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You Can Now Buy Those Stupid/Great Amazon Dash Buttons (In The US, At Least)

Amazon Dash buttons are either the peak of convenience or a step toward a commercial-rampant apocalypse, but whatever camp you happen to be in, you can now buy those amazingly awful and awfully amazing brand-specific buttons for $US5 as long you’re a Prime member.

This Machine Sings Better Than Most Humans

Most humans can’t sing. But that doesn’t stop them from belting out songs in the shower or whistling a tune in traffic or drunkenly grabbing the mic during karoake. It should. Maybe this machine can shame us. It’s a singing machine that sings love songs from the 90’s with emotion unexpected from a machine.

Japanese Cell Phone Companies Are Competing To Sell Robots, Too 

Here in the US, telecom giants like Verizon and AT&T fight for their share of customer data plans. But Japan’s own telecom outfits are embroiled in an additional head-to-head: selling robots.

Japan Is A Sunkissed Paradise In This 4K Drone Footage 

Summer’s zooming by. Wish you could teleport from your cubicle to a sandbar in turquoise waters? Well, there’s no Hyperloop yet — but thankfully, drone-shot 4K movies of Japanese paradise can make you feel like you’re there.

$US75,000 Offered To Find Drone Operators Who Interfered With Firefighters

After three separate instances of drones grounding firefighting efforts, a Southern California county is getting serious about finding and punishing their operators. San Bernardino County Supervisors have offered a $US75,000 reward which they hope will entice people to come forward with information about the quadcopters in question.

He-Man's Battle Cat Is A Better Hunting Trophy Than Some Famous Lion

Who in their right mind would pay $US50,000 to hunt some boring old lion when for just $US8,500 you could instead put the head of He-Man’s ferocious sidekick, Battle Cat, over your fireplace mantle?

Colour-Changing Map Shows The Best Attractions Based On The Weather

You can plan ahead all you want, but a vacation is often at the mercy of the weather wherever you’re travelling to. And that inspired designer Camilla Hempleman to create a special map, printed with thermochromatic ink, that changes colour to reveal the best places to visit based on the local weather.

What Was The First Piece Of Tech You Saved Up To Buy?

When I was a kid in the early ’90s, laptops were insanely expensive and out of reach. Instead, I knew I had to have a Brother word processor. It was everything that I wanted.

Watch This: Inside China's Prolific Technology Manufacturing Region

The bulk of the world’s gadgets are built in the Pearl River Delta region of China. There, cheap labour, mountains of electronic components and high finance co-exist — if a little awkwardly — to provide a haven for engineers and entrepreneurs. This video takes a peek inside what that’s like.

Here's More Awesome Footage Of The Lexus Hoverboard

That Lexus hoverboard that we all got collectively giddy about — until we realised we could probably never afford one (if they were ever going to actually build more than one) — is going to be shown off in full on August 5th. Lexus is saying that it will be revealing everything about the project then, which cool, we’ll see it float around in a skate park and our minds will explode and we’ll thank Back to the Future for the advancement of humanity.

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