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Wacom's Bamboo Spark Puts An Old School Twist On The Graphics Tablet

Wacom’s new Bamboo Spark is great fun to play with. It’s a new take on graphics tablet technology where your pen and paper notes and sketches are converted straight to a digital image on your device. As Gizmodo’s resident cosplayer I went hands-on with the Spark, using it to design one of my planned costumes for next year.

The Samsung Gear S2 Is Tough Mudder Approved

On Saturday, I finished Tough Mudder, a 18-kilometre obstacle-filled stagger through mud and water and dirt. I wore a Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch to track my time and distance; I fully expected it to get utterly destroyed, but it stood up to the punishment of crawling through mud-filled tunnels, and falling into giant dirty pits of water, and being electrocuted.

It’s Tuesday morning, and it’s functioning perfectly — I’m almost disappointed.

You Can Go To Jail For Having The File For A 3D-Printed Gun

Ever downloaded the plans to print a gun with a 3D printer? Under new NSW laws, you could be up for a massive jail term.

What Modern Gadgets Could Learn From Fallout 4's Pip-Boy

Technology advances in a lot of weird and wonderful ways, but it often seems like nothing gets the scientific juices going more than the incredible tech featured in fictional worlds. Whether it’s Back to the Future’s hoverboards, Star Trek’s tricorder, Iron Man’s armour, and pretty much everything from Minority Report. Despite all that there’s one piece of fictional tech that we should be paying a lot more attention to, and that’s the Pip-Boy 3000 from Fallout 3, 4, and New Vegas. It may exist in a fictional post-apocalyptic alternate reality, but could modern gadgets learn a thing or two from the irradiated wearable?

New Zealand-Made Jetpacks Get Ready For Public Demonstration

I don’t think anyone could have predicted that the jetpack revolution would originate in New Zealand yet, here we are. The Christchurch-based Martin Aircraft Company (yes, the same guys who are outfitting firefighters in Dubai with their hardware) is preparing a public demo of its jetpack next month in China and has kindly filmed its contraption in action for our benefit.

ASUS Transformer Book T100HA Now Available In Australia

If two-in-one machines are your thing, you might want to check out ASUS’ latest offering — the T100HA. It’s out and about locally for the warm price of $499 and comes with a better processor and longer battery life than its predecessor, the T100TA.

Explore Our Cosmic Neighbourhood With This Gorgeous Scientific Calendar

I’ll admit I’m not much for physical calendars — it’s just plain easier to keep track of the days on my computer, where the rest of my life is. But when I saw the 2016 Anaptár calendar, my inner science nerd squeed a little. OK, a lot. It’s hanging on my office door now, and I kinda never want to take it down.

This Tiny, Discreet Flamethrower Lets You Throw Fireballs

The folks at Ellusionist are back to indulge your X-Men fantasies with a smaller, more convenient version of their wrist-worn Pyro flamethrower. It’s called the Pyro Mini and it’s even easier to hide up your sleeve.

Time Passes As An Ever-Changing Rainbow On This Chromatic LED Clock

ThinkGeek has made a very strong case to put a clock on your desk, even though everything from your smartphone to your laptop already has one built-in. It’s packed 60 colour-changing LEDs into a spinning rainbow that makes every gruelling conference call feel like a rave.

Umart Is Taking Chromebit Preorders

Google announced the availability of its Chromebit mini PC dongle just a few days ago and while it seems no one is selling it locally right now, one retailer is accepting preorders. If you’d like to eventually get your hands on one, you can hit up Umart and lodge your interest. With cash.

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