Trust Us, Change Your Yosemite Font From Helvetica To San Francisco

Brittle, anaemic Helvetica is simply not a good choice as a default display font on Apple’s operating system. That’s why I’m pretty excited about this little trick to replace Helvetica Neue (the standard font that comes with Yosemite) with San Francisco, Apple’s new typeface designed in-house for the Apple Watch.

Apple's First Computer Wasn't Designed In A Garage At All 

Although the legend of Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs developing the first Apple computer in a garage at 2066 Crist Drive in Los Altos is certainly romantic, it didn’t exactly happen that way.

This Is The Tablet Of The Year: Gizmodo Awards 2014

The votes are in. This is your tablet of the year for 2014.

Is Stephen Hawking Right? Could AI Lead To The End Of Humankind?

The famous theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has revived the debate on whether our search for improved artificial intelligence will one day lead to thinking machines that will take over from us.

Which Consumer SSDs Survived Two Petabytes Of Writes Over A Year?

The last time we read anything about SSD longevity, it was courtesy of the Tech Report’s ambitious project to punish a variety of SSDs over the course of many months. That was at 500TB of constant writes, where all the drives were still in the race. At two petabytes however… some losers have appeared.

Anyone Can Now Use IBM's Watson To Crunch Data For Free

You probably know IBM’s Watson platform best from its winning performance on Jeopardy. But the supercomputer is more than just a mechanism for IBM to publicly shame smart people. It’s arguably the most powerful natural-language supercomputer in the world, and thanks to a new public beta, its number-crunching abilities are open to all.

VOTE For The Best Laptop Or Convertible Of The Year: Gizmodo Awards 2014

This is it. This is how you decide on the best laptop or convertible machine of 2014. Get in here and vote before it’s too late.

VOTE For The Best Tablet Of The Year: Gizmodo Awards 2014

This is it. This is how you decide on the best tablet of 2014. Get in here and vote before it’s too late.

Google's Reality-Bending Tablet Turned My Target Into An Icy Playground

Imagine you’re part of a big brand like Target. How do you convince customers you’re cool? If you’re not waiting around for one of your employees to become a viral teen hearthrob, how about thrusting them into a virtual reality world? In the latest example of VR advertising, Google and Target have teamed up to let shoppers explore a winter wonderland as they stride down the aisles.

Your First Look At Cortana In Action On Windows 10 

We knew Cortana would show up on desktop sooner or later, even though it’s never been announced, and now we have an idea of how it will work. Screenshots and video from WinBeta show what Microsoft’s virtual assistant will be like when it finally and inevitably shows up in Windows 10.