Video: This Machine Robot Peels An Orange So Fast

Of course by letting a machine do your fruit peeling for you, you lose a good amount of the orange and don’t get that fresh citrus scent on your hands but you do get an orange that’s ready to eat in seconds! I have to say though, I’d love to see this machine tackle more miserable fruits that aren’t even meant to be peeled.

Square Finally Has An Office In Australia

And lo, the prophecy of Turnbull has come to pass: mobile payments provider, Square, has opened up shop in Australia.

A Rodeo For Bomb Disposal Robots Looks Dangerous

During a five-day “robot rodeo” this week, police and military bomb squads challenge each other’s defusing routines by practicing complex and dangerous situations with their robots.

The Best Fitness Tracker You Can Buy Now Has A Sleek Titanium Case

The Basis Peak is probably the best fitness tracker you can buy right now, more capable and more accurate than the rest of the competition. It’s just been updated with a sleek titanium case, a bunch of new leather straps and a fistful of smart software tweaks.

This Is How Valve's Amazing Lighthouse Tracking Technology Works

Valve’s virtual reality demo at GDC was nothing short of magical — it used fancy emitter technology to let us actually walk around a demo room. It felt so real. Valve calls the tech Lighthouse, and it’s kind of genius.

New Detection Systems Listen For Drones Flying Under The Radar

On the heels of reports that drones are mysteriously buzzing around the Eiffel Tower and crashing into the White House lawn, a Japanese security company is developing a new drone detector — a system to sniff out any shady eyes in the sky buzzing around the wrong places. The march toward dystopia continues.

This $20,000 Carbon Fibre Bike Weighs A Ridiculous 5.4kg

This ultralight bike costs as much as a car. Not a surprise given Audi’s at the helm, but the nutso price tag includes some design and tech that’s pretty cool.

What I've Learned About Mountain Biking Since I First Started Riding

I used to ride mountain bikes when I was a kid. They were a fun toy that took me places. But man, I never remember them being this much hard work! Looking for a little more adventure, I’ve been teaching myself to ride them again. This is what I’ve learned so far.

At Google I/O, Cardboard Won't Necessarily Be Cardboard Anymore

Last year, the most exciting thing at Google I/O was a chunk of cardboard — cardboard which could transform any smartphone into an uber-cheap virtual reality headset. But Google isn’t stopping there. This year, the company will “announce some things around Cardboard that aren’t made of cardboard,” says Google’s Clay Bavor. Intriguing.

Apple Has Dropped Plans For Its Own 4K TV: Report

Remember that Apple TV panel that was set to change the way we all watch the boob tube? Cupertino has reportedly abandoned the project, according to a new report.

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