A GPS-Equipped Falcon Could Keep Birds From Flying Into Wind Turbines

Birds have a bad habit of flying directly into big machines, like planes or wind turbines. This phenomenon, dubbed “birdstrike“, usually ends, well… badly for our feathered friends. But the key to saving these doomed birds could be another bird.

Eureka's New Vac Automatically Cleans Disgusting Hair From Its Brushroll

Better suction, battery power and HEPA filters are all great features to look for in a vacuum. But who cares about any of those now that Eureka has created an upright vacuum that can automatically clean hairs and threads tangled around its spinning brush roll? Never having to reach in there with scissors is a fantastic innovation.

Put A Pair Of USB Ports Where You Really Need Them: In Your Couch

Instead of stuffing a 9m long USB charging cable into your couch — the one place your smartphone needs power most — this simple power station stays hidden between cushions so you’ll never have to go hunting for it.

A Touch-Sensitive Belt Lets You Subtly Control A Wearable Display

The first time around, Google Glass wasn’t exactly a runaway hit. But the technology behind it will certainly be improved to the point where it can eventually be integrated into a regular pair of glasses. And for when that day gets here, there’s now a novel and subtle way to navigate your wearable display using the belt around your waist.

New E-Ink Whiteboards Work Like Grown-Up Magna Doodles

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have dusted off some e-ink technology originally developed back in the 1970s to create a new kind of easily erasable whiteboard technology that can be written on using magnetic pens instead of dry-erase markers.

iFixit Is Taking Apart An Apple Watch Right Now

Habitual destroyers of gadgets iFixit have got their paws on an Apple Watch, and, as is their wont, they’re tearing it apart, chip by chip. And, yes, there’s a camera watching.

Get The Best Apple Watch Features On Android Wear

The long wait for the Apple Watch is almost over, but wait one second — you don’t necessarily have to rush out and spend $US349 (or more) to get some of its most useful features on your wrist. You can add these tweaks and third-party apps to Android Wear to get a more Apple Watch-like experience from your wearable.

Fitness Wearables And Healthy Eating Gadgets For Active Mums

Choosing a present for your mum is a terrifyingly-hard task — so we’ve done the work for you. Here a bunch of gifts and gadgets that any fit and active mum will adore!

All The Ridiculous Adjectives Jony Ive Used To Describe The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch reviews are beginning to pour in. All those ratings, specs and comparisons are way too much noise to pay attention to. A more serene, peaceful way of absorbing the essence of Apple Watch is by listening to every adjective the illustrious Jony Ive has used to describe the device.

There's A Line For The Apple Watch In Sydney, But Why?

23. That’s how many people decided to queue up for the Apple Watch outside the Sydney Apple Store this morning. There’s only one problem: they won’t be able to walk out with an Apple Watch when they’re done.