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Apple's Best Laptop Is Four Years Old

In 2012 the Macbook Pro Retina wasn’t so much the next stage of laptops as it was a fun oddity by Apple. It was a workstation, designed to handle gruelling video and photo editing tasks with aplomb, but it was missing some workstation musts, like a DVD drive or Ethernet port. Instead it was thinner and lighter than a traditional Macbook Pro, had a gorgeous 1800p display and was outfitted with a solid state drive.

The Best Tattoo Turns Your Body Into A Controller For Any Computer

Your next tattoo could also be used to control your computer. A new technology called DuoSkin, developed by MIT Media Lab and Microsoft Research, allows anyone to create customised gold metal leaf print tattoos that can be worn directly on the skin. The temporary tattoos can be used as touchpad inputs, display outputs and wireless communication.

Hackers Can Now Steal Data By Listening To The Sound Of A Computer's Hard Drive

Do you think your data is safe because your computer isn’t connected to the internet or a network? Wrong. As security researchers recently demonstrated, the sounds of your computer’s hard drive can be used to transmit data from an air-gapped and seemingly well-protected machine.

HP's Best Cheap Laptop Just Got Even Better

When you hear “Best HP Laptop”, you probably think of the impressively thin Spectre 13 or maybe one of HP’s high-end hybrids. But sometimes greatness doesn’t come with an outlandish price tag. The HP Stream, maybe the best Windows laptop you can buy for just $299, just got a much deserved upgrade.

Apple's New MacBook Pros Sound Sick But You Gotta Wait

We’ve been waiting four painful years for new MacBook Pros, and if you’ve been holding on to your dying machine in hopes that a refreshed line must be imminent, we’re sorry to inform you that you’re going to have to wait even longer. According to Bloomberg’s Apple sleuth Mark Gurman, the new MacBook Pros are coming — but not at the early September iPhone event as many had hoped.

Asus's New ROG G20CB Is Another Pint-Sized, VR-Ready PC Gaming Powerhouse

We like small, powerful computers — like the MSI Vortex G65 and Alienware Alpha R2 — that hide seriously powerful components inside a sleek chassis that can be hidden away under a desk or inside a home theatre cabinet. The latest iteration of the ROG G20 is an Oculus VR-certified machine that hides away a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card.

Delta Flights Grounded Worldwide After Unexplained Computer Shutdown

Delta Airlines flights around the world were indefinitely delayed last night following a major “computer outage” affecting all of the carriers flights.

This Is Not A Drill: Australian Scientists Have Developed Self-Propelling Liquid Metals

Science fiction is inching closer to reality with the development of revolutionary self-propelling liquid metals — a critical step towards future elastic electronics.

While building a shape-shifting liquid metal T-1000 Terminator may still be far on the horizon, the pioneering work by researchers at RMIT University is setting the foundation for moving beyond solid state electronics towards flexible and dynamically reconfigurable soft circuit systems.

MIT Found A Way To Make Virtual Characters Interact With Background Video

One of the obvious tells that a computer-generated character isn’t real is the lack of interaction with the background they have been added to. It’s part of the reason why augmented reality apps are fun, though far from convincing. But researchers at MIT’s CSAIL Lab have come up with clever a way to make background footage interact with a virtual character.

Here's The Best Way To Erase A Hard Drive

Video: The Department of Defence standards are for chumps. With the Molten Copper Overwrite™ even an incomplete destruction of the hard disk will result in an unusable metal puck with no clear way to access the scorched ones and zeros within. Best of all it works on HDDs, SSDs, CDs, magnetic tape and portable drives — and it’s cross-platform. Try and read my One Piece slashfic now, NSA!

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