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Crucial's New DDR4 Laptop RAM Is Crazy Fast

Being a desktop PC fanatic, I often forget that people like to upgrade their laptops too. If you’re lucky enough to have a new gaming laptop like the chunky Gigabyte P37X, you’ll have at least a hard drive bay and some RAM that you can tear out and replace. Crucial has new laptop RAM for exactly that purpose, and it’s nice and fast.

Quantum Computing Breakthrough: Australian Researchers Test A New Wave Of Supercomputers

Researchers from The University of Western Australia and the University of Bristol have made an exciting breakthrough in advancing a new wave of ‘supercomputers’ by testing an early prototype of a quantum computer.

Quantum computers, still in their early stages of development, promise unprecedented computing power, with the ability to complete numerous tasks simultaneously, crack complex codes and solve difficult mathematical problems. They are expected to enable advancements in research and technology, help solve global problems, and make our lives more efficient.

Hey World, Meet The New Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080

Today’s the day. Reviews of Nvidia’s newest, greatest and most powerful graphics card, the GeForce GTX 1080, are about to hit the ‘net. But there’s also more to this card than its raw performance data. Here’s what’s going on under the hood of Nvidia’s big, bold attempt at cornering 4K and VR gaming in 2016.

Under The Hood: This Week In PC, Component And Software News

Thinking of building a new gaming PC? Struggling with whatever random error your desktop is throwing up this week? Under The Hood gives you a quick and concise run-down of the most important things that happened to the PC master race in the last seven days.

MSI's X99 Gaming Pro Carbon Motherboard Gives You USB-C Front Ports On Your PC

USB Type-C is (thankfully) becoming more and more popular around the tech world — we’re seeing it appear in new phones like the LG G5 and HTC 10, as well as in laptops like the new Razer Blade Stealth and Apple’s own MacBook. Hardcore desktop PCs are getting it on their rear I/O panels, too, but this new top-of-the-line gaming motherboard from MSI is the first with pin-outs for a USB Type-C port on the front of your machine. Now we just have to wait for a case to put it in.

Deals: Save Over 90% On Training To Become A Pro Coder

Want a career in tech? Then you absolutely must know how to code. With The Complete 2016 Learn to Code Bundle, you can get all the training you need to succeed, and for way less than you’d find on campus. Gizmodo Australia readers can purchase this training package for just $81 AUD [$59 USD], a saving of 93% off RRP.

Lunch Time Deals: 10 Per Cent Off Macs This Weekend

When you’re buying your lunch today, you might want to take a moment and spend a little more. Gizmodo’s Lunch Time Deals posts point out any particularly good bargains for Aussie bargain hunters around the ‘net. This weekend, you can score yourself an easy 10 per cent off iMacs, MacBooks and MacBooks Pro.

A Quick Refresher On How Computer Memory Works

Video: RAM, DRAM, SRAM, SSD, HDD. The language of computer memory, like most other components of computers and smartphones, is a collection of alphabet soup. So it can be difficult to wrap your brain around what exactly those collection of letters mean and, more importantly, what the hell they do.

The Samsung Galaxy TabPro S 4G Is Now Available In Australia

Samsung’s flagship 2-in-1 Windows tablet, the Galaxy TabPro S, has been available in Australia since 1 April (you can check out our review here). But now you can pick up the shiny new 4G LTE model for $1,799.

Ansel Is A Hi-Res Digital Camera For Your PC Games

Gamers have become pretty accustomed to the functionality of tools like GeForce Experience and Raptr for years now. Press a button and you can record gameplay without much of an overhead. Optimise your image settings. Update drivers. Run games at inordinately high resolutions.

The simplicity is cool. The world and art of in-game photography has still been buried behind SweetFX profiles, custom Cheat Engine tables, INI hacks and more for a while. But NVIDIA is trying to change that.

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