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Here's How To Watch This Morning's Apple MacBook Event

Hot on the heels of the Microsoft Surface Studio all-in-one, Apple has brand new MacBooks to introduce to the world in the bleary-eyed early hours of tomorrow morning. We’ve already had a pretty good look at what they might look like and what they might do, but as is Apple tradition, we’re also excited for that one more thing.

Microsoft Exec Gets Excited About Laptops: 'It's Just Exploding, It's Awesome To See' 

Video: Today, Microsoft devices chief Panos Panay spent nearly an hour extolling the virtues of his company’s Surface products, including the gorgeous new Surface Studio. No joke, Panos loves these things. This is unhealthy love.

The Surface Studio Is Microsoft's Tipping Point

This morning, Microsoft introduced the world to something it has been working on for a long time. It started with the original Surface — now called the PixelSense — back in 2008. Then the original Surface tablet. Then the Surface Book. Now, the Surface Studio. This, the most mature and refined (and expensive) Microsoft device that you’ve ever been able to buy, is the tipping point. In a year, Microsoft will be the creative darling that Apple was five years ago.

Super Secure Quantum Encryption Is On Its Way, Thanks To Cloning

Physicists at The Australian National University and University of Queensland have produced near-perfect clones of quantum information using a new method to surpass previous cloning limits.

The new cloning method uses high performance optical amplifiers to clone light encoded with quantum information — and it is possible this technique could allow quantum encryption to be implemented with existing fibre optic infrastructure.

Surface Studio Hands On: Touched For The Very First Time

The first thing you notice about Microsoft’s new Surface Studio is the screen. The 71cm 3:2 display is gigantic and beautiful. It’s so bright, vivid, and engaging that I feel like I could dive in and go swimming in it.

Surface Studio: The Basics

Microsoft showed off its new Surface Studio all-in-one today. More than just an iMac rip-off, the Surface Studio is focused squarely at artists and creative professionals.

Only The Coolest Stuff From Microsoft's October Live Event

Microsoft just wrapped up its October event, and as we expected, it wasn’t wall-to-wall hardware announcements like last year. Nothing from Lumia land. Radio silence on the Band front.

Microsoft Juices Its Surface Book With More Power And 16-Hour Battery Life

Microsoft blew our minds last year when it announced the Surface Book — and its crazy detachable display. This year, the company’s refreshing the product, and claims it has stuffed two times as much processing power and 30 per cent more battery life in the exact same design.

All The New Features Coming To Windows 10 With The Creators Update

At Microsoft’s Windows 10 event in New York City today, the company showed the world what’s coming next for Windows. It’s called the “Creators Update”.

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