Report: Microsoft Will Drop Windows 9 Preview Next Month

ZDNet reports that Microsoft will release a preview of Windows 9, next month, in advance of of the general release, which is expected in Q2 2015. Which of the the rumoured improvements will Microsoft show off in the early preview?

Corsair's New DDR4 RAM Is Ridiculously Fast, Looks Ridiculously Futuristic

Building a new PC any time soon? You’d best wait a couple of weeks — there’s a new chipset and memory combination that will blow away anything that came before it. DDR4 is the brand new memory standard, soon to replace the now seven-year-old DDR3 as the overclocker’s RAM of choice. Corsair’s new DDR4 RAM, along with other brands’ and the next-gen motherboards that support it, will go on sale at the end of this month.

Lunchtime Deal: Surface 2 For Sub-$400 At JB Hi-Fi

Lunchtime Deal: Need a new tablet ~10-inch running Windows but don’t want to break the bank? Lucky you: JB Hi-Fi is attempting to clear the decks of its Surface 2 stock, meaning you can pick one up for under $400 right now.

The Best (And Worst) Browser For Your Laptop's Battery Life

Ever wondered how much the weight of 10,000 open browser tabs is dragging down your laptop’s battery? Fear not: AnandTech just dug into the particulars with a delightfully detailed test to find out which browser is the biggest battery hog. This information could save mankind(‘s laptop batteries).

Crucial MX100: Australian Review

Switching your PC or laptop’s hard drive from a traditional spinning disk to an SSD massively improves its responsiveness, but you don’t have to splash your cash on the absolute best of the best to get there. Crucial’s MX100 SSD services the mainstream PC upgrader that wants the speed of an SSD, but doesn’t want to spend an excessive amount of money to get there.

Report: The Next iPad Will Have A New Glare-Free Display

The next iPad will have a new anti-reflection coating to make the display easier to read, according to a new Bloomberg report. The news agency claims that Apple’s suppliers have already started putting together the new iPads, which will feature a special coating on their display to cut glare.

So What Ever Happened To Post-PC?

The saying “Post-PC” by now is overused and tired, much like bemoaning Windows 8 or fawning over Apple products. We’re stuck in a hopeless Groundhog Day loop where we’re constantly entering, exiting and re-entering the Post-PC era. It’s all bullshit.

Intel's Broadwell Chips Will Make Full-Fledged PCs As Tiny As Tablets

For more than a year, Intel’s 14-nanometre Broadwell, the successor to its Haswell microarchitecture, has been consistently delayed — due in part to early-stage manufacturing snafus. But today Intel gave a glimpse of this incredibly tiny powerhouse, and the computing future it will introduce in its wake.

Acer Chromebook 13 Hands-On: Gaming Guts In A Chromebook Body

Chromebooks are getting serious. After just having shipped the first full-fledged Core i3-powered Chromebook, Acer’s escalating again, with a new Chromebook 13 that comes with Nvidia’s K1, which is to say a hell of a lot of graphical horsepower.

Windows 9 Might Have Cortana Built Right In

Last week a particular patent submitted by Apple outlined its plan to bring the mobile virtual assistant Siri to the desktop. It looks like Microsoft might be planning the same thing by bringing the Windows 8.1 voice assistant Cortana into Windows 9 proper.