

Smartwatches: So much futuristicness promised, so little delivered. They’re clunky. They’re frustrating. They’re just not quite there yet. But what if there was a smartwatch out there that was just plain fun to use? There is — it just happens to be built for four-to-nine-year-olds.

Just How Much Better Is Amazon's Kindle Voyage Screen?

Amazon’s $US200 Kindle Voyage ereader is as good as it gets. But just how good is that new glass screen compared to the Paperwhite’s plastic panel? You may (or may not!) be surprised at the difference.

Magnets Are The Secret To The Ultimate Cookie-Dunking Contraption

For every Kickstarted product that succeeds and makes it into the hands of consumers, there are hundreds that don’t. The Dunkin’ Buddy’s Kickstarter campaign unfortunately didn’t succeed in raising $US10,000 earlier this year, but its creators realise how important its existence is to mankind, and they’re determined to get it into production anyways.

The First Kickstarter I've Given Money To Is A Glow-In-The-Dark Toilet

I am a Kickstarter sceptic. A big one. And as such I have never felt compelled to risk putting down money for something that might never actually come to fruition — until now. I just gave $US45 to a glow-in-the-dark toilet, and I don’t regret it at all. Probably.

You Can Now Protect Your Google Accounts With A Physical Key

Two-step authentication is super important. It’s also super annoying. To ease the pain — and make logins even more secure — Google will now let you use a USB security key to verify yourself instead of having a code sent to your phone.

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