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How Your ISP's Maths Can Make The Internet Slow

To work out what dizzying speeds they can offer you, ISPs have to use some simple maths to predict how much the demand for delicious internet will vary at peak times. Only, they don’t always get it right.

The Switcher Diaries: A Switcher's Guide To Windows 8.1

As a Mac user, it can be jarring switching back to Windows. Even just for a day, or in my case, a week. Here are all the problems I’ve run into so far, and ways to fix them to make your life as a switcher easier.

It's Finally Safe To Watch Porn On Your Kindle Fire

Kindle Fires can be great tablets, but Fire OS has always lagged a little behind the Android framework it’s based on. Now, Amazon’s built-in Silk browser is finally getting a private-mode update that will make it way easier and safer to watch porn.

The Switcher Diaries: On The Road With The Surface Pro 3

My phone starts to wiggle its way across my desk as the vibration from the call coming in kicks over. It’s Campbell Simpson, the other half of the Gizmodo brain trust on the other end. “Hey man. I’m downstairs in my Tesla Model S, want to come for a ride?” I scoop up my Surface and hit the road: can the push the limits of the future worker by turning a Model S into a mobile office?

Nokia N1: A $250 Android Tablet That Looks Like An iPad Mini

Nokia may have relinquished control of the Lumia brand, but it’s far from giving up on hardware. It’s just announced the new N1: $US250 Android tablet.

The Switcher Diaries: My Week With The Microsoft Surface Pro 3

My name is Luke Hopewell, and I’m a MacBook user. I’ve been a MacBook user since 2008, and have had two new models since then. But this week, I leave it all behind and road test the promise of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Is it really the tablet that can replace my laptop?

A Five-Year-Old Passed A Microsoft IT Technician Exam

Ayan Qureshi is in many ways a normal young boy. Apart from the fact that, at the age of just five years old, he passed an exam to become the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional ever.

Google's 3D-Sensing Tango Tablet Up On The Play Store

Google’s Project Tango is a prototype tablet that can see in 3D. Although it’s mostly aimed at developers, that’s not stopping Google from putting the tablet on the Play Store, along with a $US1024 price tag (although it’s not actually for sale quite yet).

Late 2014 Tablet Buying Guide: Convertible Designs And Features Compared

There are dozens of tablets on the market, but some are a little more special — with a little effort, they can do double duty as a laptop that will handle all the tasks of your regular work and play. But these convertibles take a few different forms, and finding out which is best is a difficult and complicated process unless you can actually hold one in your hands and try it out. Before you get into the store to make that final decision, how do you make the right choice on which particular convertible laptop or tablet to buy?

Why Not All Free Software Is Free

Meet Matt Lee, the Technical Lead at Creative Commons. He has a good beard, true, but he also believes very strongly in concept of Free Software. Not free as in a free lunch, but free as in free speech. Allow him to explain.

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